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Bank "Tinkoff" - refinancing loans from other banks: features, conditions and reviews

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Bank "Tinkoff" - refinancing loans from other banks: features, conditions and reviews
Bank "Tinkoff" - refinancing loans from other banks: features, conditions and reviews

In the article, we will consider what refinancing of loans from other banks in Tinkoff Bank involves. This is a very beneficial service. According to the basic conditions, a person without any problems (subject to certain requirements) can pay off the debts of other banks in Tinkoff. Refinancing a loan in this bank is just beginning to gain well-deserved popularity. At the same time, the conditions offered are very acceptable (it is Tinkoff that is considered one of the most loyal financial institutions in relation to its customers).

tinkoff refinancing

What is the refinancing of loans from other banks in Tinkoff Bank, who and how can use such a service, what conditions will need to be met and what important nuances you should be aware of.

What isrefinancing a loan?

Refinancing or on-lending is the ability to repay a loan taken from another financial institution by obtaining another loan (both collateral and consumer). In other words, refinancing a loan acts as a process of "transferring" funds from one lending account to another.

For example, if an individual wants to refinance loans from other banks in Tinkoff Bank, the debt will be transferred to the Platinum card.

What individuals need to know?

The Tinkoff banking institution does not charge interest for using a current account if the funds are sent from another financial institution. Thus, the institution is doing everything so that customers can repay the debts of other banks with the greatest comfort.

If this financial institution offers a lower interest rate than it used to be, then you can save a lot, especially considering the annual return. You can apply for refinancing at Tinkoff Bank online and at branches:

  • VTB Bank;
  • Sberbank;
  • Rosselkhozbank;
  • Alfa Bank.

The main plus of the credit refinancing of other banks in Tinkoff is a significant reduction in the volume of interest on the remaining debts. In addition, all new customers are provided with some privileges similar to those available to regular customers of Tinkoff Bank.

mortgage refinancingtinkoff bank

Refinancing loans from other banks - conditions

The conditions for on-lending in this financial institution are as follows:

  • initial amount of money must be at least 300 thousand rubles;
  • you can send money to a bank account both online and using numerous payment terminals;
  • the duration of the grace period is 55 days;
  • within 30 days the customer must make a purchase at least once (using the card);
  • on loan repayment set an interest rate of 6-8%;
  • interest rate per year is approximately 19.9-34.9%.

In Tinkoff Bank, each client can set an individual interest rate on lending. Its size is considered taking into account previous credit conditions, credit history and other important factors.

tinkoff refinancing loans from other banks reviews

Features & Benefits

If a person decides to refinance a car, consumer, mortgage or other loan at Tinkoff Bank, then such a decision has the following benefits for him:

  • significant interest rate cut;
  • opportunity for individuals to refinance a loan in the amount of up to 3 million rubles;
  • if there is a guarantor with a decent income, they can give even more money in the process of refinancing - up to 5 million rubles;
  • loan is issued without conditions of propertysecurity;
  • if a mortgage loan is being refinanced, then this banking institution can reduce the interest rate to 9.5%;
  • no additional time wasted on filing documents - everything is done as quickly as possible;
  • credit funds are sent to a plastic card.

If a citizen receives any payments from the state, participates in any bank programs or has certain privileges, he may be offered other, most favorable refinancing conditions.

However, all these benefits may disappear if the client delays the mandatory payment: the bank has prepared serious pen alties for such cases. In this situation, it is recommended to think about such problems in advance, for example, by insuring a loan. How is the payment of a loan from another bank at Tinkoff Bank?

tinkoff refinancing of loans from other banks to individuals

Details of the refinancing process

After a client issues a card from Tinkoff Bank, he needs to call the support service of this institution and indicate that he wants to refinance a loan received from another bank. At the same time, the consultant will give all the necessary recommendations regarding further actions.

You can also apply for mortgage refinancing at Tinkoff Bank on the website. However, it still makes sense to first talk with representatives of a banking institution to find out how much you can transfer.

refinancing in tinkoff bank

In addition to all of the above, the client must indicate personal data: full name, card account number. As soon as this information is verified, the process of repaying the loan by Tinkoff Bank in another bank will start. You won't have to pay any fees for this service. After that, the client receives approval for on-lending - the opportunity to receive a new loan from Tinkoff Bank.

Refinancing restrictions

On-lending is approved only in the following cases:

  • ages 20 to 65;
  • issuance of money for a minimum of 90 days, and for 5 years - a maximum;
  • absence of any delinquency on previous loans;
  • presence of a certificate of income, as well as the necessary information about the salary for 6 months. from last place of employment;
  • in general, for the last 5 years, the minimum work experience must be at least 1 year.
payment of a loan from another bank at Tinkoff Bank

A certificate that a person has a permanent job may not be required at all. Moreover, if a person at the time of on-lending is already a client of this financial institution, then he has the right not to provide some documents.

Reviews on refinancing loans from other banks in Tinkoff

Many people who received loans from banks and were dissatisfied with the service or high interest rates, refinanced at Tinkoff. According to them, this institution differs from others in the most favorable terms of lending and on-lending, whichvery helpful in difficult situations. Most of the clients were satisfied - many of them managed to repay the loan or mortgage ahead of schedule, get rid of large debts and stabilize their financial situation. We examined what the refinancing of loans from other banks in Tinkoff Bank consists of.

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