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"Web Loan": reviews, features, conditions and documents
"Web Loan": reviews, features, conditions and documents

It is not always possible to borrow money from friends or relatives, but people rarely like to let someone else know about their money problems. If time permits, you can contact the bank, but most often finances are required urgently. Despite the fact that people are afraid of microfinance companies, their demand in the banking services market is only increasing. Over the past 4 years, the working capital of registered MFIs has increased 5 times. The company "Web Loan" offers flexible conditions and fast terms of issuance. Before applying for a loan, it is recommended to evaluate your financial capabilities in order to avoid delays.

Filling out an application

It takes 20-30 minutes of free time to get money from a microfinance company. "Web Loan" works over the Internet, so the application for a loan is submitted online.

  1. First you need to register on the site, for this you will need to provide a valid email address and a current phone number. A confirmation email will be sent to themobile will be needed when applying for a web loan directly.
  2. After the user's personal account is formed, the company will ask the client to fill out a questionnaire. It must be compiled as reliably as possible, otherwise the MFI may refuse a loan. The company will ask for information such as passport details, registration and registration address, information about family, work, education, income, available loans.
  3. Also, to receive money, you need to specify the details. According to Web Loan clients, it is most convenient to use a card for this.
  4. The borrower chooses the desired amount and term of the microloan. If everything suits him, he should check the box and click the "Continue" button. The mark means the client's consent to the processing of personal data, the use of an electronic signature, methods of interaction and direct debiting.

Requirements for borrowers

According to customer reviews, "Web Loan" is a loyal financial institution that is ready to meet the needs of customers with a damaged credit history. Therefore, this MFI has a minimum set of requirements for borrowers. The person applying for a microcredit must not have open delinquencies and must be in the age group from 18 to 90 years. Even if the client had minor delays in payments in the past, the MFI is ready to turn a blind eye to this.

Age of borrowers

Also, an individual must have a registered bank card or a personal bank account. It is forbidden to use for thesetargets other people's details.

Loan conditions

Web Loan Company has several rates, but the average conditions are the same as for most MFIs.

  1. Credit term - from 5 to 30 days. You can pay off the loan earlier, but in any case, you will need to pay for the first five days of use.
  2. First loan - from 1.5 to 15 thousand rubles. When applying again, the client can receive up to 30 thousand rubles.
  3. Loan rate - from 0 to 2.3%. The specific percentage depends on the tariff.

Loan rates

  1. "Zero" - this product is intended for new borrowers. A kind of loy alty program allows you to get a loan of up to 15 thousand rubles for up to 10 days at 0%. Reviews about the "Web Loan" of new customers say that they were able to get money at the right time, without overpaying a penny.
  2. "Bronze" rate represents the maximum interest rate, from 2.1 to 2.3%. But since this tariff involves re-applying and repaying the first microcredit, at this stage you can get up to 30 thousand rubles for 30 days.
  3. The "silver" step in the tariff is represented by an even greater reduction in the credit rate - from 1.7%. Term limits and amounts are identical to the previous tariff.
  4. "Gold" is characterized by the same 30 thousand rubles and 30 days, but the percentage will be 1.6%.
  5. The more loans paid, the lower the rate on the next contract. The lowest possible percentage, from 1.5%, is provided in the tariff"Platinum".


Microcredit means quick loans on trust. To insure its risks, the company sets relatively high interest rates.

No documents are required to obtain a loan, passport data and income information are filled in by the client on their own.

Methods of getting money

Microfinance company "Web-Loan" has one main ground office, all the rest of its work is done online. Therefore, to receive funds, you need either a registered bank card or a personal account of any bank. The card can be of any payment system. The issuance of money in hand is not carried out.

You can get money on the card

Transferring funds to a bank account may take up to 3 days. Transfer to a plastic card is made instantly. To carry out the operation, you must enter the card details and confirm its ownership by debiting the amount within 10 rubles. The procedure is necessary to avoid fraudulent activities, the money will be returned to the account later.

By linking the card once, next time confirmation will not be required, the transfer of funds will be carried out at lightning speed.

Methods of return

Repayment of borrowed funds is carried out in the same ways as issuance.

  1. Transfer by card directly through the "Web Loan" website, just go to your personal account and click the "Repay loan" button, then follow the instructions. To pay, you will need access to a mobile phone, toto which a bank card is linked.
  2. Payment via bank details. Before that, you need to specify in your personal account the amount to be repaid. The purpose of the payment indicates the number of the offer and the date of issue of the loan.
  3. Through ROBOKASSA payment service. It allows you to make a payment using a bank card, from a mobile phone account or electronic wallets.
Loan payment

What to do in case of delay?

Even conscientious borrowers can experience unforeseen circumstances from time to time. Delay in the "Web Loan" will lead to a deterioration in credit history, as the company cooperates with one of the largest bureaus - Equifax.

Credit rating

The client should try to avoid the appearance of overdue debts. If it is not possible to pay the amount in full, it is recommended to extend the loan for any convenient period from 7 to 30 days. You can also do this through your personal account, through an online payment.

The longer the delay lasts, the worse the credit rating becomes. This means that in the future the lender may refuse to issue a loan or lend money on unfavorable terms for the client.

web loan delay

Contacts "Web Loan"

In the process of interaction between the creditor and the debtor, it may be necessary to exchange correspondence via surface mail. Loans are issued via the Internet, but there is also a ground office where the management is locatedorganizations.

The Web Loan company is located at the address: Novosibirsk, st. Deputatskaya, 2, office 60.

This address is used both as the actual location address and for sending mail messages.

The lender has a license from the "Central Bank" for the right to carry out microfinance activities, is in the state register of MFIs.

Pros of using microcredits

People are afraid of "payday loans" because these loans have a large overpayment. Indeed, it is important to adequately assess your capabilities, but this feature of MFIs is justified by numerous advantages.

  • The speed of consideration of the application. If the request is repeated, then the service will need 1-2 minutes.
  • There is no need to collect a package of documents.
  • Classic banks do not give out small amounts, but they are the ones that are not enough to pay.
  • "Web Loan" gives out finance even to clients with a damaged credit history. Moreover, by returning the loan on time, a person increases his rating.
  • No need to go anywhere, you can get a microloan right on the couch.
Money without leaving home

Many people are afraid of interacting with loan officers because they do not like to talk about their financial difficulties. With an online loan, this need is eliminated

Reviews about "Web Loan"

Clients are divided on most MFIs.

Like other MFIs, "Web Loan" has high interest rates oncompared to classic banking institutions, but borrowers note that this Internet-based company has helped them out more than once. All clients especially like the first interest-free loan, it helps when money is needed before payday and allows you not to overpay.

web loan application

Among the reviews about the "Web Loan" there are also negative ones. Users of the site note its poor performance, difficulties in filling out an application, and the inconvenience of the interface. Also, some clients reported that they expected to receive a loan quickly, and their application was considered for almost a whole day.

This information confirms that the Web Loan company, despite its activity in this area since 2011, still has room to strive and work on.

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