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Where is it cheap to insure a car: a list of insurance companies with addresses
Where is it cheap to insure a car: a list of insurance companies with addresses

Many car drivers buy a car by planning in advance the budget that will be spent on its insurance. How can this be done? Which insurance company is the most profitable? Read the article!

Should I even look for a cheap car insurance?

It is worth noting right away that the smallest amount of insurance will be in little-known companies, so visit several establishments before issuing a document. Given the fact that the modern market is going through a lot of changes, many companies set a high amount of insurance.

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This leads them to bankruptcy, so it is beneficial for companies to offer the client suitable conditions for both him and the company. But often, not everything is so smooth in the contract:

  1. Cheap insurance may not cover all risks. If the damage is minor or the car is inexpensive, then the company will save on this. It is important to read the contract, even the smallest print.
  2. The company that suddenly began to sell too cheapcontracts, could lose a license.

The cheaper the offer, the higher the risk of getting low-quality insurance.

What is the amount of insurance based on? Personal qualities of the driver and characteristics of the car

In order not to be deceived, you need to know in advance the minimum cost of the policy. Thus, the question of where you can insure a car cheaper can be rephrased a little differently - how to understand that the company did not deceive you?

  1. The cost is based on the engine power of the car. Every horsepower adds up, which is why heavy duty cars have insane insurance contract prices.
  2. Place of registration. A special coefficient that applies not only to the country, but also to cities and towns.
  3. The driving experience. The highest qualification is set for novice drivers. People with more than 3-5 years of experience can count on a small coefficient.
  4. The more persons allowed to drive the car, the higher the rate.
Calculation of OSAGO cost

Forming value with external factors

Influence on cost can be as follows:

  1. Committing accidents. If the user did not risk the "he alth" of the car, then the rate can be reduced by 5%. Drivers with an experience of more than 10 years who have a car without damage are especially brightly distinguished.
  2. Depending on the period that the policy is valid. Many drivers do not use the car in winter, which means that the base fare can be lowered.

All these and some other factors canlead to an increase or decrease in the value of the contract. The main thing is to apply the acquired knowledge as correctly as possible and start looking for a place where you can insure the car cheaper.

Where is cheap car insurance? Voronezh Region

Only a few companies are able to issue you a policy without additional services. It is worth noting that some require special documents, for which you will need to contact the central office.

  • Zetta Insurance. A service with a good reputation and a price of 4,000 rubles a year. It operates not only in Voronezh, but also in other cities and regions. The company is quite young, but will allow you to get a CASCO or OSAGO policy quickly and easily. Address: st. Friedrich Engels, 25.
  • "AlphaInsurance". A convenient and easy option to get an inexpensive document for your car. The policy can be made electronically, without the need to visit the office of your city. Address: st. Kirov, 11.
Alfa Insurance company office
  • “VTB Insurance”. Another way to issue an OSAGO or CASCO policy is inexpensive without additional services of a paid type. You can find the company's office at: st. Koltsovskaya, 9.
  • "Ugoria". Do not know where to insure a car with OSAGO cheaply in Voronezh? The Yugoria company, which is in the TOP-3 of the best companies not only in Voronezh, but throughout Russia, will help you. Base rates are among the smallest and are formed depending on the place of residence. You can find the office of the insurer at: st. Tchaikovsky, 5.
  • "Consent". Teamexperienced professionals will help you get insurance not only for a car, but also for other types of property, travel, etc. Address: st. October 25, 45, of. 309.

Where is it cheaper to insure a car in Voronezh? Try contacting these companies. They are the most advanced and will provide you with quality service!

Where is it cheaper to insure a car in Orenburg? OSAGO, CASCO

You can issue an inexpensive document in the following places:

  • "OSAGO-Economy Insurance Center". Fast and easy receipt of documentation in 20-25 minutes. Documents are drawn up without additional services, you get an official policy and a huge benefit. Address: st. Auto repair, 314.
  • Profipolis. If you want to get a discount based on seniority and experience, then this company is for you! The policy can be issued electronically or at a branch of the city. You can contact us at: Gagarin Avenue, 49/1.
  • Avtoshik LLC. A simple and convenient company that will help you insure your car is Pobedy Street, 89.
  • If you do not know where you can insure a car cheaper, then Sogaz will help you. The application is filled out on the official website, and after approval, contact the branch of the city. The base rate is minimal, consultants are sociable! Company address: st. Proletarskaya, 286.
Insurance group Sogaz

"Russian insurance company" will be an excellent option for a novice driver. A large number of discounts and great deals distinguish it from others. You need to contact st. Zwilling, 22

These 5 insurancecompanies have a large number of reviews and over a fairly long period of work have managed to establish themselves with many users.

Cheap car insurance options in Novosibirsk

Where is it cheap to insure a car in Novosibirsk? You can get the document through the following companies:

  • "RESO-Guarantee". The company has a large number of reviews, it is engaged in insurance not only for cars, but also for property and life. It is worth noting that the company pays amounts several times more than necessary. Prospekt Karl Marx, 30, of. 341 is the address of this organization.
  • Max insurance group. It has a low cost of insurance, but customers do not always respond positively about it. In some cases, payments may be delayed, suitable for serious damage. Located on st. Chaplygin, 93.
Insurance Max
  • "Absolute Insurance". Paperwork without additional items, polite communication with users. The company is distinguished by tact and a low minimum tariff. The company is located on the street. Maxim Gorky, 79.
  • Credit Insurance Supermarket. The firm is distinguished by cheap insurance. Each client has an individual approach and offer. Address: st. May Day, 198.

In Novosibirsk, you can insure a car using these companies.

What allows you to reduce the cost of OSAGO?

If you want to lower the price of your policy, you just need to know how to do it. Do not look for a place where it is cheap to insure a car, usepopular organization with experience and in the following ways:

  1. Choose a vehicle that is not very powerful. Why buy a car if its functionality is not fully disclosed? Buying a car with a less "advanced" engine can save you a lot of money.
  2. Instead of Moscow numbers, choose regional numbers. They cost much less.
  3. Basic advice that sounds like this: do not break the rules of the road. This will protect you and your car from damage, as well as lower the cost of the policy.
  4. The question of where to get cheap car insurance will disappear by itself when you reduce the number of people allowed to drive. From this parameter, the base rate can either jump sharply or decrease significantly.
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Tip: pay attention to short-term insurance. For example, if you use the car exclusively in the summer, then the cost will be less than the price when issuing a full document. It may be a small reduction in the fare, but the total amount will be a great benefit.


Where is it cheaper to insure a car with CASCO or OSAGO with minimum rates? You can do this in different companies, regardless of their popularity and rating. The main thing is to reduce the indicators that may affect the rate as much as possible before applying for insurance and contact any of the proposed branches in Voronezh, Orenburg and other cities.

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