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Supplier base: reviews, features and recommendations
Supplier base: reviews, features and recommendations

It is almost impossible to imagine the life of a modern person who does not use the Internet in any way. Many pass the time in transport, watching the news on social networks. And it is at this time that they can see the most advantageous offers. For example, purchase a supplier base.

What is this?

warehouse and base

In this era of consumption, acquiring a supplier base is a proposition worth considering. First you need to figure out what kind of animal it is? There are many sources where you can see information, read what the supplier base is. Feedback from those who have already encountered this case will be useful to you. In general, figure it out and decide for yourself - do you need it at the moment or can you do without such an acquisition? You should also carefully read the profitability of such an investment, calculate your own capabilities and options for the development of events.

To take or not to take?

So, if the offer is made, and you are fully prepared to start your own business, the question arises whether it is worthbuy a supplier base? There are always two feelings when you receive a super advantageous offer - euphoria from the opportunities that open up and a feeling of distrust that perhaps this is another "divorce". Fortunately, in our time it will not be difficult to track the honesty of the seller of the supplier base. The reviews here may not help you. You need to look at the date the account was created, what news the owner of the page offers, how active other users are on his wall, whether they are friends with him and for how long. To be safe, you can talk to someone in person. Of course, this option will not protect against scammers by 100%, but it will reduce the risk significantly.

So, the account was registered not a month ago, but longer. The questionnaire contains clear photos that show the face of the owner of this profile. The photographs were taken on both professional and amateur cameras. On the page of a real seller, there will definitely be a sufficient amount of news in which he offers his services. There should also be a sufficient number of friends who react to his news. Most likely, these are regular customers. In general, there is an impression of the presence of a real person. Is it advisable to once again listen to the voice of reason, calculate all the possible risks and decide whether to buy or not?

How does it work?

database of suppliers on the Internet

The decision has been made, the seller of the base has sent a message indicating the opportunities that this purchase opens up for you. In most cases, it is offered to earn money by selling the supplier base. Further work withsuppliers for the actual sale of goods or dropshipping. This is the collection of customer orders with further data transfer to the supplier, who then sends the goods to customers.

Every niche has its pros and cons. Those who have been selling on the Internet for a long time note that the services of a supplier base are not always profitable. First, there are often empty links in the database. Secondly, these may be large wholesalers who are unprofitable to deal with single orders. Thirdly, when working with foreign suppliers, you need to prepare for the language barrier. This is only a small percentage of the difficulties that you will face in this business. In the end, it turns out that selling the supplier base is the most profitable solution.

Bought - sell

low cost base

It's as easy as shelling pears to sell what you've already bought. And information can be sold repeatedly. The question of how to sell the base of suppliers is solved the faster, the more the page on the social network is promoted, which will be the launching pad for trading the base. The technical side of such a business is quite simple, anyone can handle it.

Real action

database of suppliers and contacts

First you need to write a text that indicates the opportunities that open up for the buyer, as well as all the advantages of acquiring a supplier base here. Reviews for such an action will be very different. After all, this text will have to be placed not only on your news page, but also sent to different users. Alternatively, accommodationtext in forums. Finally, the acquisition of advertising space on the site. This will provide an opportunity to increase the number of buyers.

And you need to remember that there is a huge amount of such information on the Internet now. Under the guise of sellers, experienced scammers are hiding, because of which the percentage of citizens' trust in such offers is constantly falling. And simply among those to whom the message was sent, there will be no interested people. However, with a certain perseverance and sociability, sales are possible already in the first days.

Advice from the "experienced"

customer search

There are several forums that actively discuss the possibilities of supplier bases. According to the comments, the supplier base requires constant updating of data. These updates must be closely monitored, otherwise there is a risk of falling into the number of scammers who sell air. Since the bases are just a place on the Internet that suppliers acquire to promote their business, it is not surprising that within a month someone refuses the services of the site, and the link becomes inoperative. This is the main problem. If the base is purchased exclusively for resale, then you need to first of all be puzzled by the relevance of the links.

The more sections in the database, the more expensive it is. Perhaps, for faster sales, it will need to be disassembled into parts and sold cheaper. As a result, most likely, the benefit will be greater than from the sale of a large base. In addition, we should not forget that the larger the audience, the easier it is to find real buyers. stay onone site for a long time is unprofitable, you need to constantly expand. And that means you have to spend more time at work. And it would be nice in this situation to acquire like-minded people from among relatives or friends.

Who needs such bases

supplier base

First of all, of course, entrepreneurs. Their workload prevents them from carrying out the painstaking work of catching existing suppliers on the Internet. Next come the owners of online stores. They usually do dropshipping. That is, it is their responsibility to find buyers for the product. Finding a base is a waste of time, which is considered the most expensive resource in the world. And in this case, it is also easier to buy a base and work with the finished material.

Can I find it myself?

It is not necessary to purchase ready-made supplier bases. The reviews of those who have already tried to do this business are full of calls not to be lazy and to take real steps to develop a supplier base. In the future, you still have to update it, so work with the search cannot be avoided. So why not start there and create your own list of sellers? However, this requires time and patience, which in our time are in such short supply that it is easier to give a couple of thousand rubles for something ready-made, albeit not as effective, than to create it yourself. Either way, the choice is yours.

Advice for novice sellers of real stores

If, nevertheless, the base is acquired, the links work and everything seems to be fine, the following difficulties will arise along the way. links, evenworkers do not always have feedback. In the contacts of the supplier, there will definitely be a phone number that is much easier to contact. Managers are not always polite and helpful. When communicating, you need to be mentally prepared for any behavior of the interlocutor. If during the conversation you were rude, this insult will remain with you, since there are no more contacts on hand, there is nowhere to complain about the rude person. The next problem is shipping.

Anecdotes are already circulating about the possibilities of the Russian Post to lose anything. It may be better to overpay for cash on delivery or courier delivery than to pay in advance and get nothing in return. Not all suppliers work with small wholesalers. Sometimes the first order needs to be made for hundreds of thousands of rubles. If it is not electronics or household appliances, then most likely this investment will not be such a profitable acquisition. From all of the above, we can conclude that even a ready-made database with working links and real sellers will not be 100% useful for you.

drawing conclusions

buy or not?

Buy or not - the decision is always individual. If it is accepted, then it is necessary to implement it as soon as possible, since the market does not stand still, demand is constantly changing. Perhaps in a couple of months the process of buying and selling the database will become irrelevant. So, when purchasing something, you do not need to think long and calculate the risks. There are always problems in every field. The main thing is to solve them, not save them. Then any business will eventually become profitable.

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