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How to earn on gold? Ways, investments and profitability

How to earn on gold? Ways, investments and profitability
How to earn on gold? Ways, investments and profitability

Investing in gold seems like an attractive investment for many people. This metal is gradually growing in price, which allows you to sell it for more than you buy. Equally important is the fact that gold is a commodity that is in demand at all times. Accordingly, there should be no problem finding a potential buyer.


Earning on gold has its own unique features. Experts assure that this way of investing brings about the same profit as real estate. In fact, this means that you should not expect fabulous profits instantly.

how to make money selling gold

Gold is indeed rising in price, but this has been going on for a long time. As a rule, this metal is actively bought when they want to protect their own savings from the impact of economic crises.

In Russian realities, the question is especially relevant: “How to make money on gold?” Citizens are almost constantly in an unstable economic situation. That's whythey have to actively look for ways to invest funds so that the accumulated capital does not melt away under the influence of ever-increasing inflation.

So let's find out how to make money with gold.

Embedding Methods

There are many different ways to invest in the precious metal.

  1. Buying bullion.
  2. Unidentified accounts.
  3. Investment coins.
  4. Shares of gold mining companies.
  5. Specialized funds.
  6. Buying gold.

Each of the options listed above has its own unique features and characteristics. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Buying bars

This is the most understandable way for most citizens who are interested in how to make money on gold. Theoretically, it is he who should lead among all the others and bring the greatest profit. After all, in exchange for money that is depreciated by inflation, you get a gold bar, which in the future can be profitably sold.

buying gold

However, there are many nuances associated with the purchase of physical bullion from precious metals. For example, when buying a gold bar, VAT is added to the cost, which will soon be 20%. When selling, you may have to pay for an expensive examination that can confirm that your bar is really made of gold. These additional costs greatly increase the initial cost of the ingot.

Also, gold is very difficult to store. If there is any damage, the ingot will failsell at original cost, its price will be much lower. This is why buying bullion is not always the best option for those who are interested in how to make money with gold.

Unallocated metal accounts

Abbreviated as CHI. This is a worthy alternative to the previous option for those who are interested in how you can make money on gold. In this case, you also purchase a precious metal, but do not receive a physical ingot. Purchased grams are stored in a special account.

Formally, you become the owner of a certain amount of gold, but in fact your account is measured in monetary terms, pegged to the current gold price.

The benefits of depersonalized metal accounts are simple and clear.

  1. Precious metal transactions are exempt from VAT.
  2. You can sell or buy gold remotely.
  3. No need to worry about the safety and transportation of the precious metal.
how to make money with gold

A virtual depersonalized metal account is more convenient than buying physical precious metal bars. In addition, it makes it possible to make purchases even for those who do not have impressive amounts. You can buy the amount of gold or any other precious metal that you have enough of your own funds at the moment.

Besides, the convenience of an impersonal metal account also lies in the fact that at any time you can sell a certain amount of gold. If there is an ingot, a similar dealwill be impossible. We'll have to sell the ingot in its entirety.

Investment coins

This is not the most standard way for those who are interested in how to make money selling gold. Its essence lies in the fact that the Central Bank of Russia periodically issues rare coins. However, it should immediately be said that they may be of potential interest to collectors. And then not immediately, but several decades after the release, when they begin to disappear from circulation.

investment in gold

If you apply, for example, to buying gold, it is highly likely that you will be offered a price significantly lower than the original cost. That is why this way of investing in precious metals does not bring significant profits that could interest potential investors.

Gold mining stocks

This is a rather indirect way of investing your own funds in precious metals. If the price of gold rises, the shares of the respective mining companies also rise.

earning on gold

However, it should be understood that this method does not involve the purchase of gold. You purchase shares, which entails the corresponding consequences. For example, a company may go bankrupt and leave its own shareholders with nothing. That is why this way of earning income is not recommended for those who do not have the appropriate knowledge regarding the stock market.

Specialized Funds

Precious metals-related investment funds are capable of making big profits,than buying gold. However, this is a relatively new financial institution in the Russian market. That is why it is not suitable for those who are not ready to take risks and prefer to invest their own savings in proven instruments.

how much can you earn with gold

Buying gold

This is an option for those who are ready to open their own business with all the ensuing consequences. As opposed to simply buying gold as a way to save money, you need to be prepared to devote enough time to it.

An initial investment will be required for the costs associated not only with registering a business, but also with purchasing the necessary equipment, as well as renting a room. By law, jewelry must be kept in a safe. This is why a gold pawnshop must take care of the property that customers entrust to it.


How much can you earn from gold? This is perhaps the most pressing issue for those who are interested in earning income in this way. Don't expect to know the exact amount. Because many factors affect income:

  1. The amount of gold you own.
  2. Method of acquiring precious metal.
  3. Period of ownership, etc.

Even the economic situation on the market affects the success of the transaction.

Suppose that you buy gold at a price of 2123 rubles, and after some time sell it for 2223 rubles per gram. Accordingly, your profit will be one hundred rubles for eachgrams sold. The more grams of gold you sell, the higher your final profit.

buying gold

You need to understand that profitability largely depends on the period of ownership. Do not try to sell the precious metal almost immediately after the acquisition and make an impressive profit. Experts assure that you need to own an asset for at least four to five years. In this case, the trade may turn out to be profitable for you.

It is important to understand that investing in gold is not a momentary profit, but a long-term investment. That is why, for a short-term profit, it is better for a potential client to consider alternative ways of investing his own funds. However, if you just want to keep your savings from inflation, buying gold may be the best option for you. In addition, this method, with an increase in prices for precious metals, can bring additional profit. Agree, the above reasons are quite enough to understand the topic in more detail. Don't settle for the first offer when buying gold.

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