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Grocery store business plan with calculations. How to open a grocery store: step by step instructions
Grocery store business plan with calculations. How to open a grocery store: step by step instructions

One of the most popular business ideas in our country is opening a grocery store. On the one hand, everything is quite simple and banal. Such a direction is not innovative and cannot be compared with the latest technological developments in the form of solar panels, etc. But, nevertheless, such a business idea is one of the most reliable, with minimal risk of losing investments.

Promising direction

Why should an aspiring entrepreneur consider starting a grocery store? The fact is that today the country is in the midst of an economic crisis. Many of those lines of business that were considered quite successful a year ago began to suffer huge losses.

man in grocery store

Entrepreneurs have to curtail business, close their agencies, shopsand companies, while simultaneously considering those ideas that are least affected by the crisis and other negative economic phenomena. The most promising areas in this situation include the sale or production of medicines, personal care products and clothing. And, of course, at all times the most popular commodity among the population was food.

No matter how difficult the economic situation in the country, no matter how much the income of its citizens decreases, people will always be treated, bathe, dress, drink and eat. That is why such a direction as opening a grocery store will be a wonderful anti-crisis idea for an entrepreneur.

Where to start?

For an entrepreneur who has never been in the grocery retail business, it is recommended to hire a consultant with experience in this business at the outset of the project. This may be a person who worked as a store director or manager. Such a move will allow you to find out all the nuances of the case, missing which, you can lose a lot of money. Based on the information received, as well as in the implementation of some sequential steps, you will need to draw up a grocery store business plan with calculations. Each of its points will be the development of specific actions necessary for the implementation of the project.

glasses on a business plan

It will be a step-by-step instruction for a novice entrepreneur. How to open a grocery store? After drawing up a business plan, the direction of work will be more clear.


To open any enterprise, you will need to draw up a number of documents. Their list includes:

  1. Certificate of registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. When choosing the first option of the form of ownership, it is necessary to draw up the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  2. Certificate confirming registration with the tax authorities with the issuance of the TIN of the payer. The business plan of a grocery store should also indicate the taxation system according to which the entrepreneur will calculate the necessary payments to the budget. For individual entrepreneurs, the simplified model will become the optimal one.
  3. Information letter issued by the State Statistics Committee, indicating the OKVED statistical codes corresponding to the activities of the organization.
  4. Certificate confirming registration with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Competitor research

So, let's start drawing up a grocery store business plan with calculations. And the first paragraph of this document will be an analysis of those competitors who operate in this market.

businessman draws up a business plan

Many entrepreneurs believe that it is unprofitable to open a small grocery store, because supermarkets are now open in all cities and even in large villages. Of course, all these stores are an impressive competitor to small points of sale. However, novice businessmen should not despair, since opening a medium-sized and even a small grocery store is not such a hopeless business. In order to understand that such a direction is not doomed tofailure, you should paint for yourself a clear portrait of your potential buyer. The success of the project directly depends on how well the entrepreneur draws up a general picture of the client, namely where he lives, how well he is financially, what he prefers to see on the table, at what time he is most active, etc.. An important factor will be the location of the future store.

Thus, all it takes to open a small grocery store to become successful and not be afraid of large chains is the right target audience, choosing a good location, and also forming the right assortment. And this is true, since all large supermarkets have one big drawback. When visiting them, the buyer should have a large margin of time, because it can take an hour, two or even three to bypass all the counters in search of certain products. In a completely different way, customers buy goods in small shops or kiosks. The main advantage of such outlets is time saving. You can go here for just a few minutes, purchasing the necessary products. In addition, the location of small shops is also more advantageous. All of them are within walking distance, and, therefore, a person will not need to go anywhere to fill his refrigerator. Moreover, small stores coexist quite peacefully with hyper- and supermarkets, because the same customers, as a rule, are customers of both stores.

Choosing a seat

Writing a grocery store business plan withcalculations, we move on to its next paragraph. After analyzing competitors, a novice entrepreneur must decide where his outlet will be located. If it is planned to open a small or medium-sized store that sells products, then the most ideal place for it is those areas in the city that are considered sleeping areas. In other words, the point of sale should be as close as possible to the selected target audience. This will allow the entrepreneur to achieve success faster.

For maximum profit, bedroom communities are very attractive. Also, they are unlikely to face competitors in the form of super- and hypermarkets.

goods on the shelves

One more advantageous place for the location of a store that sells products are tracks. And this does not apply to urban roads. Here we mean travel routes leading from one settlement to another and crossing them. In this case, the buyers of the store can be travelers and tourists, truckers, as well as ordinary people who go on their business to another city.

Choose a room

What should a novice businessman do after he has decided on the district of the city where his project will be implemented? The next step is the selection of premises for the store. And it should also be reflected in the business plan of the project. What should the room look like?

When concluding a lease agreement, entrepreneurs in most cases start from the budget they have. However, it should be borne in mind thatthere are certain requirements for the premises of a grocery store. Here, first of all, the availability of all necessary engineering communications is considered. The general condition of doors, walls, floors, windows, and installed systems should also be taken into account. This will avoid special investments for those who are especially interested in how much it costs to open a grocery store, because if the premises are in good condition, the repair costs will be small. The same applies to communications. The best option when choosing will be the room in which ventilation, electricity, gas and water are already connected.

The total area of ​​the future small store should be from 50 to 60 square meters. In this case, in the selected room, you will need to select several zones. One of them is a trading floor. The second zone should be a warehouse. A small part of the area is reserved for utility rooms.

In the future, the following documents will be required to carry out activities:

  • certificate of ownership or lease agreement;
  • conclusion issued by the State Fire Supervision Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • conclusion of SES and Rospotrebnadzor;
  • certificate confirming the registration of KKM;
  • certificate of the Ministry of Social He alth on attestation of workplaces;
  • outdoor advertising permit obtained from the local authority.

Selection of specialization

After determining the location, as well as analyzing competitors and the target audience of the store, the entrepreneur will have to find his niche in the market. However, in this matter, one canin reverse order. First, choose a niche, and only after that look for a suitable place. In this case, it will be possible to estimate the cost of a grocery store based on the tasks and available conditions.

woman at the showcase with cakes

Sometimes success for a businessman can be brought by retail outlets of a narrow focus, and sometimes those that are distinguished by a wide range. Everything will depend on the chosen place and target audience. The final version will need to be reflected in the business plan being drawn up.

Store with a wide range of products

Such points are a small copy of supermarkets. They offer the buyer almost all types of products, purchasing them from suppliers at the lowest possible prices. Such stores are considered ideal for small towns and settlements that do not have an abundance of shopping centers and hypermarkets. This option is also good for cities. However, in this case, the outlet will bring maximum profit only if it is located in a residential area.

Shops with a narrow focus

Such outlets are best suited for big cities. By entering them, customers can purchase products that cannot be found in supermarkets. What could it be? For example, farm semi-finished products. A narrow specialization will be distinguished by a sweet or butcher shop, a tea or coffee shop, a he althy food store, etc.

Work Schedule

When writing a business plan, you will need to consider grocery store hours.Many entrepreneurs are thinking about whether it is worth making it around the clock. There is no single answer to this question. Indeed, in their work, 24-hour grocery stores have both positive and negative sides. Of the advantages of such an outlet can be called:

  • constant influx of customers, thereby increasing the amount of profit received;
  • Reducing the likelihood of a night robbery when no one is in the room.

Cons of 24-hour grocery stores are as follows:

  • need for night guards;
  • difficulty in recruitment;
  • a small flow of night visitors;
  • The need for urgent solutions to problems that arise at night, due to which the entrepreneur is forced to interrupt his sleep.

Choose the name

How to attract customers to a newly opened outlet? To do this, you need to choose a bright and memorable name for it. What will it be like? It all depends on the imagination of the entrepreneur.

What is the name of the grocery store? To do this, it is recommended to use one of the strategies of such a choice. Store name can be:

  • name;
  • be directly associated with products and food;
  • associated with geography, floristry, etc., that is, be original.

Cost Analysis

Based on the prepared grocery store business plan with calculations, it will be possible for a novice entrepreneur to roughly determine the amount of start-up capital. Of course, at the openinga supermarket with a wide range of goods must have more than one million rubles in the account. Huge hypermarkets are even more expensive.

But as for highly specialized or small stores, it will take from 300 to 500 thousand rubles to open them. Everything will depend on the niche, the scale of the event and the ingenuity of the entrepreneur.

The main costs reflected in the business plan will be:

  • buying or renting a space;
  • employee salaries;
  • taxes;
  • purchasing goods;
  • insurance.

In addition, a certain amount should be allocated for unplanned expenses. As a rule, this is 10% of the starting capital.

Procurement of equipment

After the conclusion of the lease of the premises and its preparation for work, you will need to consider the most significant item of expenses. It concerns the purchase of the necessary equipment for a grocery store. However, it can be divided into two types. The first one is the main equipment. It must be in the outlet already at its opening. The second type of equipment for a grocery store is additional. It is acquired in the course of doing business and only when necessary.

The list of main equipment includes:

  • slides, shelves and racks that are installed on the sales floor and used for the existing range of dry products;
  • refrigeration equipment for the store, as well as racks for utility and storage rooms;
  • various counters and pastry shopsshop windows;
  • baskets, shopping carts, knives, cutting boards, stainless steel containers, cash registers and scales.

In case of successful operation of the store and when deciding to expand the range of goods and services offered to customers, you will need to purchase one or another additional equipment. These can be meat grinders and vegetable cutters, bread slicers and slicers, vacuum packaging machines and meat saws, refrigerators for ice cream and drinks, as well as video surveillance systems. A set of equipment for a store should be determined based on the expected range of goods sold in it. The compiled list will allow you to make a preliminary calculation of the costs for this item. If you need to purchase for a refrigeration store, you should consider buying a generator. In areas where there are power outages, such a move will avoid food spoilage.

Depending on the cost and quality of the equipment needed for a small store, it will be necessary to allocate from 100 to 150 thousand rubles for its purchase.

Product range

What should be in a grocery store?

man reading the label on a jar

Based on the experience of businessmen, in a sales area of ​​50 sq. m can be placed up to five hundred items of goods. In the list of priority products are:

  • bread and baked goods;
  • eggs;
  • milk and a variety of dairy products;
  • meat and sausages.

Bas everyday goods on the shelves you will need to have:

  • pasta;
  • cereals;
  • canned food;
  • coffee, tea, spices, etc.

There is also a certain list of seasonal products. Includes:

  • ice cream;
  • alcoholic beverages, etc.

The store must also provide for the availability of goods of special demand, which are especially in demand among buyers on certain days of the year. These are eggs that are massively purchased for Easter, as well as champagne, the availability of which is especially important on the eve of the New Year holidays.

In addition to purchasing the initially developed range of products, it is recommended to regularly monitor customer demand. Expanding the list of goods will increase the number of customers and, accordingly, the profitability of the organization.

Procurement of goods

How to find suppliers for a grocery store? Today, it will not be difficult to conclude a contract for the purchase of goods. That is why an entrepreneur should pay attention to the reliability and reputation of the supplier, as well as the quality and cost of the products offered. An important role for the success of the event will be played by the schedule of delivery of goods and the possibility of its fast delivery.

You can find a supplier at specialized exhibitions and markets where local farmers offer their goods. This is especially relevant for stores selling organic products.

The Internet will be a good help for a novice entrepreneur. Here you can findsuppliers on specialized sites by browsing available catalogs.

It's worth bearing in mind that any grocery store should also care about its reputation. To do this, it is necessary to control the correctness and timeliness of payment for the delivered products. The faster an entrepreneur earns a good name for himself, the more opportunities he will have for further development of the business.


Grocery store staffing will require special attention. Finding a seller is fairly easy, but the task is made more difficult by the fact that such a person must be conscientious, honest, reliable, polite, and knowledgeable. And it is not easy to find an employee according to the specified criteria. In addition, employees must have he alth books that allow them to sell food products.

And even after the formation of the staff, the entrepreneur will need to carry out painstaking daily work with the staff. It is the answer to many questions. The most relevant of them

  1. How much does a grocery store clerk pay?
  2. How to organize a system of bonus payments?

In addition, you will have to schedule vacations and work shifts, monitor the timely renewal of medical books by employees, and also check their knowledge of food prices and product range.


Attracting customers is one of the main points of organizing a business, allowing the entrepreneur to receive the maximum possible profit. How to advertise a grocery store? the very bestthere will be a large sign that will catch the eye of passers-by. A good option would be a list of the assortment of goods placed on the window.

Advertisings about those goods that are currently sold with discounts have proven themselves well.

Payback of a business idea

How much does the grocery store make per month?

man holding dollars

In order to determine the estimated profit, you will need to take into account all the mandatory costs of the outlet, namely:

  • amount for renting a room (for 50 square meters it is about 30-50 thousand rubles);
  • salary for employees 15-60 thousand rubles;
  • taxes and utilities - 10-20 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of products - from 400 to 500 rubles.

The total amount of monthly expenses of a small store will be more than 400-500 thousand rubles. If you sell all the purchased goods, subtract the cost of spoiled products and the necessary costs from the proceeds, then the profit of the store will be up to 50 thousand rubles. Income, as you can see, is not too big. However, you should not be upset. To increase profits, you will need to do everything possible so that the proceeds from the sale of sold products reach approximately 750 thousand rubles. per month. With an average number of buyers from 50 to 100 people per day, the check of each of them should be 200-400 rubles. And to achieve such indicators is a very real task.

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