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How to make money as a programmer? Ways, features of work and professional advice

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How to make money as a programmer? Ways, features of work and professional advice
How to make money as a programmer? Ways, features of work and professional advice

Programmers are specialists who are in demand on the labor market. It is not surprising that this particular direction is gaining unprecedented popularity among young people. They are often hired by companies that develop software. The question of how much programmers earn is of interest to many. However, we will talk about this a little later.

programmer in russia

Features of work

The range of jobs that programmers perform is so wide that all members of the profession were divided into several specializations.

  • system, which work with operating systems;
  • applications that create various programs, including games;
  • web programmers who work on creating websites and all kinds of add-ons that ensure their smooth operation.
  • how much do programmers earn

In addition, when looking for freeIn the list of job vacancies, you can often see a list of languages ​​that a potential candidate must speak. By the way, how much a programmer earns per month also depends on this.

The profession has two important features:

  • demand;
  • continuous learning.


Features of working as a programmer are such that this profession opens up quite attractive prospects. It is not surprising that among modern applicants, many who want to choose this particular direction. The advantage of a profession, for example, is that a programmer is not tied to a location. He can remotely cooperate with large companies, even if he lives in the Russian outback. You can also study remotely.

Continuous learning

Another feature is that knowledge in the field of programming becomes outdated rather quickly. That is why the employee has to constantly undergo additional training in order to prove his own professional suitability. This pace of work is not suitable for everyone, so the question of how to make money as a programmer continues to be asked only by the most persistent. This profession does not tolerate random people.

How much does a programmer earn in Russia?

According to the average statistics, specialists earn seventy thousand rubles. Given the fact that this figure is twice the average Russian salary, it is not surprising that this vacancy is in high demand among job seekers.

However, muchdepends on the specific field of activity.

  1. App developers are paid an average of ten to twenty-five thousand rubles a month.
  2. Developers of websites and applications for them - from thirty thousand rubles.
  3. 1C programmers earn from sixty thousand rubles.
  4. The salary of leading specialists can amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles.
how do programmers make money


You need to understand that the salary of a programmer depends on many factors. There is high competition among applicants. For this reason, for high earnings, it is not enough to have a specialized education and be well versed in computer technology. This is the level of a novice specialist, whose salary is unlikely to exceed twenty-five thousand rubles.

How to make money as a beginner programmer? Asking this question, you need to understand that for several years you need to gain experience, relegating income to secondary importance. Even after three years of work, a programmer is able to double his own remuneration. However, choosing the path of chasing profits and not devoting enough time to gaining experience, you can even ten years later be at the same income level as a novice specialist.

When asking how to make money for a programmer, it is important to take into account the place of his work. Some experienced professionals prefer to work directly with clients, earning more than employees.

salary per month

Some of the most ambitious develop their own projects, gettinghigh profit, which is not available even to top specialists. As an example, we cite the founder of VKontakte, whose monthly income is more than one and a half million rubles.

How to make money as a programmer?

Let's take a look at the most popular options available to professionals in this field.

  1. Permanent work.
  2. Remote work.
  3. Own project.

Permanent work

This option is the simplest and available to absolutely all applicants who have a specialized education. Even as a student, you can get an internship at any company.

So, the essence of employment is quite simple. You can start a career with little-known companies and low pay. Further increasing your own experience and value in the labor market, it is easier to choose employers with more loyal working conditions and pay. Career growth can turn a novice specialist into a leader, whose salary is several times higher.

novice programmer

Remote work

This is one of the options for those who for some reason are not suitable for hired work. However, in this case, you need to be ready to independently look for orders, negotiate with customers, etc.

Reputation plays a big role for remote employees. That's why it's so important to fulfill orders, collect feedback from satisfied customers and build a portfolio.

It is equally important to be able to make professional contacts. The more people know about you, the more orders you can attractthis way.

When choosing a remote job for yourself, it is important to decide whether you will fulfill one-time orders or want to have a permanent employer. Each option has its own advantages. In the first case, the employee gets more freedom of action, and in the second, there is no need to spend time and effort on attracting customers.

Now you know how to make money as a beginner programmer. After all, you can start fulfilling orders remotely even without a specialized education. Your real skills are valued in the market, which some people manage to get without a diploma from an educational institution.

how to make money as a beginner programmer

Own project

This option is considered the most difficult. However, it is he who, in case of successful implementation, promises the greatest profit to a potential programmer.

You need to understand that creating your own project has a lot of pitfalls that you should know about in advance. It is incredibly difficult to achieve initial success. After all, at first the project requires impressive investments, while no one guarantees their payback.

That's why true professionals choose their own project, who have enough experience and knowledge to implement it. Should I start my own project?

Considering options for how to make money as a programmer, opening your own project seems to be the most profitable. However, behind the potential opportunities lie an impressive investment of not only money, but also time and effort.

Here's why to startown project is better, having some financial stability. For example, in the form of the main place of work. At the same time, you can do your own developments in your free time.

how do programmers make money

Potential risks

What do you need to know before deciding to develop your own project?

  1. Instability. There are many offers from young professionals on the market. The number of ideas abounds, so it is possible that competitors will be able to beat you. And all the costs will be in vain.
  2. Self-discipline. If at hired work you are controlled by the authorities, and if there are orders, clear deadlines are set, then in the case of your own project, none of this. This creates the illusion that you can not work at all. If you devote only free time to the project, there is always a temptation to distract yourself with something. That's why you need to have incredible self-discipline and be able to properly prioritize. If you want to be successful, set clear goals for yourself and try to complete them as quickly as possible.
  3. Financial difficulties. If you do not have a stable job and only deal with your own project, you must certainly raise initial capital. At first, the project requires costs, while not making a profit. Not every programmer can afford such a whim.

Now you know how programmers make money. The labor market is replete with offers. However, do not forget about the high competition among specialists. To be in demand as a programmer, you need notstop your own training, even if you have long become a specialist. That is why the profession of a programmer is not suitable for everyone, despite the fact that it allows you to earn in various ways, including the development of a unique project.

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