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Steve Jobs: "You have to work not 12 hours, but with your head." How to manage your time properly

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Steve Jobs: "You have to work not 12 hours, but with your head." How to manage your time properly
Steve Jobs: "You have to work not 12 hours, but with your head." How to manage your time properly

Do you go to work? Do you like her? Not? Why are you going? Few people think about the fact that they are wasting their lives in vain. You want to live well and are sure that in order to get a good salary, you need to work hard. As Steve Jobs said: "You need to work not 12 hours, but with your head." Read below to learn how to manage your time properly.

Do what you want

you have to work not 12 hours but with your head

Do you think that the phrase “you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head” is wrong? Then you're definitely going to the wrong job. For some reason, many believe that the more time a person spends on their activities, the more effective they are. This is not true. A person can productively work only 4-6 hours a day. 8 hours is not too much, but not productive time either. If a person concentrates on something and thinks about improving his activity, then insight will come to a person soon. GoodAn example is businessmen. From the outside, it seems to people that they work very little. A businessman spends 3 hours in the office. The rest of the time he meets with clients, talks with suppliers, etc. And what does he do for 3 hours behind closed doors? He plans his work and thinks about new concepts. When a person enjoys the kind of activity that he has chosen, you do not need to force yourself to work productively. It happens involuntarily.

How does the phrase "you have to work not 12 hours, but with your head" sound in English? Do not work 12 hours a day. Use your head. Rewrite the quote and hang it in a prominent place. Let her inspire you to new achievements.

Don't trust your memory

you have to work not 12 hours but head steve

To check the correctness of the phrase “you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head”, you need to try to work productively. The first step that every person should take is to make a note on the phone or a physical notepad. What for? All smart thoughts or deeds that suddenly come to your mind should be written down immediately. This will help save your energy resource. You don't have to remember for half an hour a good idea that came during breakfast or taking a shower. If you promised something to someone, write it down right away. You do not need to lay out or systematize such records immediately. Your task is to get the obsession out of your mind that you will have to think about during your productive work hours. During your vacation, you don't have to think about anything. Man completelymust focus on their work. As you could read above, in the original the phrase “you need to work not 12 hours, but your head” in English sounds like: Do not work 12 hours a day, use your head. So try to follow this statement. Do not strain your brain all the time, do it during working hours.

Plan your life

you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head

Do you think it's hard to steer a ship? Of course it's difficult. But this process becomes much easier when the captain has a map, a navigator, and landmarks are placed along the entire route. Now let's draw a parallel with life. Imagine that the sea is the time allotted to you, and fate is the ship. Accordingly, you are the captain. To navigate the ship to the coast you want, you need to have a map. Without it, it will be difficult to understand exactly where you are heading. Remembering that you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head, make a plan for your life. Think about what you want and what you are striving for. Everyone wants to eventually become happy, have a good and beloved job, family, children and home. Once your wish list is ready, think about the path you need to take in order to achieve the desired result. You may need to take courses, learn a language, or move to another city. With an action card in hand, life becomes easier.

Plan your day

you need to work not for 12 hours, but with your head in English

Having a life plan is good, but one is not enough. Need to learnTreat every day as something different. When a person divides months into weeks, it seems that there is still a lot of time to complete what has been started. And when time is divided into 24 hours, it becomes sharply limited. Plan every day. If you know exactly what you need to do in the morning, getting out of bed will be easier. If a person does not have a plan of action, he will allow himself to lie around a little longer, then watch TV and leave the house only at lunchtime. In this case, half a day will be wasted. After all, the morning is the most productive part of the day. Some people misunderstand the phrase "you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head." The original interpretation is "I have a lot of time, so I can spend it as I please." But with this approach, it is difficult to find those cherished hours of productive work.


you need to work not 12 hours, but with your head in English

The phrase "you must work not 12 hours, but with your head" by Steve Jobs has become popular. But people do not quite understand how it should be applied. A person should not only work, but also periodically sum up the results of his activities. If this is not done, it is not entirely clear whether the development vector has been chosen correctly. Each person should make it a habit to write out their successes and achievements every month. This approach will motivate the person to work actively for the next 30 days. The ideal option is to sum up the results every week. The more often a person will stop and look at what he is doing and where his time goes, the better it will be to give to himself in thisreport. Summing up, he will be inspired by his successes, analyze failures, and will always be aware of upcoming events and events.

Spend time studying

In the routine of daily activities, you can lose yourself. As Steve Jobs said: “You need to work not for 12 hours, but with your head.” So think: what do you want from this life? Perhaps you work at a job you hate and want to change it. What is needed for this? Get knowledge in the area in which you see yourself. Sign up for courses. It's never too late to learn something new. You can not only completely change your field of activity, but also develop in the area in which you work. First of all, you need advanced training courses, not the director. Thanks to new knowledge, you will be able to work more efficiently and keep abreast of modern trends and technologies.

Afraid of leaving your work, family or friends behind? For what a person really wants, he always has time. It is not necessary to sacrifice people and communication with them. You can donate something else, like watching a series or a movie.

Have a good rest

fruitful rest

To work productively, you need to take a day off from time to time. And it should not be an evening spent at the computer, but something like a change of scenery. The best thing is to relax in nature. Take your friends and go with them to the forest for barbecues. If you have two whole days, you can arrange a trip to a neighboring city or go somewhere far away.

Changeenvironment helps to relax and gain new experiences. You will see new places, make new friends and help your brain relax. Such a rest will be much more productive than a day spent lying on the couch. Physical activity brings oxygen to the brain, which helps you think better. So don't neglect a good rest, and if you have the opportunity to travel, go.

Delegate tasks

life planning

It's impossible to keep everything in your head, and it's also difficult to do everything on your own. If you keep doing the routine, you will not have time to do something really important. So feel free to delegate tasks. If someone can help you, let them help. Sometimes a person will have to pay for help, but believe me, your time is worth more. For example, you may not spend most of the day cleaning up if you don't enjoy the process. Hire a housekeeper who will come to you twice a week and maintain order for a moderate fee. You will free up time for what you consider to be truly important. You can spend your free time not only on work, but also on leisure.

Don't promise what you won't deliver

You need to work not for 12 hours, but with your head. Many have seen photos of this phrase on social networks and business magazines. But few people thought about what can be done to work with the head. Start by promising yourself not to make promises to others if you're not going to do something. Some of modesty can'trefuse work that they cannot or do not want to do. What does this lead to? To lost time. It's one thing to help a friend once, and another thing to do it all the time. Don't let people ride you. If you don't want to do something, say so directly. Don't be afraid to offend others, be afraid that you end up depriving yourself by wasting time doing what others want from you, not listening to your true desires and not fulfilling your destiny.

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