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Cottage village "Karavaevo Ozero-2": description, location, reviews

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Cottage village "Karavaevo Ozero-2": description, location, reviews
Cottage village "Karavaevo Ozero-2": description, location, reviews

Many residents of the capital, as well as those moving from other places, increasingly prefer to live outside the city, in a better environmental situation, to breathe fresh air. Land plots offered for sale are gaining more and more popularity in this regard. One of these is the cottage village "Karavaevo Ozero-2", located in the Domodedovo urban district of the Moscow region.


If you drive about 33 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kashirskoye highway, then turn left and overcome a little more than 10 kilometers, you will find yourself right in "Karavaevo Lake-2". This project was launched after the successful development of the territory of a similar village "Karavaevo Ozero", located within walking distance from its fellow.

Panoramic view

Description of the village

"Karavaevo Lake-2" is spread over the territory of 25 hectares. In total, 157 land plots of various sizes are offered for sale: from 10 to 17 acres. The price for the allotment is from 900,000 to 1,600000 rubles. This location was not chosen by chance. The village comfortably surrounds the forest, creating the most favorable ecological environment, the opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy the silence after a noisy metropolis. Nearby are two ponds and the river Severka, near which you can relax in hot weather or go fishing.

The location of the village "Karavaevo Ozero-2" outside the city raises the issue of the safety of its inhabitants. For this, it is planned to fence the entire territory with a perimeter fence, install a checkpoint and have security guards on duty around the clock.

Road to the village

The administration of the village "Karavaevo Ozero-2" takes care of its residents, centrally clearing the roads from snow in the winter, monitoring their lighting. Cars at the entrance will not get stuck in a rut, as an asph alt road leads to the village.

What are the conditions?

The village's own infrastructure offers its customers 10 kW electricity supplied to the plot, the possibility of supplying main gas, the right to connect which has already been paid. In order not to have to travel far for the necessary products, household chemicals, there are two stores within walking distance offering everything you need.

Construction of houses

A children's playground is provided for the recreation of residents and their children. Yes, and around the village there are many places where you can comfortably settle down with the whole family, take a walk with your pets. Forso that the areas do not become swampy during the melting of snow in the spring or heavy rains, a drainage system is provided.

At a distance of about 7 kilometers from the cottage village there is an urban-type settlement of Barybino and the village of Lobanovo. You can get there by regular bus, which runs regularly. Barybino is a fairly large settlement, which has all the necessary social infrastructure facilities: a school, a kindergarten, a clinic, a temple, and shops. All this can be used by residents of the village "Karavaevo Lake-2".


Reviews about Karavaevo Lake-2 can be heard from those who bought land and have already built. Some of them have chosen this cottage settlement as their permanent place of residence, away from the bustle of the city.

Mostly people's opinion is positive. After all, fresh air, panoramic views of the village, the opportunity to live in unity with nature outweigh the few inconveniences associated with the lack of a well-developed network of infrastructure facilities. But, on the other hand, life away from the city is chosen consciously, striving precisely for the listed conditions.

Some people are not happy with the fact that it takes longer to get there than if they lived in an urban environment. But everyone makes his own choice. Most people are content with this life.

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