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LCD "Marshal", Kaluga: location of the complex, description, reviews

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LCD "Marshal", Kaluga: location of the complex, description, reviews
LCD "Marshal", Kaluga: location of the complex, description, reviews

LC "Marshal" in Kaluga is an attractive quarter for many investors, which is located in one of the most environmentally friendly and prestigious areas of the regional center. Many potential buyers consider it with interest when they are going to invest in real estate. In this article, we will talk about the features of this residential complex, available layouts, prices for apartments, reviews of those who have already made their choice in favor of these new buildings.

About the complex

Reviews about LCD Marshal

LCD "Marshal" in Kaluga is actually being built in the center of the prestigious Cheryomushki district in the city. It is believed that this is a unique comfort-class project.

According to the plan of the developers, a respectable residential building should become a real embodiment of an impeccable style and a decent life for everyone. In addition, in the future, perhaps it will be one of theattractions of the new Kaluga.

In memory of Zhukov

The uniqueness of the residential complex "Marshal" in Kaluga lies in the fact that the project was originally developed not only as a developer, but also as a socio-historical project. The fact is that on the first floor of the new complex there will be a museum of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, in which they plan to carefully preserve the memory of the commander in chief and his great victories.

Externally, the residential complex "Marshal" in Kaluga is a 12-storey monolithic building, which is being developed by outstanding designers and architects on an individual project.


New building in residential complex Marshal

The style chosen during the construction of the residential complex can be described as a classic Stalinist Empire style. At the same time, it combines modern technologies and innovations. All this makes it possible to provide its residents with a completely comfortable existence.

Many people can be impressed by the photo of the residential complex "Marshal" in Kaluga, as well as the picturesque square named after. Zhukov, which is located on the territory of the district.

Social and shopping facilities

Residential complex Marshal

Within walking distance are: a vegetable market, a large number of grocery and hardware stores, a clinic, a Tsiolkovsky hospital equipped with an MRI diagnostic center. Everything you need for a comfortable stay is here.

For families with children, it will be of great importance that there are several kindergartens and schools nearby.A developed transport system has been established around the microdistrict, allowing you to get to anywhere in the city without any problems.


You can buy apartments in a new building in Kaluga on the territory of this residential complex almost in the very center of the city. Nearby is Victory Square, which is literally a stone's throw away.

You can get to the quarter both by personal and public transport. By car, it is most convenient to call in from Marshal Zhukov Street, on which, in fact, the complex is located. At the moment, his address: Russia, Kaluga, st. Marshal Zhukov, 23A.

There are public transport stops near the new building, you can go in any direction by bus, trolleybus or fixed-route taxi.


Apartments in the residential complex "Marshal", photos of which are available in the review, can surprise you with their diversity. Currently, there are one-, two- and three-room apartments for sale. The minimum cost of one square meter is about 57 thousand rubles.

One-room apartments in this new building in Kaluga have an average area of ​​45 square meters. The layout is very attractive - a separate bathroom, a kitchen of 12 and a half "squares", a room of almost 19 square meters. There is also a balcony with an area of ​​approximately three and a half square meters.

One of the most spacious options is a comfortable three-room apartment for 5.3 million rubles with a total area of ​​almost 94 square meters.This proposal has everything for a comfortable life - a separate bathroom, a large kitchen (about 16 square meters), a living room of 20 "squares", two rooms of almost 18 "squares" each, and two balconies. On one exit from the kitchen, and on the second from the corridor.


Residential complex Marshal Kaluga

The construction of the house is carried out on the basis of federal law and with full observance of all the rights of equity holders. When housing is put into operation, the developer undertakes to carry out the necessary landscaping, all driveways will be asph alted, most of the premises on the ground floors were originally reserved for commercial real estate. Convenience stores, offices, fitness centers, pharmacies and beauty salons should appear here.

Sports and children's playgrounds, small architectural forms will be installed on the territory of the residential complex, ramps are mandatory in all entrances, which makes the house as accessible as possible even for people with disabilities.

Judging by the photo from the construction site of the residential complex "Marshal", the work is being carried out quite quickly. Most likely, equity holders will not have to worry about the fact that their houses will not be delivered on time.


Reviews of equity holders about LCD Marshal

In today's unstable times, when you regularly encounter reports of deceived equity holders, one of the main factors when choosing a particular property under construction is the reliability of the developer. If this is a company that has long been represented in the domestic market,fulfills all its obligations on time and in full, customers are much more willing to agree to bear their money.

In this case, the construction of this residential complex is being carried out by one of the largest development firms in the country. This is the PIK group of companies.

First of all, she has earned herself a name and a corresponding reputation in the capital and suburban real estate market. She was one of the first to enter it back in 1994. During this time, it has already built and successfully commissioned almost twenty million square meters of real estate. About three hundred thousand families throughout Russia are provided with comfortable and high-quality housing. After all, the PIK company implements its projects not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also in ten other regions of the country.

A big step forward for her was entering the stock market. This happened in 2007. Adhering to international standards in corporate governance, she manages to develop her business as successfully as possible. An important role is played by the fact that the company was included in the list of backbone enterprises in the domestic economy. So today PIK is considered one of the most reliable developers in the country.

Customer Experiences

LCD Marshal in Kaluga

In this regard, you can find quite a lot of positive feedback about the residential complex "Marshal" in Kaluga. They note that the city itself has long been considered one of the most investment-attractive and progressive in the whole country, so it is not surprising that suchprojects.

Citizens are attracted by the convenient location and the large number of green spaces in the area, which makes the area environmentally friendly.

Those who have already opted for this new development say it is a quality project that will impress anyone with the extra space provided by the high 3m ceilings.

At the same time, even those who like the project note that they consider it irrational to have a museum dedicated to the great commander who won the war on the first floor of a high-rise building. It would be more worthy if the museum appeared in a separate building, so it would attract much more visitors.

Pleases potential buyers with a good ecological situation in this microdistrict. There is a lot of greenery around, there is an opportunity to breathe fresh air, take a walk, rest after a busy day.

Confidence is caused by the project of a monolithic building. I like this option for convenient transport interchange, underground parking, which guarantees that residents will always have the opportunity to park their car in the right place without any problems, without disturbing anyone, without provoking conflicts with neighbors and other motorists.

The layouts in this residential complex deserve special praise. Those who have already met them admit that the apartments are spacious and roomy. They will find a place for any family, even the largest.


Developer LCD Marshal

At the same time, there is a fairly large number of negative reviewsabout LCD "Marshal" in Kaluga.

First of all, everyone notes exorbitantly high prices per square meter, which seem to many simply prohibitive. Only a part of potential equity holders admits that they are really justified, there is something to pay such big money for, especially by Kaluga standards. The high cost per square meter in this case is due to spacious and well-designed areas, a large number of infrastructure advantages in the area.

Also, among the negative points in the reviews, they recall the high probability of a transport collapse. Of course, in this microdistrict there really are exits and public transport routes to anywhere in the city, but this does not negate traffic jams. Even today, traffic on the main highways of the city is extremely difficult. Once all residents move into this residential complex, the situation should only get worse.

We have to admit that the developer chose in this regard not the best place to place a new building, as he began to carry out work where the transport infrastructure could not bear the additional load. This is often noted in the reviews by residents of the residential complex "Marshal" in Kaluga. The prospects in this regard are very disappointing. After the settlement, traffic jams on Kaluga roads will only increase, especially in the area of ​​​​the Marshal residential complex. Leaving here in the morning for work, and then returning to the family in the evening, will indeed turn into a serious problem, for which there is simply no solution in the short term.

So the new settlers have to prepare for the fact thatthey will have to solve transport problems exclusively on their own. On the other hand, traffic jams in Kaluga are no strangers, and therefore this trouble does not scare away many people.

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