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Cottage village "Nikolin Klyuch": location, description, reviews

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Cottage village "Nikolin Klyuch": location, description, reviews
Cottage village "Nikolin Klyuch": location, description, reviews

Approximately one and a half thousand kilometers separate the capital of the Urals - Yekaterinburg - from the capital of Russia - Moscow. The harsh climate of the Ural Mountains is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, not so many immigrants from other regions of the country are striving here. Due to the fact that Yekaterinburg is the largest industrial center, its residents increasingly prefer to move to housing outside the city in order to live in more favorable environmental conditions. Such an opportunity is offered by "Nikolin Klyuch" - a cottage village at some distance from the metropolis.

One of the houses

A little about the city

Yekaterinburg takes its place in the top five largest cities in Russia by population. More than one and a half million people have chosen it as their permanent place of residence. This is largely due to the large number of functioning industrial, manufacturing, processing enterprises that provide employment to thousands of citizens. The headquarters of the largest industrial concerns of the country are also located here. This is a city with a well-developed infrastructure, the ability to get from it to anywhere in Russia, but withvery harsh climate.

Finished house


The village "Nikolin Klyuch" in Yekaterinburg is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city along the Chelyabinsk highway. A little further along the highway is the village of Kashino. Immediately at the transport interchange, you need to turn right onto Pervomaiskaya Street. After about 400 meters turn right into the cottage village. In total, a trip to Nikolina Klyuch will take no more than 20 minutes from the center of Yekaterinburg.

Description of the village

The Nikolin Klyuch cottage village occupies a rather impressive territory. The developer offers for sale apartments in townhouses up to 200 square meters for final finishing or completely renovated. This option is suitable for those who want to live outside the city, but in an urban-type apartment with all amenities and communications, have a separate entrance to the home and their own place to relax.

Apartments in townhouses

Several already built cottages are offered for sale. The area of ​​buildings in "Nikolin Klyuch" also reaches 200 meters. The houses are completely ready for living. All interior decoration is made of high-quality expensive materials. After purchasing, you can immediately move in and enjoy life.

For those who want to build a house for themselves on their own, or want to postpone it, land plots ranging from 9 to 30 acres are offered for sale. The developer of the Nikolin Klyuch cottage settlement in Yekaterinburg took care of its residents by supplying plotsall necessary communications. Electricity for 15 kW is supplied to each household, underground gas supply is laid. Water to the house will come from a centralized certified well. Residents do not have to spend money and dig septic tanks, as a connection to a centralized sewer is provided.

House view

Category of land - for individual housing construction. This provides for the possibility of erecting a residential low-rise building without any additional approvals. All land title certificates are available from the developer.

Infrastructure of the village

"Nikolin key" is located at a fairly close distance from Yekaterinburg. Therefore, residents, especially those who have their own cars, will not feel disadvantaged in the opportunity to use the rich range of social infrastructure of the city. Those who are not car owners can easily get to the city by public transport: a bus that runs from the village of Kashino during the day with an interval of about 20 minutes.

Townhouses in the village

In the village itself there is a medical center and several commercial and office premises. The main infrastructure that residents of the Nikolin Klyuch village can use is located in the neighboring village of Kashino. There is a school, a kindergarten, a clinic, a temple and shops. Especially demanding residents can drive to Yekaterinburg, where there is everything you need.


Undoubtedly, the main advantage of moving andacquiring a land plot or real estate in this cottage village is an opportunity to live in the most favorable environmental conditions, and not in a city where it leaves much to be desired due to the many industrial enterprises. The choice is also affected by the proximity of the village to the city, which is especially valuable for those who work in it and have to commute to and from work every day. The not heavily loaded Chelyabinsk tract and many public transport flights will allow you to do this quickly.

The options offered by the developer for the acquisition of plots or finished housing also bring their advantages to the treasury of benefits. If you want to change your place of residence from a city to a village, if you own an apartment, you can set it off in the cost of the desired property. For those who do not want to apply for a loan for a long period, an installment plan of 3 years is provided. And, of course, mortgages from the developer's partner banks at minimum loan rates are welcome.

Reviews about the village

When studying the Global Network, it is rare to find negative reviews about life in the village from those who have already managed to purchase a plot or move into the proposed housing. People are satisfied with its location at a small distance from the city, which allows them to quickly get to it and solve problems that arise. We are also satisfied with the staff of the developer company, sales managers, their courtesy and competence.

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