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LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen: location, infrastructure, developer, reviews

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LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen: location, infrastructure, developer, reviews
LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen: location, infrastructure, developer, reviews

LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen - a modern residential complex consisting of seven 19-storey buildings, which are being built in the area "Tyumenskaya Sloboda". Many are interested in reviews of this residential complex, as it attracts with low prices and interesting infrastructure offered by the developer. In this article, we will evaluate all the pros and cons of this property.

About the complex

Infrastructure in Residential Complex Legend Park

LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen is being built at the intersection of the Moskovsky tract with Zakaluzhskaya street. It is relatively close to the city center and can be reached by car in about a quarter of an hour.

The concept of the quarter is to try to create the most comfortable living space, which will not be limited to an apartment. At least the developer himself claims that he set himself such a task. In this regard, in the description of the residential complex "LegendThe Park" always pays a lot of attention to large and spacious areas and public spaces, which should form a fundamentally new understanding of the neighborhood, promote interesting joint pastime between neighbors, and for this you do not have to leave the territory of the residential complex.


Residential complex Legend Park

LCD "Legend Park" in Tyumen is a house that the developer rents with a pre-finishing finish. Plastic windows are installed in the apartments, ramps are equipped in the entrances, all communications necessary for a full-fledged life - Internet, telephone, cable TV.

The apartments have already installed meters for electricity and water, a reliable metal door, a video intercom. Most apartments have storage rooms, fire alarms, passenger and freight elevators.

The developer paid due attention to the arrangement of the yard. Sports grounds, bicycle paths, spacious parking for more than three hundred places are at the service of residents.


Residential complex Legend Park in Tyumen

Speaking about the advantages of the Legend Park residential complex, many note that the microdistrict is considered environmentally friendly, although it is located very close to the city center - this is very convenient.

There is a developed infrastructure on the territory of the housing complex: there are several public transport routes to new buildings, it is also convenient to get here by private car. Located within walking distancea kindergarten, a new comprehensive school, a polyclinic for adults and children.

The big advantage of the residential complex "Legend Park" in Tyumen is that advanced modern technologies were used in the construction, which made it possible to form a fundamentally new approach to the formation and creation of a living environment. For example, the project provides for innovative solutions that can ensure the safe improvement of the area.

Parking for everyone

Apartments in a complex of the most diverse SMART layouts are able to satisfy the needs of any family and single people. On the territory of the residential complex "Legend Park" the concept "Courtyard without cars" has been implemented - the entire adjacent space is intended for walking and leisure.

The project provides a parking space for each apartment and a number of guest cars, so you will not have problems with where to leave the car. An important positive point is the presence of pantries, which allow you to compactly store things, such as bulky autumn or winter clothes and shoes, in one place.

Safety and landscaping

New buildings in Legenda Park Residential Complex

On the territory of the residential complex you do not have to worry about your safety, you can safely send your child for a walk in the yard. The entire territory of the residential complex is fenced and is under round-the-clock video surveillance.

Each apartment has video intercoms, so you will not only immediately hear who has come to you, but also see the guest on the monitor.

After constructiona comprehensive landscaping will be carried out, which will make it possible to turn the residential quarter into a full-fledged park. About eight hundred shrubs and trees will be planted throughout the territory, a pedestrian boulevard will appear with barbecue areas, gazebos for relaxation, amazingly beautiful lighting.


Description Residential complex Legend Park

New buildings are located on the territory of a fairly young and rapidly developing microdistrict near the Moscow tract. Within walking distance from here are a school, kindergartens and a clinic.

The transport infrastructure of the residential complex "Legend Park" attracts many potential buyers of real estate in the area. In the immediate vicinity there is an interchange with a large number of public transport, which allows you to quickly get to anywhere in the city.

The quarter provides for a large number of commercial premises, for which areas were previously allocated on the first floors of new houses under construction. Therefore, shops, cafes, beauty salons and a fitness center are located here within walking distance.

Within walking distance

When developing the layout of the area, it was carefully thought out so that the territory of the residential complex was convenient for both adults and children. In particular, it provides for the appearance of three entertainment zones for children of different ages, a skate park, bike paths, workout areas.

Polyclinic No. 5 is a ten-minute drive by public transport from new buildings, and to large shopping and entertainment centers"Continent" and "Columbus" can be reached on foot. Recently, a new gymnasium was opened on the territory of Tyumenskaya Sloboda, capable of accepting more than a thousand students. Near the residential complex there are several municipal and private kindergartens, as well as a private elementary school called "Eurogymnasium".

House Features

Reviews in Residential Complex Legend Park

The developer builds reliable monolithic-frame houses, which are considered very durable. In addition, they are convenient for redevelopment.

The applied technology called "Wet Facade" has been helping to avoid major repairs for more than twenty years. The entire complex is connected to a single telemetry system, which allows you to automatically collect all the necessary information from the meters.

In the apartments themselves, communications are placed as thoughtfully as possible. Wiring is made in such a way that there are simply no risers and pipes in a conspicuous place. At the construction stage, equity holders can agree on one or another type of finish in which the apartment will be rented out. They are designed for different readiness to move. It can be Rough, Fine, Standard, Standard+ or Comfort.

Potential buyers should be attracted by the increased ceiling height in the apartment, which reaches almost three meters, which allows you to create much more space in each room than exists in a similar typical living space. In addition to pantries provided for storing things, there are balconies that can be skillfully turned intostylish and comfortable additional functional spaces.

Where is it?

The location of the LCD "Legend Park" is considered very convenient. The microdistrict in the district is developing intensively. It is especially convenient in terms of transport accessibility, as there is a roundabout in the immediate vicinity.

The highways laid in this area are not loaded, even the bypass road, which allows you to get to any part of the city in a relatively short amount of time.

Developed public transport network. For example, there is a bus stop number 39 nearby, which is located near a residential area.

There are several new residential blocks of new buildings in the neighborhood. For example, "Intellect Quarter".


Developer Residential Complex Legenda Park

The construction of this residential complex is carried out by the Meridian group of companies. This is a well-known developer in Tyumen who has been working on the local market since 2007.

The key standards in his professional activities, he considers the manufacturability and reliability of construction solutions, combined with responsibility to his partners and customers. Great importance is attached to the constant application and development of modern construction and finishing technologies.

The company emphasizes that they conclude agreements with participants in shared construction in full compliance with 412 federal law. Shareholders may not worry about the safety of their money, since in this case they are protected by the Mutual Insurance Societydevelopers. This is a public structure operating at the federal level.

The contractor of the residential complex "Legend Park" in Tyumen is well known in the region, many people trust him, since the company has a large number of timely commissioned facilities, tens of thousands of square meters of housing have already been put into operation. Among them are the Siberian Meridian, Solnechny, Sovremennik, Novy Mys, Dobry, Znamensky, Zarechny.

The head of the company is Ivan Nikolaevich Druganov, the post of construction director is Denis Vadimovich Gulakov, and the HR director is Svetlana Alexandrovna Slivkina.


Currently, one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments are on sale in the residential complex. It is especially noted that affordability is one of the main advantages of new buildings.

For example, an apartment in the residential complex "Legend Park" can be purchased for 1.3 million rubles. The area of ​​the studio will be about 23 and a half square meters. Almost 20 square meters are occupied by a room combined with a kitchen, less than four square meters are allocated to a combined bathroom. Interestingly, this area does not include a 3.5 m balcony2.

A three-room apartment can be bought for 3.2 million rubles. Its area is about 55 m2. Of these, 20 squares are occupied by a kitchen-living room, two rooms of 10 meters each, separate bath and toilet.

Buyers note that the layouts in the Legend Park residential complex are so diverse that everyone can find somethingto your liking.

The company notes that they strive to take care of the individuality of each family, so they design different layouts so that everyone can choose the option to their liking. In this regard, modern planning solutions for studio apartments, known as SMART, have been developed.

SMART-planning is considered an excellent solution for creating an individual living environment. In apartments, literally every square centimeter is involved in special functional areas. A unique zoned space has been created, in which everything is thought out down to the smallest detail.

In particular, modern studios are equipped with special areas that increase the comfort of your life. For example, niches for a closet in the living room, a dedicated area for the kitchen, a place that can fit a small corner kitchen set. There are several options, each family will be able to choose the one that they like best.

If you decide to purchase a studio of an unusual format, you will not need to redevelop or reorganize the space. This means that you do not have to spend additional funds on arranging a convenient and comfortable life.

Customer Experiences

There are a lot of positive reviews about the residential complex "Legend Park" in Tyumen. Residents note that a small studio or one-room apartment is the best option for a young family or a young person who is taking the first steps in his life

The project attracted a reliable developer who has already earned a name for himself - he is trusted by local residents. Besidesthere is a well-maintained, ecologically clean and green area around, and apartments are sold at the most affordable prices.

The view from the window looks advantageous.


At the same time, there are also negative reviews about the residential complex. The main negative point is that for many the LCD is still too far from the center. However, the choice has to be made in favor of these new buildings because of the already attractive prices, as the secondary market offers real estate at inflated prices.

Motorists admit: getting to the city center, you still have to deal with traffic jams that take up precious time.

Those who have already moved into new apartments complain that not all utilities work flawlessly. For example, residents of the upper floors suffer from a lack of water, especially in the evenings, when water is used by almost all apartments. Of course, the management company and the developer promise to quickly fix the problems, but it is not known how the situation will turn out when all the tenants move into the apartments.

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