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LCD "Sun City": reviews, location, infrastructure, photo

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LCD "Sun City": reviews, location, infrastructure, photo
LCD "Sun City": reviews, location, infrastructure, photo

St. Petersburg is the northern capital of our country, a huge metropolis of many millions, whose inhabitants do not cease to need housing. Currently, the city is being actively built up, new residential buildings and entire microdistricts are appearing, in which all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life have been created. A bright representative of such projects, in turn, is the residential complex "Solnechny Gorod". Feedback from the first buyers will help us identify all the exceptional features of the project and determine how suitable it is for modern residents of the metropolis, whether it can meet their expectations.

About the project

If you are looking for a complex in a beautiful green area - you should definitely pay attention to the residential complex "Sun City". Reviews about him are so enthusiastic that he attracted our attention. The main idea of ​​the project lies in creating a certain balance of the charms of urban and suburban life, which all residents of a millionaire dream of.

Modern dynamic quarter with all the necessary infrastructure facilities, immersed in the greenery of parks and squares - all this is a residential complex"Sunny city". Feedback from the first buyers indicates that they were first of all impressed by the scale of the project and the unique author's architecture.

sunny city


So, the complex will consist of 5 monolith-brick buildings from 5 to 12 floors. This technology guarantees strength, endurance and provides an aesthetic appearance. Ventilated facades endow all buildings with excellent heat and sound insulation properties, increasing the energy intensity of all structures in the Sunny City complex.

Reviews of the first arriving residents focus on the amount of utility bills. Even in winter, in harsh weather conditions, the amount of payment for heating was significantly lower than in other new buildings in the city. At the same time, it was warm and cozy inside the apartments.

sunny city reviews of residents

All houses have high-speed silent elevators. The front door is decorated with first-class materials, and a wheelchair is also equipped, where residents can leave their belongings necessary for walking. Access doors are equipped with a modern access system, which excludes the entry of unauthorized citizens, who can become a threat to residents.


Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg was not chosen by chance for the construction of the complex. To date, it is considered the greenest, so it is great for families with small children who are in need of clean air and a place to walk. For that matter, your dreamswill definitely be embodied in the residential complex "Solnechny Gorod". Feedback from residents is the best confirmation of this. Many fell in love with the project even at the stage of vacating the territory for construction, just by visiting the place once.


Every modern resident of the metropolis dreams of fresh air, greenery, that's why so many Petersburgers buy dachas far from the city. So what can "Sunny City" offer from an environmental point of view? Reviews indicate that the environment here is considered favorable for various groups of the population.

Next to each house there are flower beds, trees and shrubs planted. Yards are completely isolated from cars, and therefore not gassed. A quarter away is Polezhaevsky Park, where you can relax and play sports. There are enough playgrounds for children. Reviews about the "Sunny City" also focus on the proximity of the Gulf of Finland, which provides the area with clean air.

lcd sunny city reviews

Apartments and their layouts

Studios, one-, two- and three-room apartments of various sizes - the number of rooms in the residential complex "Sun City". Feedback from residents confirms that the layouts are represented by a variety of species. You have the opportunity to purchase an apartment of the European layout that is so popular today, which implies an excellent solution with functional kitchen-living rooms, an additional bathroom for guests and a wardrobe for storing things and various household utensils.

All apartments, regardless of area, have a balcony orloggia. Moreover, the developer left the right for the tenants to organize the interior space of their house at their own discretion, including moving the walls and combining several apartments into one.

sunny city residential complex reviews


If you are not ready to burden yourself with a protracted and expensive repair, buy an apartment in the village of "Sunny City". Reviews indicate that all properties are rented with a full fine finish, that is, completely ready for living.

The apartments have European-made double-glazed windows, all balconies and loggias are glazed and insulated, high-quality plumbing is installed, communications are connected, walls are covered with wallpaper, laminate is laid on the floor. Each apartment has entrance and interior doors.

Residents are quite satisfied with their quality. These are not those thin door panels that can be pierced with one blow. In a word, the finish is of high quality, using modern materials and unique technologies. After receiving the keys, you only need to bring in the furniture.

village sunny city reviews


It is planned that all the necessary conditions for the most comfortable life will be created on the territory of the complex. The first floors of the buildings will be used for commercial infrastructure facilities. There will be shops, pharmacies, bank branches, beauty salons, laundries and much more. The developer assures that residents will not be deprived of entertainment facilities.

How is itdealing with social infrastructure facilities? At the moment, it is possible to talk about it only based on the plans of the developer. And they are really great. In total, according to the plan, 11 kindergartens of various types will be built in the district. By the way, the first one has already been commissioned and is raising the first babies.

The project also plans to build four schools. The first one will open in 2019. The construction of polyclinics and a large medical center is in the distant plans, but in the next 5-10 years, residents should not even dream of it. They will have to use those located in another area, experiencing some discomfort.

What the residents of the complex can already observe today are modern playgrounds and sports grounds, where children play and frolic from morning to evening. It remains to be hoped that the developer will fulfill its promises and really build a comfortable complex.

Opinion of tenants

What could be better than the evaluation of those who have already visited the complex? So, summing up, I would like to note that the residential complex "Solnechny City" is another project from the residential construction giant Setl City. This gives certain guarantees and, of course, protects the potential buyer.

residential complex solar city reviews of residents

The location and layout of the apartments are perhaps the main advantages of the complex. The residents themselves confirm that the rooms in the apartments strive for the shape of a regular rectangle, which allows using every square meter of area. Those who managed to move into the buildings of the first stage are impressed, or rather, pleasantly surprised by the qualityfine finish. There is no need to change or redo anything. Everything is decorated concisely and tastefully.

But there is another side of the coin. After all, not all promises were fully realized. First of all, there is currently very poor infrastructure in the region, and in some areas it is completely absent. Fortunately, the developer has included his own facilities in the project, but they will be put into operation only by the time construction is completed.

Traffic and road junctions are also not in the best shape, collecting huge traffic jams in the morning and evening. Considering that there is no metro station nearby and there is no planned one, the residents have no alternative. And from an environmental point of view, the area is not as ideal as it is presented. After all, just 250 meters away is a huge industrial zone.

children's sunny city reviews

Definitely, the project is worthy of attention, it is one of the best and most promising in the city, but it can become truly comfortable and convenient for residents only by the time construction is completed. Be sure to visit the construction site to personally assess the progress of construction and its scale.

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