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LCD "Lyubertsy Park": address, developer, jgbcfybt

LCD "Lyubertsy Park": address, developer, jgbcfybt
LCD "Lyubertsy Park": address, developer, jgbcfybt

LC "Lyubertsy Park" is a large residential area, which is being developed by the company "PIK". The project includes the construction of ten multi-apartment panel houses in the territory of the Lyubertsy urban district. In this article, we will tell you how to get to this place, about the developer company and the deadline for handing over houses.

About the complex

Residential complex Lyubertsy Park

LC "Lyubertsy Park" has a number of characteristic features that immediately demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of this project. The main disadvantages of these houses is that they are built from panels; loggias and balconies are not provided in the apartments. At the same time, they are rented out already with a fine finish, and in a pleasant place, nearby is Natasha Park.

It is planned to build a number of attractive infrastructure facilities on the territory of the Lyubertsy Park residential complex. This is a school, kindergartens, clinic, parking. Currently, the company sells studios in new buildings, as well as one-, two- and three-room apartments. Important, thatthe developer is a large Moscow developer, the PIK group of companies, which we will talk about in more detail.

This is a standard project that is able to attract a relatively convenient location and proximity to the park. It is important that the company builds houses according to its own set of rules. For example, their residential complexes are always easy to recognize by the bright colors of the facades and minimalist architecture. For the developer, the Lyubertsy Park residential complex in Lyubertsy is an ordinary project. At the same time, new buildings are classified as comfort class, houses are built according to the principle of block development from europanels. Entrance groups are located at ground level. It is noteworthy that in parallel with housing, social infrastructure facilities are being put into operation that will be relevant and necessary for new settlers.

LC "Lyubertsy Park" is located next to two large ponds and Natashinsky Park, about four kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road.


The residential complex itself is located on the territory of the Moscow region between Natashinsky Park and Ukhtomsky village.

The construction site is located on the site of a former military unit, not far from the Kamov helicopter plant. To the south of the high-rise buildings is Lermontovsky Prospekt and railway tracks. The Moscow ring road is just four kilometers from the Lyubertsy Park residential complex.

The sales department is at the construction site. The address of the residential complex "Lyubertsy Park" is the Moscow region, the city of Lyubertsy, 8 March street, near house No. 16. The office is open without breaks and weekends from9 am to 9 pm. Managers are always ready to give you all the additional information you need, introduce you to the layout, additional information, available apartment layouts, help you choose the option you need, and, if necessary, arrange a mortgage.

How to get there?

You can get to the residential complex by public or private transport. If you decide to go by car, then the best option is to get through the Kosinskoe highway. The exit to it is located about one and a half kilometers from the residential complex. You will be able to get to the Kosinskaya flyover without traffic jams in about ten minutes.

An alternative option is to drive from the Third Transport Ring to the new buildings along Ryazansky Prospekt in about 25 minutes.

By public transport, you can get to the residential complex by a meter. Approximately two and a half kilometers from the residential complex is the station "Lermontovsky Prospekt" on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line. It is worth noting that this is one of the busiest metro lines in the capital. True, it is worth recognizing that this option is hardly suitable for new settlers, since it takes about half an hour to walk to the station, and there are no direct ground public transport flights to the metro yet.

But you can take a fixed-route taxi or bus to the station "Vykhino", located on the same line. Travel time is about 25 minutes.

Another option to get to Moscow is to use the train. One and a half kilometers from high-rise buildings is the Ukhtomskaya passenger platform. From here to Kazansky railway station youget there in just half an hour.

In the future, a new metro station "Lukhmanovskaya" of the Kozhukhovskaya line should appear in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex. It will be less than two kilometers away. The main lobby will be built at the intersection of the Lyubertsy-Veshnyaki highway with Lukhmanovskaya street.

Construction progress

The progress of construction of residential complex Lyubertsy Park

According to the general plan, the residential complex will consist of ten panel high-rise buildings, of which there are two residential blocks of variable height and eight tower houses.

In the summer of 2018, the sale of apartments only in the first building began. The deadline for the residential complex "Lyubertsy Park" is the third quarter of 2021. Mass settlement is planned for the end of 2020.


Reviews of Lyubertsy Park

The developer of the Lyubertsy Park residential complex is the PIK group of companies. This is a well-known construction holding in the country, which, by decision of the federal government, was included in the list of backbone enterprises for the domestic economy. The company is represented in ten regions of Russia. Among the most famous objects that have already been implemented by her are the Putilkovo residential complex in the Krasnogorsk district, Orange Park in Kotelniki.

The developer "Lyubertsy Park" "PIK" has been on the domestic market since 1994. He specializes in the construction of affordable housing. At the moment, the company has already put into operation about 19 million square meters of housing. Approximately 300,000 people live in these apartments.man.

Since 2007, the developer "Lyubertsy Park" "PIK" entered the stock market. The company strives to adhere to international standards in corporate governance, which in every possible way contribute to the successful development of the business. Since 2015, the group of companies has entered the market with fundamentally new products of monolithic and industrial housing construction, radically changing the formation of the internal residential environment of complex development areas.


Reviews of residents about Lyubertsy Park

The residential complex attracts many with its developed infrastructure in the district. Directly next to the new buildings are five kindergartens and four schools. However, the density of buildings around is very high, so even with such a variety, it will not be easy to find free places.

Also, a five-minute walk from the residential complex is the city hospital, nearby the house of culture with a ceramics and painting workshop, the Iskra sports complex with the stadium adjacent to it. The large shopping center "Svetofor" is about two kilometers away.

Own additional infrastructure is provided on the territory of the residential complex itself. Two kindergartens for 350 and 220 children, respectively, a secondary school for more than a thousand students, and a polyclinic for 155 visits per shift will be built here.

The first kindergarten is planned to open in the winter of 2020, the clinic should open in the third quarter of 2021, and the school should accept the first students in the fall of 2022.

Leisure and recreation center in the areashould become Natashinsky Park. On its territory there are fountains, two large ponds, moorings. In summer, you can rent catamarans and boats here, sunbathe on the beach. In addition, the park has sports and playgrounds, rides, a rope town, stables, a mini-zoo, snack bars and summer cafes.

Environmental situation

Reviews of equity holders about Lyubertsy Park

Several large industrial facilities are concentrated in Lyubertsy themselves, but they should not have much influence on the complex itself, since it is being built around a landscaped private sector and a park. New buildings will be located in the center of a residential area, away from major highways.

However, residents still have something to fear. In the immediate vicinity of the new buildings is the Kamov helicopter plant, owned by the state corporation Rostec. Modern models of helicopters are being developed here, and prototypes are constantly being tested. At the same time, the company is not engaged in mass production, so it does not pose a particular threat to the environment.


New buildings in the residential complex Lyubertsy park

Apartments currently available for sale range from 20 to 80 square meters. It is worth emphasizing that all of them are without balconies and loggias. This is the main feature of most projects from the PIK group of companies, and this residential complex is no exception.

Otherwise, the accommodation is quite comfortable. There are studios, one-, two- and three-room apartments. Prices in the residential complex "Lyubertsy Park"as affordable as possible, especially considering that they include decoration.

For example, the cost of a one-room apartment of almost 39 and a half meters will be 4.1 million rubles. A standard two-room apartment with an area of ​​about 56 and a half "squares" costs 5.2 million rubles, a three-room apartment is sold at a price of 5.7 million rubles with an area of ​​almost 65 square meters. Traditionally, the most affordable option is studio apartments. You can register the property for 27 "squares" for 3.2 million rubles.


All apartments here are sold with a fine finish according to a standard project from the developer, which is made in neutral colors. The apartments have everything you need to move in, all that remains is to get the furniture.

There are a wide variety of layouts, more than 45 options in total. At the same time, the developer decided on certain experiments, expanding the choice of "pseudo-twos" with an area of ​​37-38 square meters, which in reality are the most common "euro-ones".


Developer LCD Lyubertsy Park

All new buildings in this residential complex will be panel. For projects of such a significant scale, a common technology is used, when the hulls are assembled from concrete slabs like a designer, which significantly increases the speed of construction.

If we talk about performance, the modern panel that is used is inferior to monolithic technology in sound and heat insulation. It's too cold here in winter, you can hear everything well, ohwhat the neighbors say.

The developer rents houses with plastic windows with double-glazed windows. On the facades there are steel baskets designed for external units of air conditioners.

Architectural concept presented in a standard for the company "PIK" minimalist style. The cladding is made of ceramic tiles of different colors, the facades are of the same type. During construction, quarterly building is used, when enough space is left between the buildings for organizing a closed courtyard.

Sports and gaming complexes, recreation areas with benches, small architectural complexes and street lighting are equipped in the adjacent territories. Yards under the project will be landscaped - bushes and trees, flower beds will appear.


In the reviews of the Lyubertsy Park residential complex, equity holders who have already made a choice in favor of this developer note that there is a real opportunity to purchase decent housing at an adequate price. It is important that the project is aimed at different segments of the population, including young families with children, students, pensioners. The main advantages are the park next door and the relative accessibility of the metro.

Also, the pluses include proximity to the Moscow highway, reasonable cost, turnkey delivery of apartments.

Of the negative points, it is worth highlighting the lack of balconies and loggias, the belated construction of infrastructure, kindergartens, a school and a clinic will appear when most of the buildings have already been commissioned.

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