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LCD "Radonezhsky", Tomsk: description, infrastructure, photos and reviews

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LCD "Radonezhsky", Tomsk: description, infrastructure, photos and reviews
LCD "Radonezhsky", Tomsk: description, infrastructure, photos and reviews

LCD "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk is a fairly large residential complex, which is being built in this Siberian city in close proximity to the cultural and historical center. Many people are actively attracted here, talking about the high quality of the work performed, the developed infrastructure and affordable prices. In this article, we will figure out what the developer really offers in this residential complex, what real buyers think about it, who have already made a choice in favor of this residential complex.

Description of the residential complex

Apartments in residential complex Radonezhskiy

LCD "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk is a classic complex development, which is currently underway in this city. The microdistrict looks favorably, as it is located near the historical and cultural center of the city. For example, to Lenin Square onpublic transport or car can be reached in about a quarter of an hour, within walking distance is Lenina Avenue.

The residential complex "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk is located in a closed area. Here, the developer sought to create a unique microclimate to ensure maximum safety and comfort for residents. Near the Radonezh microdistrict in Tomsk is the embankment of the Tom River, where many go for morning or evening jogging or to enjoy leisurely walks through picturesque places.

There are a lot of green spaces on the territory of the residential complex itself, thanks to which residents have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air all year round.

Currently, a large number of houses with various layouts are being built in the Radonezh microdistrict in Tomsk. Everyone here can find the perfect accommodation for themselves. The apartments that are rented out in the Radonezh microdistrict in Tomsk belong to the comfort class. It is important that the developer provides them already with a turnkey repair, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the move.



LCD "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk is located in a closed area. This is a guarantee of peace and security of residents. All the necessary social infrastructure is on the territory of the residential complex itself.

It is planned to have its own school, sports center and sports stadium. According to the project, two kindergartens in "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk should start operating after all work is completed.

Shareholders should not worry about parking. More than five thousand parking spaces are provided for local residents - these are open parking spaces, underground parking lots, and multi-level parking garages.

How to get there?

For many who are considering the option of purchasing an apartment in the residential complex "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk, transport accessibility becomes a decisive moment. It is convenient to get to these new buildings both by personal and public transport.

The journey by car from Lenin Square will take no more than a quarter of an hour along a well-maintained urban asph alt road.

Buses and a trolleybus also go here. You can get to the new buildings by trolleybus No. 2 to the stop "School No. 28" or by buses No. 12, 12a, 5, 32.

You can find out all the details about the apartments, the conditions for their sale in the Radonezh microdistrict in Tomsk at the representative office of the developer. The apartment sales center is located on the territory of the Status business center at the address: Batenkov Square, Building 2, fifth floor. On weekdays it is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday is a day off.

Additional sales office is located at: Trudovaya street, 22. The work schedule of this unit is as follows:

  • Monday - from 12.00 to 19.00 (lunch - from 14.00 to 15.00);
  • Tuesday-Friday - from 11.00 to 19.00 (lunch - from 14.00 to 15.00);
  • Saturday - from 10.00 to 15.00 without lunch break;
  • Sunday is a day off.

Location of the neighborhood

Houses in LCD Radonezhskiy

Photos from Radonezhsky in Tomsk can attract many, the microdistrict itself is really located as comfortably as possible. This is the geographical center of the Siberian city. Lenina Avenue can be reached on foot in five minutes on a picturesque and pleasant bridge over the Kerepet River. At the same time, the residential complex is somewhat removed from the main problem areas of the city in terms of transport accessibility.

It should be borne in mind that this is only a geographical, but not a cultural and economic center of the city. Historically, this area was called "Cheremoshniki", in the city itself it has a rather negative reputation due to the large number of marginal and asocial elements living on its territory. There are many industrial enterprises around, some of which are in an abandoned state. In addition, there is a significant amount of dilapidated housing stock and a swamp nearby. As you can see, this is not a very good area.

"Radonezhsky" (Tomsk) is somewhat remote from the most disadvantaged places of old Cheremoshniki, and this is good, but the likelihood of interaction with asocial elements still remains. In reviews of "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk, potential buyers note that this is one of the main points that causes them the greatest doubts.

Material of houses

Residential complex Radonezhsky in Tomsk

"TDSK" traditionally builds panel houses, this residential complex is no exception to the rule in this respect. Residents who have already moved into new buildings note the existing pros and cons.

Obviously, the main advantage of a panel house is the speed of its construction. In addition, the houses are quite warm, which is affected by low thermal conductivity, which is achieved thanks to the company's own developments. The typical arrangement of communications and rooms greatly facilitates and simplifies repairs, the apartments themselves are rented out on a turnkey basis.

At the same time, residents remain dissatisfied with poor sound insulation, low-quality finishing materials that builders use in pursuit of cheapness, a large number of small building defects, which together turn out to be very significant. Finally, the turnkey finish from the developer itself looks dubious in terms of design, and also quickly becomes unusable.

On the territory of the residential complex, it is planned to build several monolithic-brick houses, in which the conditions and quality of work can be better. However, this will immediately affect the price.


Microdistrict ZhK Radonezhsky

When purchasing an apartment in Tomsk, everyone is concerned about environmental issues. This microdistrict is located on the site of a sleeper impregnation plant, which has been abandoned in recent years. It is known that the production of sleepers in the USSR used the harmful substance creosote, which tends to accumulate in the soil.

Given this, "TDSK" carried out land reclamation at the construction site of the residential complex, the soil from the most disadvantaged areas was massively exported. After that, an environmental review was carried out, which issued a building permit.

WhenThere are several operating industrial enterprises within a radius of several kilometers from the new buildings.

Social setting

As we have already noted, Cheremoshniki is a disadvantaged area around the residential complex, which consists of a private sector and several relatively new houses.

If everything is fine on the territory of the residential complex, then it is not recommended to go outside the complex. In addition, there are preconditions for the situation to worsen.

Tomsk House-Building Company

Developer LCD Radonezhskiy

In our time, an important point in the acquisition of housing is what company is its developer. This residential complex is being built by the city's oldest enterprise, which is called "Tomsk House Building Company". It has been leading its history since 1972, when a house-building plant was established in the city by order of the Ministry of Construction of the Soviet Union. Thus, the company is now 46 years old.

It's safe to say that "Tomsk House Building Company" is considered one of the most reliable developers. This is the largest construction holding in the Siberian Federal District, a key supplier of square meters in the market of Tomsk and the entire Tomsk region.

Currently, the Tomsk House-Building Company includes 21 enterprises, which allows the developer to function as a single technological complex. This is a group of enterprises of a full cycle, which is able to perform work of any complexity from productionconstruction materials and design of high-rise buildings before their construction, as well as maintenance of ready-made facilities and providing them with modern telecommunications.

During its existence, the Tomsk House-Building Company has built almost seven million square meters of housing. Now half of the population of modern Tomsk lives in these apartments. In addition, with her direct participation, a number of cities were actually built in the north of the region. These are Strezhevoy, Kolpashevo, Kedrovy. The company also operates in neighboring regions. For example, he builds entire microdistricts in Kemerovo and other cities of the Kemerovo region (Yurga, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Taiga), has large projects in Novosibirsk.

The main products of this modern construction holding are frame, large-panel, brick and monolithic houses with a height of five to 17 floors. The company started building comfort-class houses relatively recently - in 2017.

Currently for "TDSK" "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk is not the only residential complex that is under construction. In addition to it, the company is building the Green Hills residential complex on Architect Boldyrev Street, 5, and the South Gate residential complex at the address: Grachev Street, 1.


The company sells the housing that is being built in this residential complex so intensively that at present the developer has practically no free apartments left. Most of them can only be purchased through the owners.

In the company that builds houses, there are onlya few unoccupied apartments in "Radonezhsky" in Tomsk. For example, the area of ​​a standard one-room apartment will be almost 38 and a half square meters. Such living space will cost you 2 million 112 thousand rubles. With a one-time payment, you can count on a discount of 106 thousand rubles.

You can buy a two-room apartment here for almost three and a half million rubles. Its area is about 63 square meters. It includes a combined bathroom, a kitchen of almost 11 "squares" and two rooms of 12 and 20 square meters each.

Of course, the most attractive option for a large family is a three-room apartment in the Radonezh microdistrict in Tomsk. A living space of 63 and a half square meters costs 3 million 580 thousand rubles. As you can see, the area of ​​a three-room apartment is almost identical to a two-room apartment. The developer managed to achieve this result by reducing the area of ​​individual premises. Thanks to this, the prices for "three rubles" in this residential complex look more than affordable.

Methods of purchase

Description LCD Radonezhskiy

With a one-time payment of the entire cost of the apartment, the buyer can count on receiving a discount. If he does not have such an opportunity, do not despair, the developer has provided a large number of options that allow a family with almost any income to purchase living space here.

Part of the apartment can be paid from maternity capital or get a mortgage. The developer works with the largest banks in the region, when applying for a mortgage to the buyera five percent discount is offered.

There are several options for purchasing an apartment in installments from the developer, in which case you will not have to overpay anything. During construction, the buyer is required to make a down payment of 30 percent, and then pay the remaining amount over the next five months. If necessary, the installment plan can be extended, but in this case a pen alty of 12 percent per annum will be charged. The extension period for each object under construction is determined individually.

It is also possible to arrange an installment plan for two years, subject to the payment of 70 percent of the cost of housing. The remaining amount after the expiration of these two years will also be indexed at a rate of 12 percent.

There is also an option known as a trade-in. In this case, "TDSK" is ready to accept from the client his old apartment of any size in any district of the city. The main thing is that it should not be located in an emergency building and be in good condition. The cost of housing will be assessed by independent experts. Paying the difference between the old and new apartments in the residential complex "Radonezh", you can use installments or mortgages. "TDSK" will deal with the sale of your old housing.

Finally, there is a Mortgage Offset program for buyers. It involves the exchange of small mortgage apartments for larger housing. For example, you can exchange a one-room apartment for a two- or three-room apartment, and so on. The only condition is that thisthe program is valid only with apartments that are mortgaged by VTB or Sberbank. TDSK pays off your mortgage for you, and you arrange a new mortgage taking into account the cost of the old and new apartments and the available balance.

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