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LCD "European" (Yegoryevsk): description, infrastructure, reviews of residents

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LCD "European" (Yegoryevsk): description, infrastructure, reviews of residents
LCD "European" (Yegoryevsk): description, infrastructure, reviews of residents

The capital of Russia has always attracted a large number of people choosing their place of residence, with its opportunities, the beauty of the city and the richest infrastructure. Many seek to move here from more remote parts of the country. But not everyone can afford to buy housing in Moscow. Or they prefer to live some distance from the metropolis. For such, it would be an ideal option for the residential complex "European" in Yegoryevsk.

Yard area

A little about the city

At a distance of 89 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, 101 kilometers from the center of Moscow is the city of Yegorievsk. Its population is just over 70 thousand people, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and gives comfort to lovers of a quiet life. Living here, you can quickly get to Moscow by train, bus or your own car. Just over two hours drive. Those who wish will find a job in the city itself, in which there are a sufficient number of industrial enterprises, agricultural production.

Location of the residential complex

LCD "European" inYegoryevsk is located almost in the center of the city, in the 5th microdistrict on Karl Marx Street. Construction was carried out on the site of demolished dilapidated houses. This location provides excellent transport accessibility for residents of Evropeisky residential complex in Yegorievsk, from where they can get to the city center or any part of it in a short time. Significant transport routes stretch around the complex: Sofia Perovskaya Street, Ryazanskaya Street.

Yard view

Description of the complex

In total, the developer planned to build ten 14-storey buildings in the Evropeisky residential complex in Yegorievsk. At the moment, the promises have been fulfilled, all the houses have been put into operation. Residential buildings are brick, with a wall thickness of more than 50 cm, which provides comfortable heat in the apartments. In addition, the use of gas silicate blocks in the laying of walls, their multi-layering allows the structure to "breathe", creating a favorable microclimate. The architectural design of the buildings is new, different from earlier buildings.

house in lcd

The Evropeisky Residential Complex in Yegorievsk is equipped with its own gas boiler, which allows residents not to experience inconvenience from interruptions in heat supply. In addition, it is planned to equip the entrances with intercoms, Internet and telephone communications. Silent elevators will deliver residents to the apartments.

Complex apartments

Apartments in the residential complex "European" in Yegorievsk are planned optimally in terms of area. The developer offers a wide range of residential premises: from studio apartments to three-room apartments. The average cost of onesquare meter of housing is approximately 57,000 rubles.

All apartments are equipped with heating radiators, electrical and plumbing wiring. Windows and doors are being installed. The complex offers residential premises both with pre-finishing and without it. The latter option is well suited for those who are planning their own renovation and want to save on buying an apartment and dismantling the developer's design.

Internal infrastructure

The developer of the Evropeisky Residential Complex in Yegorievsk - "YIT" - being an innovator in construction and covering a significant territory not only in Russia, offers its projects as the most comfortable for living. This also applies to the territory of the European residential complex. Children's playgrounds and sports grounds, parking lots for residents and guests of the complex, specially equipped places for recreation, equipped with tables and benches - this is not the whole list of yard improvement facilities.

Front door

Small residents of the complex will be able to visit their own kindergarten, designed for 110 children. Their parents will buy everything they need in the store and will be able to relax in the planned cafe. In addition, some premises on the first floors of the houses are non-residential, they can accommodate additional social infrastructure facilities.

External infrastructure

As in any city in the Moscow region, Yegorievsk has no shortage of social infrastructure facilities. Residents do not experience inconvenience from the lack of schools, kindergartens, shops,restaurants and cafes. Many of them are located in close proximity, within walking distance from the LCD "European" in Yegoryevsk. "YIT VDSK" took care of its future tenants. While the construction of the complex is underway, owners of apartments in already commissioned houses will be able to use the nearest educational and commercial establishments.

Residential complex construction

Public transport stops can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot. To get to the train to Moscow, it will take a little more time, 15-20 minutes.

Complex benefits

Remoteness from the metropolis plays one of the main roles in choosing the place of residence of the city of Yegoryevsk. Compared to the metropolis, rolled up in concrete and asph alt, life in the described residential complex will take place in a better environmental situation. But with all the benefits of city life.

In addition, for those whose budget is very limited, the developer's pricing policy will help solve housing problems. And it, in comparison with the capital, is several times smaller. The policy of the developer offering apartments without repair will also save money. And those who wish will be able to order a completely fine finish of housing.

Construction progress

Reviews from tenants

LCD "European" in Yegoryevsk has collected numerous reviews on the Web. The houses have already been built, put into operation, the residents have moved in and are getting used to it. Therefore, you can already find information about the new complex.

Of course, as in any undertaking, and even more so when building such large-scaleobjects, many people are satisfied and dissatisfied with any conditions. As for this residential complex itself, when studying the available opinions, we can conclude that there are almost equal numbers of them.

The positive ones are based on the successful location of the residential complex - practically in the center of the city of Yegoryevsk. The presence of a variety of social infrastructure facilities that can be used without moving a considerable distance from the place of residence. Opportunity to enroll children in nearby kindergartens and schools, and subsequently transfer the youngest to their own built preschool.

The residents are also pleased with the opportunity to purchase comfortable housing in sufficient proximity to the capital. This fact is especially appreciated by those who are forced to make frequent trips to Moscow for work. The roads leading to Yegorievsk are not as busy as other highways at the entrance and exit from the metropolis. Therefore, travel time is not delayed by traffic jams.

Pleases the owners of housing in the complex and the offer of the developer of apartments without finishing. As any newly built multi-storey building shrinks after some time, the houses in the residential complex "European" are no exception. Therefore, with finishing, and even more high-quality and expensive, it is better to wait a couple of years until the final shrinkage of the house. So you don't have to redo everything. This allows significant savings for those planning a designer renovation.

Negative feedback is also not a small number. Previously they were associated with a slight delaydeveloper to fulfill its obligations to deliver houses. But in general, all these shortcomings have already been eliminated. Residents received the long-awaited keys to the apartments. After the houses were settled, problems with the functioning of engineering systems were identified, which were also promptly eliminated.

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