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LC "Sputnik": reviews, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos

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LC "Sputnik": reviews, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos
LC "Sputnik": reviews, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos

Reviews about the residential complex "Sputnik" in Strogino will be of interest to everyone who is going to buy property in this area. Now several high-rise skyscrapers are being built there at a high speed. The attitude towards them is very ambiguous: on the one hand, the linden grove in the immediate vicinity attracts, on the other hand, the bad ecology scares away from the nearby Moscow Ring Road. In this article, we will evaluate all the pros and cons, including based on the opinions of the residents themselves.

About the complex

New buildings in Sputnik Residential Complex

Reviews about the LCD "Sputnik" are the most controversial, so let's look at everything in order. The main thing you need to know about this complex is that it is an apartment. So the buyer must be prepared for the fact that you will live in a non-residential premises from a legal point of view. First of all, it will bring problems related topaperwork and registration.

As the company that builds the residential complex assures, this is the only disadvantage of these new buildings. Is this really so, let's figure it out, based on reviews of the residential complex "Sputnik" in Strogino.

A residential quarter is being built on the territory of the Odintsovo district, not far from the village of Razdory. The developer is the company "Bay Land". The main developer is the Samolet group of companies. It is important that in addition to the houses themselves, the master plan has all the necessary infrastructure. These are three kindergartens, a school for more than 800 students, a fitness room, a medical center.

Construction queues

Reviews of residents about LCD Sputnik

The project is divided into three phases of construction. The first two lines are planned to be commissioned in 2019, the third - at the end of 2020.

The first two stages are three houses in height, 33 floors each. Apartments for sale, in which from one to three rooms. There are three options for finishing the premises in which apartments are rented.

Almost 350 pantries are specially equipped for storing things. Three underground floors of each multi-storey tower are reserved for parking with a car wash. The first floor was originally not residential. There are rooms for wheelchairs, offices and retail facilities.

The developer provides sports grounds and play areas in the yards.


Location LCD Sputnik

The construction of the residential complex is carried out by the Samolet Development company through its daughter called"Bay Land". The firm was founded in 2012 by developer Igor Evtushevsky and lobbyist Mikhail Kenin.

The company has been developing all these years, and plans to go public in the near future. The founders note that the business philosophy is based on several key postulates. The developer plans to deal only with development, and get rid of infrastructure and social facilities as quickly as possible after they are put into operation. The residential complex "Sputnik" corresponds to this policy.

The developer can be described as fairly reliable. Behind him are the already successfully implemented projects of the Lyubertsy 2015, Lyubertsy 2016, Oktyabrsky 2016, Vnukovo 2016 residential complexes. According to the feedback from Sputnik Residential Complex shareholders, it can be concluded that they practically do not worry about the construction time, as a rule, their company withstands it. But they constantly complain about it because of the poor quality of the finish.

Transport accessibility

Apartments in Sputnik Residential Complex

Residential complex - from the west of the capital, just two kilometers from the metro station "Strogino". Opposite the new buildings is the 63rd kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. The works are being carried out in the lowland of the Picturesque Bay, which is why the smoke from the line of cars that drive along the Moscow Ring Road reaches the fifth floor.

Officially, the residential complex is located in the village of Razdory, Odintsovo district, actually across the street from Moscow.

Speaking of transport accessibility, company managers promise that the wayon foot to the metro station "Strogino" will be no more than 20-25 minutes, in fact, you have to spend about an hour on the road. Additional difficulties arose due to the huge pit dug on the Moscow Ring Road. Because of it, you have to take a roundabout way to get to the sales office, making a detour through the Rublevo Residence residential complex. Mystery shoppers in the Sputnik residential complex in Strogino complain about this in the reviews.

For motorists, the way is much easier. You can drive up to new buildings from Novorizhskoe highway or Moscow Ring Road.


Description LCD Sputnik

In fact, the residential complex will be a square made up of four 33-storey towers. Kindergartens, a school, sports grounds, a stadium will be located in the center.

The community center will presumably become the core of this development, and the space around will be based on the central square and the embankment. This building concept was developed in the Netherlands by Architekten Cie, which has already entered the Russian market. For example, she collaborated with the PIK group of companies in the construction of a residential complex in Krylatskoye.

The first floors of Sputnik were given over to commercial real estate. Presumably, there will be shops, beauty salons, bank branches.


Many customer reviews of the Sputnik residential complex emphasize that the designers approached the design of the entrances in an original way. Initially, they sought to make the entrances look like each other.friend, but they retained their own flavor.

As a result, it was decided to turn to the periodic table in order to use familiar chemical elements. They were silver, gold, copper, aluminum, nickel and cob alt, which gave the name to each of the six blocks.

In the hallways, the impressive ceiling height is five and a half meters.


2-room apartment

Customers can choose from studios, as well as one-, two- or three-room apartments. The area of ​​the smallest - 24, and the largest - 78 square meters. It is possible to combine several apartments or buy an entire floor.

The apartments, which are more than 55 square meters, have balconies. All apartments are rented with finishing, its cost is already included in the price of housing.

sputnik lcd layout

Finish options

When decorating an apartment, you should choose one of the finishing options: modern classic, minimalism or new retro.

When working, builders use ceramic tiles, laminate, double-glazed windows are installed on the windows. The apartments are equipped with secure entrance doors with three locks.

In reviews of apartments in the residential complex "Sputnik" in Strogino "everyone notes that there are enough options. Everyone will find what he likes.


Reviews of LCD Sputnik

Against the background of all the minuses of apartments, their main advantage is their low price. On average, a square meter here costs a quarter cheaper than inapartment of similar size.

Currently, you can buy housing for an amount from 2, 3 to eleven and a half million rubles. Depending on area. It should be noted that in the Myakinino Park residential complex located nearby, which is being built by the PIK group of companies, prices are on average higher by one million rubles.

The apartments also have a reverse side. They have to pay for utilities at the rates for non-residential premises, which in some cases are higher by a third.

The developer seeks to reassure buyers that the difference will be negligible. According to estimates, the overpayment for a three-room apartment will be only 760 rubles per month.

Apartments are being sold on the basis of the federal law "On Participation in Shared Construction", since none of the houses has yet been commissioned. Square meters can be mortgaged. Of those banks with which the developer cooperates, the most favorable interest rate for Russian Capital is 8.75%. There is an option to purchase apartments in interest-free installments.

Then everything goes according to the standard scheme. All the necessary package of documents is collected, a loan agreement is concluded with the bank and an agreement for the provision of services for registering an equity participation agreement.

Under each of the buildings there are storerooms and underground parking. The cost of parking spaces differs in size and distance from the elevators. For example, in family places, you can park two cars at once one after the other. The cost of a parking space starts from 700 thousand rubles. On theit can also be mortgaged.

Storage area - from one and a half to six square meters, and their cost starts from one hundred thousand rubles.


LCD Sputnik in Strogino

In customer reviews of the residential complex "Sputnik" in Strogino, special attention is paid to infrastructure. Indeed, by 2022, when all construction phases will be completed, a real small town with a population of about ten thousand people will appear here.

The residential complex was originally designed in such a way that you can get all the necessary services without going outside. At least, kindergartens, schools, shops within walking distance will be right on its territory. In addition, there are Leroy Merlin and Auchan within walking distance.

If there are not enough places for everyone in local schools or kindergartens, children will have to be transported by car. In terms of transport accessibility, there should be no problems, since there are several exits to major highways from the complex at once. These are Novorizhskoye and Myakininskoye highways, as well as the Moscow Ring Road.

"Sputnik" is actually located at the intersection of all these routes, which negatively affects the environmental situation, the level of harmful substances in the atmosphere is noticeably increased. Anticipating this, the developer has planned several recreational areas on the shore of the bay and in the linden grove.


There is a lot of anxiety in the reviews of equity holders about the residential complex "Sputnik" in Strogino. Future residents are frightened by the almost complete absence of parking lots, with the inevitablea large number of vehicles. In addition to underground parking, there are practically no other places to leave the car. Not everyone can afford it, since in some cases the cost of a parking space will be one third of the price of an apartment.

In the positive feedback from residents about the residential complex "Sputnik" it is emphasized that the plan for the reconstruction of the Myakininskoye highway, which will become 4-lane, has already been approved. In addition, the company plans to work on the improvement of the territory, which cannot but rejoice.

It is interesting to read the reviews about the residential complex "Sputnik" of the workers who are engaged in the construction of these houses. They admit that they carefully hide all emerging shortcomings and defects at the facility. For example, deviation from the norm, uneven walls, frozen concrete. Mostly low-skilled employees work, who receive small salaries and are constantly fined. Hence the low quality. In reviews of the residential complex "Sputnik", the builders themselves advise, before buying an apartment, to follow how it was built at all stages. Pay attention to who works at the facility, how long the developer himself has been on the market. Only in this case will you save yourself from trouble.

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