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CASKAD Real Estate Agency: reviews. Country real estate in the suburbs
CASKAD Real Estate Agency: reviews. Country real estate in the suburbs

Buyers of low-rise real estate in the Moscow region leave numerous reviews about "CASKAD Real Estate" - a company thanks to which their life has become not only more comfortable, but also brighter. In this market segment, more than half of sales belong to her. "CASKAD Real Estate" is a well-established leader in the metropolitan real estate market, having mastered full-cycle development, applying advanced marketing ideas and a clear sales organization, famous for highly qualified specialists capable of acting boldly, efficiently and always successfully.

House in the suburbs


The team of the company has deeply studied the market and reacts to its slightest shifts. From the target audience, "CASKAD Real Estate" receives mostly enthusiastic reviews precisely because it follows the most popular formats for creating suburban housing. On their territory, life never ceases to be vibrant: the company is distinguished by the use of hightechnologies in their work, focuses on clients, is not afraid of change, because creativity and dynamics are the main components of the existence of each member of this team.

The happy story of any client living a bright and comfortable life on their territory is the main goal that the team manages to achieve in each case. And how could it be otherwise, if the poetic muse is present even in the definition of the main mission: the team that sells suburban real estate has managed to make their work a real art. Personalities in the team are ambitious, never stopping in their development, and therefore they correspond to leadership positions in the best possible way. The greatest success comes only to those who have good goals, and making every client's life happy is the most worthwhile goal.

However, success on mere desire would not have lasted so long: the cottage settlements of the near Moscow region absorbed not only the love of the team for the profession, not only kindness to people and a desire to help them. Original and ergonomic solutions triumph here, every square meter of both internal and external space is optimized, the most advanced technologies and the highest quality materials are used here.

How to find CASCADE Real Estate in Moscow

Company postal address: 115093, Moscow, 1st Shchipkovsky lane, 5.

Using the attached map, you can calculate the route for your own car or make sure that the office location is very accessible:There is quite a lot of transport, and the Dobryninskaya metro station is not so far, within walking distance.

CASCADE Real Estate phone can be found on the official website, office hours on weekdays from 09.00 to 21.00, and on weekends from 10.00 to 19.00. Employees will be happy to answer all questions, visitors can always get the most valuable advice regarding the choice of real estate and other services. Contacts of the company "CASKAD Real Estate" are always relevant and effective.

Residential complex "Park April"

Image"April Park"

In the picturesque Aprelevka, not far from the Kyiv highway, there is a plot surrounded by forest, with an area of ​​more than 23 hectares, on which there was a place for a small island of the urban landscape - the Park April suburban complex. Here is the sale of suburban real estate. Those who wish to live in an ecologically clean natural environment and at the same time in urban comfort (just 25 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road) can purchase either cozy apartments or townhouses on two levels in nice four-story buildings.

The local developer has an impeccable reputation, he proved himself to be a reliable builder with impeccable quality of work. Materials were used only from European manufacturers. All central communications are present, the layouts are innovative, the architectural solutions are modern and interesting. On the territory, the infrastructure occupies more than 6600 square meters, which includes a school, a kindergarten and many other commercial and socialobjects.

As already mentioned, the ecology here is beautiful, and the nature is picturesque: a forest on three sides of the residential complex. Transport accessibility is also excellent, and residents of the Park Aprel residential complex who miss the bustle of the city can quickly find themselves in the center of the capital, using the highway or the railway. There are 25 townhouses in total, and 17 blocks with apartments. The entire project is being implemented in four phases, the first one will be commissioned at the end of 2019.

The company "CASKAD Real Estate" is engaged in sales. New buildings in the form of townhouses and cottages are selling like hot cakes, because many people today have a great desire to move closer to nature. This company operates cleanly, always under DDU and in accordance with Federal Law-214, mortgage programs are supported by the ten most reliable banks, including Otkritie, VTB and Sberbank, maternity capital is also widely used.

Cottage village "Saburovo Park"

Seven kilometers from Moscow, the already commissioned cottage village "Saburovo Park" is located on a plot of 18.5 hectares. Townhouses made of high-quality bricks, living areas - from 146 to 174 square meters, layouts are free, so you can independently plan the space inside, depending on your preferences. According to reviews, the most attractive thing about this proposal is that each housing is accompanied by a land plot of up to five acres, where you can place a garden, vegetable garden or do landscape design. There are also two parking spaces forcars.

The nature here is truly amazing: a very beautiful dense forest for walking, exceptionally clean air. The transport infrastructure is accessible: you can get to Moscow along the Pyatnitskoye Highway, minibuses run constantly to the metro station, located seven kilometers away. The stop is literally a hundred meters from the entrance to the cottage village. Getting to work in any district of Moscow, according to locals, is quite convenient, even if you don’t have your own car. Roads in the village are paved.

The developers probably gave part of their soul to this project, the living environment they created is so peaceful. The most modern, foreign and domestic developments were used, and therefore engineering communications meet the highest standards of today, and recreational areas are designed for both children and adults. The classical style of the architectural appearance of the village fits perfectly into the surrounding picturesque nature.

It should be noted that CASCADE Real Estate does not raise prices to exorbitant levels, they are quite consistent with the cost of a not too big three- or four-room apartment somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow. Some Muscovites buy a townhouse here as a place to relax - as a dacha, but for the most part the conditions created here were appreciated by the owners, and therefore they will live here on a permanent basis.

Domodedovo Town

Domodedovo Town

This is a very large project called "New Domodedovo", a separatethe stage of which is a cottage village seventeen kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. This is Domodedovo Town. Here is the most modern infrastructure with a high level of comfort. The wooded area nearby adds a lot of attractiveness to buyers. Kashirskoye Highway is also nearby, providing transport accessibility. All houses in the village have the highest quality engineering communications, and the energy-intensive technologies used provide, along with comfort, an economy mode. All engineering systems are under the control of a specially created management company, which means that there will be order and timely garbage disposal.

The entire village covers 12 hectares, each two-story townhouse will have a plot of one to six acres. Living areas vary in size - from 102 to 144 square meters. Low-rise buildings are equipped with elevators, apartments are sold with an area of ​​28.7 to 66.7 square meters. The plans are free. Two parking spaces are required, and guests can use guest parking. Territory with high-quality fencing, entrance with a checkpoint, a private security agency operates, which will monitor the absence of incidents and the safety of property.

Sales are handled by "CASKAD Real Estate". Promotions and discounts happen almost constantly, you can see them on the company's website, they are numerous and constantly replace each other. As a result, this living space in a beautiful picturesque and ecologically clean place will not cost more than a three-room apartment in not tooprestigious district of Moscow.

Duplexes in the village "Zelenogradsky"

22 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, if you follow the Leningrad highway, there is a guarded village, almost closely fused with Zelenograd. Duplexes have been built here - cottage-type houses for two owners, with two separate entrances. In total, two hundred of them are being built, but they are not the same, even the living area varies from 110 to 153 square meters. Inside, the layout will not differ from a separate cottage: you can install a fireplace, as in the best English houses (where duplexes come from, by the way), there are attics.

Centralized networks - and gas, and water, and electricity, and sewerage, and digital television, and high-speed Internet. But for heating, each section is calculated individually - the choice of method. The plans include the arrangement of an artificial lake and the improvement of recreation areas on it, and in winter there will be an excellent skating rink. It is also planned to build a tennis court, playgrounds, as well as sports. Well thought out landscaping. The coniferous forest nearby will also be landscaped: special paths are provided for walking and cycling.

Settlement of duplexes "Zelenogradsky"

The village is built, fenced, guarded. Finishing duplexes "turnkey", with the connection of all communications. According to reviews, the bathrooms are equipped with high-quality equipment, and wonderful furniture is installed in the kitchens. Even the adjacent territory is being improved, and paving stones have been laid on the parking spaces. Reviews about "CASCADEReal Estate" is particularly noted for this attention to detail.

Duplex 153, 7 sq.m. is on sale. m in a finished gated community near the city of Zelenograd with a turnkey finish. All communications are connected, included in the cost of home ownership. The house has high-quality kitchen furniture, 2 bathrooms are fully equipped with necessary equipment. When buying housing in the Zelenogradsky village, various discounts will be offered, CASCADE Real Estate constantly provides all such information on its own website and on the website of the village.

"Serednikovo Park" in Solnechnogorsk region

Another village of duplexes nearby - 19 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and also a kilometer from Zelenograd. Judging by the reviews, "CASKAD Real Estate" quickly sells these cottages, as many reasons contribute to this. Firstly, these are highly comfortable open-plan brick houses, communications in which are connected. Secondly, the construction is of very high quality, European building materials were used. According to reviews, the infrastructure is well thought out: sports grounds, a kindergarten, walking areas, playgrounds - everything is there.

In front of each household there is parking for 2 cars, transport accessibility is excellent. It is difficult to say what is most convenient: public transport or a private car. Both will help you quickly get to the center of the capital. It is planned to build 254 duplexes in the Serednikovo Park settlement, some with an area of ​​150 square meters, others -180. Everyone has plots of land - from three to six acres. In December 2018, the second stage of construction will be commissioned, and therefore it makes sense to hurry.

Promotions and discounts are announced in sales regularly, you need to follow this. An example of the fact that duplexes, practically no different from cottages, can be acquired much more profitably, is that near Moscow 153 square meters are offered on a plot of three acres for only 5.85 million rubles. The project is accredited by four major banks at once, so both mortgage and installment plans are possible. If you pay 50% of the cost immediately, the installment plan will be interest-free for six months. At the moment, under the promotion, you can apply for an interest-free installment plan for the whole year.

"Academy Park" on the banks of the Desna

This cottage settlement is located in a very favorable place near Moscow, ecologically clean, picturesque and calm. Pine forest favorably affects the human body in general and its attitude in particular. The conditions are simply unique: only 22 kilometers of the Kyiv highway separates this paradise from the inexhaustible energy of the capital, by bus you can get to the city in twenty minutes, and with personal transport ten minutes is enough.

Here, the townhouses are purely business class, all on two levels, and the area varies from 101 square meters to 185. Nice private courtyards for each house, landscape design. Engineering communications correspond to the class of buildings, and according to reviews, the level of comfort here is very high. Heating is individual, "smart home", Internet anddigital television - optional. A huge attractiveness factor is registration in the capital!

The infrastructure is all there, and it meets all the needs of today. These are kindergartens, and children's and sports grounds, and shopping centers, and pharmacies, and laundries. Of course, wonderful recreation areas that always stand out at the facilities of the company "KASKAD Real Estate". The forest will also be adapted for civilized walks, cycling and rollerblading. Order will be maintained by a security company, entry through a special checkpoint.

Townhouses KASKAD Park

Second stage "Cascade Park"

This residential complex happily combined all the advantages of the existing ones: the location is excellent, the environment is favorable, and it is close to the capital, and the place is calm. KASKAD Park townhouses are located 19 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. The total area is 15.3 hectares, houses were built in six varieties with an area from 97.4 square meters to 177.4. Each object is required to have its own land plot. The internal layout of the townhouses is free.

This is not only business-level real estate, the infrastructure there also meets the highest level of modern standards. Residents even outside the capital will not have to give up the gifts of civilization. A lot of various shops, a unique forest, parks and well-maintained recreation areas allow you to maintain quite familiar comfort, adding clean air and lack of fuss. Everything is provided for practicing various sports for both children and children.adults.

Right in the village there is a kindergarten and a school, own security works around the clock. Commercial facilities and social structure are present in full: a polyclinic, a center for various personal services, bank branches, and the like. Walking areas, recreation areas, and sports grounds are well thought out.

Results of Excellence

Image"Fedoskino Park"

The properties for sale in the residential complex "Alexandria Town" and "Fedoskino Park" are also worthy of the close attention from buyers that they receive. This is an absolutely expected result of the company's work, thanks to which such a format of housing as country townhouses, duplexes and cottages appeared, made according to an absolutely thought-out concept with the highest quality and at an affordable price.

Resellers "CASKAD Real Estate" offers in the form of finished townhouses. Such a purchase can have a number of advantages, due to which the demand for this type of housing is always stable: the prospects are clear, the prices are fixed, the renovation is complete. There can be no worries about the completion of construction, it has already been completed. And even a place can be chosen in any direction from the center of the capital.

Company `s logo

The service is definitely worth a separate word: it is impeccable. It is not in vain that these projects win awards and titles, the CASKAD Real Estate team has earned recognition for their selfless work, which was accompanied by an intellectual approach to both the project anddirectly to construction.

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