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What is a combine? This is a union

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What is a combine? This is a union
What is a combine? This is a union

The word combine has several meanings, but in any case it means the union of several objects based on production or some process.

Meaning and examples

What is a combine? The meaning of the word in the context of large-scale industry is the association of several enterprises with related areas of production, where the raw materials or materials of one of them serve as the basis for the production of the final product. Several factories can participate in the association.

Organizations with the common name "combine" also participate in the educational process. This is an association of several teaching or educational institutions of different levels, engaged in one process. For example, a combination of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools would be considered an educational complex.

Several small enterprises or companies can be united under the common name "combine". For example, a plant that was very common earlier was Dom Byta, which was engaged in servicing the population on various minor issues: fixing shoes, household appliances, putting rivets on clothes or repairing a broken umbrella. Small entrepreneurs worked under the auspices of the organization.

combine word meaning

Thanan industrial plant is different from a factory

A factory is a facility that manufactures a single product. For example, a tire factory receives semi-finished products - raw materials from which an intermediate product is made - rubber. Subsequently, the rubber mixture is sent to the tire production line. The final of the entire technological chain will be tires for various purposes. That is, the plant is an organization of an incomplete cycle, since raw materials are not produced at the enterprise and only one type of product is produced, the rest can be secondary.

Combine is a synthesis of several industries. For example, a metallurgical plant can combine a steel-smelting furnace, several blast furnaces, as well as a complex for the production of steel sheets, wire, pipes, i.e. have a rolling mill. Additional production may be coke production, which provides the plant with fuel.

combine word meaning

Study associations

In the modern educational process, interschool combines are a voluntary association, the purpose of which is additional vocational training for high school students.

Earlier, the educational system included a training and production plant. This is a place where children before graduation could learn a practical speci alty - sewing, driving a car. Classes took about four hours a week during the senior years of high school. To date, the CPC system has been preserved in Belarus.

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