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Project "Biplane Life": feedback on the work on the Internet

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Project "Biplane Life": feedback on the work on the Internet
Project "Biplane Life": feedback on the work on the Internet

More and more people are looking for additional sources of income for themselves, as well as the main jobs on the Internet. Fortunately, the Internet is replete with offers of cooperation, money-making programs, network marketing. The article will focus on the Internet project "Biplane Life". Find out what the creators themselves say about their development. We will also get acquainted with the feedback from employees about Biplan Life.

What is it?

The creators of the project decipher the name "Biplane" as "plan B (bi)", i.e. the second, another plan for making money. Another name can be understood as a "Business PLAN" for start-up entrepreneurs.

The founder of the project is an individual entrepreneur Avriskina Olga Yurievna. The statistics of the project indicate that it has been operating for 18 years, has about 5 thousand partners, and the monthly turnover is more than 20 million rubles.

The essence of the Biplane Life project isthat the employee is provided with an online position for the director of sales and for attracting potential clients and partners. "Biplane" is actually a system that allows you to create and expand your network of clients.

In reviews of the Biplan Life project, it often sounds that when you first visit the page of the official website, it is difficult to understand what you have to do. It is clear that this is a sale, but a sale of what?

To understand, you need to study the site itself. Biplan's partner is Oriflame Cosmetics. This means that after registering on the site, the employee is in fact an online distributor of Oriflame cosmetics. Responsibilities also include attracting new partners.

"Oriflame", as many people know, is a bright and popular representative of network marketing.

Image"Biplane Life": reviews

What is this?

Network marketing is taboo for many. It is considered one of the types of fraud and luring money. But if you look at it, then this is one of the types of business whose reputation has suffered from unscrupulous "businessmen".

Network marketing is the sale of goods and services by creating a network of distributors who sell goods and services, as well as attract new partners.

Network marketing works on the basis of a pyramid. Income depends on attracted partners. The more partners, the better they work, the more earnings.

Pros of Network Marketing

The advantages of network marketing can beattributed to:

  • Such a business survives the crisis better than other types. In addition, during the crisis, network marketing only develops more. People are starting to look for other and additional types of income.
  • Schedule, degree of employment, growth rate, the distributor determines for himself. No strict subordination.
  • Successful workers are encouraged. After all, the more the employee earned, the more money the company received. The atmosphere in the company is usually friendly and motivated.
  • Starting your own network marketing business is much easier.
Project "Biplane Life": reviews

Negative side

All the negative reviews about network marketing are united by common aspects:

  • Forcing new employees to spend money on training, seminars, products, samples, etc.
  • Network marketing is a pyramid scheme. Here you need to know the main difference between the pyramid and network marketing. A financial pyramid is an increase in dividends by raising funds, network marketing is the sale of goods and services. The form is similar, but the content is different. Financial pyramid - raising money, network marketing - selling a certain product.
  • Increase in income not by selling goods, but by attracting partners.


Oriflame is a Swedish manufacturer of cosmetic products founded in 1967. Today it is represented in more than 60 countries by three million consultants. Annual turnoveris over 1 billion euros. The assortment is represented by more than one thousand items of products, which are produced at our own factories in Russia, China, Poland, India and Sweden.

What do people say in their feedback about working at Oriflame Cosmetics:

  1. Oriflame is not a scam. Of course, you need to be attentive to the partners and mentors of the company. There are scammers among them who profit from the name of a well-known brand.
  2. Working at Oriflame is a business, and income depends only on the person himself and on his abilities.
  3. The company aims to attract new consultants and clients, as the income of the company itself depends on this.
  4. Registration is paid, costs 149 rubles. This money can be returned if you order products for 100 points within 3 weeks.
Image"Biplane Life": feedback on the work

Working principles

The organizers refer to the principles of the Biplan Life project as follows:

  1. No financial risk.
  2. No investment required. You can buy goods only for yourself.
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Constant assistance in the work before the results and after. At first, an already created network of clients is given, which the organizers help the newcomer to increase.
  5. The reality of income, the promise of ever-increasing income: 1-3 months income $100, 3-6 months income from $200, 6-12 months - from $500, 12-18 months - from $1000dollars.

According to reviews of "Biplane Life", the picture is not so rosy. Here's what the people who worked on the project say:

  • This kind of income is almost impossible to earn or you will have to work very hard.
  • Network Marketing is not for everyone. It requires certain abilities: the ability to establish contacts with people, inspire trust, knowledge of the sales process, ability to work, sociability.
  • When buying only for yourself, it is impossible to earn something, since the income comes from a certain amount that few people spend on cosmetics per month.
  • Help is indeed provided, free training is provided.
Image"Biplane Life": reviews on the Internet

Getting Started

The first thing to do is to register on the Biplan Life website by filling out an application for participation in the project. Application includes the following information:

  • Last name, first name, middle name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Passport details.
  • Location.
  • Contact details.
  • Purpose of registration.
  • Agree to registration terms and Privacy Policy.

What is interesting - you should read the agreement with the terms of registration. It states that the person who registers on the site is called not a director, but a consultant. A registration fee will be added to the first order for a beginner. And also, if no order is made during the period of validity of the four catalogs, the registration will be canceled. Of course, this is not against company rules."Oriflame", but slightly does not correspond to the information indicated on the Biplan Life website.

Next, the project representatives contact the employee and provide all information about the work for free, as well as free training with the help of videos and presentations. During training, the organizers create a specific branch of clients and establish a turnover for a new employee. You can refuse to work at any time without consequences.

Image"Biplane Life": feedback from employees

The essence of the work

The main components of the work in the Biplane Life project are:

  1. Work entirely online. Hours of operation and the number of required hours are not set. Work at any convenient time. No purchase required. It is necessary to create a separate page in any social network and invite potential customers to it, to whom messages are written in the form established by the company.
  2. Free education. All necessary video tutorials, invitations to online conferences and online meetings are sent to the employee.
  3. Using discounted beauty products.

Reviews of Biplan Life employees say that it is possible to make money on the project, but you need to devote enough time to work. In fact, every day you need to “go” to work, that is, spend 8 hours or more per day. It is impossible to make money only on sales, the main thing is to attract partners.

Job Benefits

What can be obtained by working in the Biplane Life project andOriflame? This is of interest to many. Here's what people say in their feedback about working on the Internet at Biplan Life:

  • Discount on all products up to 20%.
  • It is possible to participate in promotions and sales.
  • Own business.
  • Income from 3% to 22% from the sale of goods.
  • Salary every three weeks on bank cards.
  • Incentives and bonuses from $100.
  • Career growth.
  • Travel around the world.
  • A large selection of products that allows the development of "Biplane Life". Photos and descriptions of all cosmetics are provided.
Project "Biplane Life"


Biplan Life hosts truly luxurious employee conferences several times a year as an incentive:

  • In 2016 conferences were held in two countries, in Sochi and Cyprus. Gold directors took part.
  • In 2017, the anniversary golden conference was held on luxury cruise ships. The cruise went through 2 continents, 3 countries (Italy, Greece, Turkey).
  • Also, in October 2017, a management conference was held in Bulgaria.

Positive feedback

All positive feedback about "Biplan Life":

  • Work depends only on the presence of the Internet. You can work from anywhere, anytime, plan your day on your own.
  • The first network of clients is built by the project itself for new employees. In most network programs this doesthe worker himself.
  • Real income. But keep in mind that high earnings depend more on attracted people than on sales.
  • Below the level of the director, salaries are very small, so career growth is important.
  • The company always pays all earned money on time.
  • Free education.
  • Interesting work with people with non-trivial tasks.
  • Legal work activity.
  • "Biplan" cooperates with the company "Oriflame", which has long established itself in the cosmetics market in many countries of the world.
  • High quality company products.
  • Loyal, adequate and friendly management, which also motivates. All disagreements are discussed.
  • An open team that is always ready to help newcomers climb the career ladder.
The essence of the project "Biplane Life"

Negative reviews

Reviews about the work in "Biplane Life" are mostly positive. However, there are also negative points. Negative feedback about the Biplane Life project includes:

  • You need to work hard, be able to communicate and inspire trust - this is the only way to earn the promised amounts. No passive income. You need to send more than 500 messages a day, constantly talk on the phone, be prepared that not everyone adequately responds to offers.
  • It takes years and the ability to run a business to earn high wages.
  • Unable to leave feedback about the company on the site.
  • Company"Oriflame" has become obsolete. In every city there are many representatives of cosmetic companies, like Oriflame, and many others.
  • You can make money in network marketing only by being at the origins of creation.

In closing

What, according to real reviews, "Biplane Life"? In fact, this is a mentor and representative in the Oriflame company who will train you, give you the first clients, and help you promote you as a distributor.

Are they scammers? No, not scammers. This is evidenced by many positive reviews about Biplan Life. You can earn money here. But in order to receive the income indicated on the site, you need to work hard, invest your strength, learn sales and the rules of communication. You need to be stress-resistant, because many people are already tired of offers of cooperation in Oriflame. It is not necessary to count on passive income or high incomes by devoting 2-3 hours a day to work.

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