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Working as a re altor: reviews, training, salary
Working as a re altor: reviews, training, salary

The profession of a re altor has its own specifics. According to statistics, out of every ten who started training, after 3 months there will be no more than five people. Six months later - only three. And only one in three will be able to earn more than the average salary. But on the other hand, the income will allow him to acquire his own housing in the future.

The Internet and SMS are full of ads like "Get a valuable profession and start earning $ 2,000 per month" or "Earn yourself an apartment in 2 years." Let's try to figure out how true such reviews about working as a re altor are.

What's alarming?

Training re altors from scratch is offered free of charge, which always impresses the consumer. Its term is indicated as equal to one and a half to two weeks - somehow undignified for the formation of a specialist with such a decent future income. For comparison, they study at a university for 5 years to become a lawyer. If you enter a serious law university on a paid basis, then the amount spent for everythingtraining time will not be less than 1,000,000 rubles. Then a certified lawyer will be able to receive an average salary of 40-50 thousand rubles.

A simple arithmetic calculation allows you to establish that the money invested in training will pay off no earlier than two or two and a half years of hard work. Only then can we talk about net income. To earn monthly from 2000 dollars, the lawyer will have to work hard. Why does a pass to the profession of a re altor seem so relatively affordable? Let's try to figure it out.

How to become a real estate professional?

What exactly needs to be done to take place in this profession? How to become a re altor? First of all - get a job in one of the promising real estate companies (having successfully passed an interview in it). Maximum honesty and openness is recommended. Do not try to mislead future employers about past success and current professional qualities. Such a deception will sooner or later be discovered.

Each agency trains its employees differently. How do you know if a particular technique is successful? Pay attention to the statistics: a company that has existed for more than a year and has trained a serious number of specialists will most likely offer you really up-to-date information.

Often, training is carried out simultaneously with work, that is, the theoretical knowledge gained is immediately applied in practice. The main difficulty here is to learn how to present the acquired legal information, etc., in an accessible language for clients. In fact, agent training,selling real estate continues uninterrupted throughout his career. Of course, most of the techniques and technologies can be found in magazines and the Internet. But without practical development of them in real transactions with clients, it is better not to dream of success.

how to become a re altor

Getting Started…

The first shock for a novice re altor, as a rule, is a "sudden" discovery - he is not the only one here. A lot of people work in the endless field of real estate sales services, and all of them are competitors. Why is this profession so attractive?

The "golden" time for real estate agents was 2007-2008. At that time, housing was growing rapidly in price, a mortgage loan from a bank could be obtained without problems, the services of a re altor were valued, and there was a strong opinion about the easy and quick earnings of a representative of this profession. Many of those who did not find themselves in other fields of activity came to it.

But with the onset of the crisis of 2008-2009, prices fell sharply, it became much more difficult to find buyers and, as a result, there was an outflow of personnel from the profession. Reviews about the work of a re altor have acquired a negative connotation. However, experts believe that even today a capable agent can earn more than representatives of a number of other professions.

The problem of most people who came to this field is that, dreaming of serious earnings, people are not really ready to invest their own time and energy in adequate proportions. And without such investments, it is impossible to reach a level of serious income and stay on it.out.

Where do re altors come from?

This profession is not one of those that are prepared from childhood. Few people spend years thinking about how to become a re altor. So far, almost everyone who got here is random people. Among the successful agents are former representatives of various industries and speci alties. Someone was pushed to this life circumstances. Others were interested in the very process of working as a real estate specialist. At least 20% of current professional agents were initially motivated by the desire to solve their own housing issues.

When the market economy was in its infancy (in the early nineties), each of the real estate agents was a pioneer by definition. There were not so many reviews about the work of a re altor. The subtleties of the profession were comprehended exclusively by experience. In the same way, it came to understand how this job is right for you.

Today, the real estate market is more civilized and predictable, but the dropout rate is not decreasing. Why do so many fail to do this job? You can understand this by understanding the essence of the profession and identifying the main mistakes that most beginners make.

On the problems of novice agents

We are not going to talk about obvious irresponsibility, unprofessionalism or unnecessarily low communication skills now - with these qualities, success cannot be achieved anywhere. According to experts, the main mistake of beginners can be called the lack of desire to "dig" - to understand the most important basics of the re altor's profession. A significant part of agents are poorly aware thattheir most important commodity is personal time.

A person who hires a re altor instructs him to solve a specific problem that requires certain time and energy costs. The success of the first meeting with a client depends on a well-structured conversation. An agent who takes an aggressive and hostile position "First we sign a contract, then we start working" usually remains alone.

As experienced and successful professionals testify, you have to spend time not only on the direct services of a re altor. Housing transactions for the majority of the population involve many personal circumstances, sometimes quite dramatic. The agent is obliged to temporarily turn into a trustee and adviser to his own client. People on a subconscious level expect not only formal transaction support, but also emotional support. Customer reviews of re altors are often largely "tied" to the so-called human factor.

re altor services

What matters

Thus, a professional re altor is obliged to combine a considerable number of skills and abilities - knowledge of the market, the subtleties of legislation, the ability to promote the interests of clients in the necessary instances, the ability to quickly collect and execute the necessary documents. At the same time, such an agent is a good psychologist, ready to listen to complaints, for example, about the unfair division of real estate, etc. Smart and far-sighted re altors will never refuse a client a half-hour telephone conversation with words of consolation, even if it is not at the right time. For those who are categorically not ready to spend theirtime in a similar way, it is unlikely that you will be able to become a true professional in your field. In any case, he will not see valuable recommendations from clients.

Don't confuse such customer focus with basic spinelessness. Soft-bodied and indecisive, following the lead of others, there is nothing to do in this profession. From all sides, the agent is tested - distrust, anxiety, sometimes direct aggression. People trying to make a real estate transaction are often seized with anxiety, sometimes without real grounds. The task of a professional re altor in this case is to show confidence and sometimes toughness, reassure the owners and take on the role of leader.

How disappointed in the profession

Work can sometimes seem deceptively simple. The situation with the real estate market is changing on the go. At times, sales can be obtained easily, and a person mistakenly believes that this work is almost "free". At the same time, reviews about working as a re altor are the most enthusiastic. But with the change of the situation, the toughening of competition in the agent market, it turns out that the majority are not able to cope with the new rules of the game. After the crisis, the struggle is for each client. They run after them, they are persuaded, sometimes even inappropriate behavior is tolerated.

Another reason why relationships with the real estate profession do not add up can be considered a lack of patience. Not everyone is able to wait for the declared income. The remuneration of a re altor of a large agency, as a rule, ranges from 15 to 40% of the commission that is paid by the client. Minimum Interestgiven to newcomers. Among other things, due to lack of experience, they are unable to make a large number of transactions, respectively, the level of income remains low.

In most agencies there is no fixed salary - re altors work exclusively for interest. Somewhere there is a fixed salary, but it is quite a ridiculous amount. The first deal can rightly be called the most difficult. A person is overwhelmed with information and his own emotions. Experience is non-existent. The company will pay a re altor without experience a minimum remuneration - 10-15% of the income brought. Thus, the first three or four months of hard work, by definition, turn out to be "barren", which is very annoying for new re altors.

Be patient…

According to experts, the average time to the first transaction (we are talking about the secondary market) is 3-6 months. At the same time, people are usually determined with their preferences (whether the chosen profession is suitable or not) in half a year or a year. In this area, the main indicators of success are the number of transactions and, accordingly, the re altor's earnings in monetary terms.

Experienced agents say that in sales of the same secondary real estate it is possible, "untwisted", to carry out from 2 to 3 transactions every month. Of these, at least one will turn out to be complex (the agent leads it from the very beginning until the conclusion of the contract), in other transactions his role is escort. If such a specialist works for himself, he has a chance to earn about 150 thousand rubles a month. As an employee of the agency, he will receive incomesignificantly smaller.

According to professionals, those professionals who are capable of conducting difficult, sometimes conflicting negotiations have the biggest earnings. The most successful agents are able to earn from 200 to 250 thousand rubles a month (on average), but such accomplished professionals in the general mass - no more than 5-7%.

Russian re altors

What to be prepared for

Re altors, as has long been known to feed the legs. Indeed, for the sale of any object you have to run a lot. First, an ad is given, then a buyer is sought, numerous viewings are carried out (most of which lead to nothing). And only when the deal is prepared, a new stage begins - running around the authorities.

"Turning on the legs" to the fullest, you can earn good money. The amount of commission charged from the client depends on the level of complexity of the sale of the object put up for it. If the requirement of the seller-owner is to sell the apartment in a short time, and the object is also not among the liquid ones, the agent has the right to request a larger reward.

The re altor's percentage is also influenced by the degree of his involvement in a particular transaction - whether he conducts it from the beginning to completion, or simply brings a new client to the agency. The more brokers "invest" in the process, the higher they earn.

The sales plans set by the authorities for their employees cannot always be translated into reality. Compared to a re altor of a real estate agency, a private broker is able to earn an order of magnitude.more - because he does not have to share with the employer. But for real success, such a lone agent cannot do without a huge client base. It also helps to have your own people in the same agencies that can become suppliers of profitable orders.

Who has more luck?

"Gold" re altors are those who are engaged in the sale of luxury housing. Their commission percentage is usually higher, and the re altor's "cost" can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. But if business-class real estate is considered a "gold mine", among the least profitable segment is the economy-class residential rental segment. Such work is usually entrusted to beginners. The transactions here are relatively simple, it is difficult to make mistakes, there are few serious papers to sign. But this work requires a lot of personal time, impressions and running around.

Each of the real estate segments has its own sales specifics. For example, out-of-town objects are considered the most profitable among real estate brokers. But at the same time, selling such an object is a rather laborious task. A client who is going to buy a home in a cottage village is usually very picky. Most often, people save up for years to buy a house in the countryside. They approach the transaction responsibly and very carefully, unlike those who, for example, sell a city apartment inherited from their grandfather. In addition, cottages are more expensive than apartments, and people are subconsciously more difficult to part with large sums. They trade confidently and require an individual approach.Sometimes only an experienced sales manager can get along with such a client.

Where can I get a job

Where exactly can a real estate agent work? As mentioned above, in addition to private practice, they may be employees of real estate agencies. In addition, representatives of this profession can be found in an investment company or any organization whose activities are related to real estate transactions.

Russian guild of re altors

Let's list the main responsibilities of re altors:

  1. Collect information about real estate for sale or for rent.
  2. Study the housing market, find out the demand for specific categories.
  3. Agree on behalf of clients on the purchase, sale or lease of real estate.
  4. Monitor sites that can post ads about such deals.
  5. Register opportunities from potential customers.
  6. Search for buyers for specific properties.
  7. Similarly, select tenants for certain objects.
  8. To introduce customers to the bank of offers with the selection of the most suitable and profitable options for them.
  9. Conclude agreements with homeowners and process transactions for all real estate transactions.
  10. Advise your clients on all possible issues during the process.
  11. Protect the interests of clients, store documents transferred for the transaction, ensure the confidentiality of data and their complete safety.
  12. Create reports on allwork done.

Let's talk about the benefits of the profession

First of all, it is in a free work schedule. The re altor can work after lunch or in the evenings. After all, most meetings with clients are scheduled for a time after 17-18 hours. Often for this reason, young mothers on maternity leave come into the profession. Thanks to the free schedule, they manage to plan the day taking into account the needs of both family and work.

Another definite plus is the absence of a "ceiling" of the salary that the employer assigns to you. After all, any boss can find the right argument and not pay you your legitimate money. Here you are your own boss and your income is in direct proportion to the number of transactions.

For private entrepreneurs, re altors, it is important to be able to rent space for their own office not far from home. In addition, many cite the emergence of a wide circle of communication, new acquaintances and contacts as an advantage. There are no age restrictions in this profession. Even a pensioner will be able to earn in this area if he is energetic and literate enough.

Work implies a constant growth of professionalism in the chosen field, that is, the agent has something to strive for and where to develop. There are all kinds of advanced training courses, and the experience gained is almost invaluable. A specialist in almost any field can be retrained as a re altor.

real estate agent no experience

What are the disadvantages?

First of all - the absence of a fixed salary. Another big minussignificant difficulties in finding clients. Sometimes it takes a really big effort to do so. Also, as already mentioned, the lack of quick earnings, especially in the first months of work. Often a re altor complains about the negative attitude of clients who suspect him of deceit and selfish intentions. Many are annoyed by the lack of an entry in the work book.

The main thing to strive for is to overcome the first most difficult six months in this profession. Over time, the contact database is growing, the number of customers is increasing, and transactions are sometimes beginning to "come into hands" by themselves.

Where to find re altor courses for free

Where do they train to be re altors? Sales professionals need theoretical training. What are the educational requirements for them? It is possible to get this profession at a university, but not everyone can afford a higher education. There are a number of reasons for this, mainly due to lack of time or money. In addition, the university diploma itself (as well as other qualification documents of a re altor) in this case is not the main thing. For the private practice of an agent, it is practically not useful. The same applies to college education.

A good option could be distance learning at the same college, technical school or university. As a result of it, you get a diploma, while saving a significant amount of time and money.

An alternative option is to take re altor courses for free with the selected agency. As already mentioned, most of them independently organizesimilar training. Successful candidates are employed by themselves.

Another possibility is to sign up for courses or participate in trainings and seminars conducted by companies and corporations whose field of activity is real estate transactions. Most often, teachers of such seminars are professionals in their field who have already achieved some success in this area. The courses are conducted by them with the aim of training newcomers and at the same time improving the skills of their own employees.

profession re altor

Most of these seminars and trainings are paid, giving the results of passing a certificate of acquired qualifications. Mastering the profession is also possible in the training center, where you will be issued a certificate of assignment to the profession of a re altor or real estate agent.

Let's repeat - the main thing in the work of a specialist in this field is not the prestige of "crusts", but real success in practical activities, which allows us to talk about the employee as a true professional in his field.

What is required of an agent first of all

What skills and professional qualities should a successful re altor have? A real estate agent is a versatile person. He combines the professions of a lawyer (he solves a lot of legal issues that arise in connection with the competent execution of documents for transactions), an economist (understands the relationship between supply and demand in the housing market, predicts the rate of growth in housing prices), a psychologist (finds a common language with clients oriented to the needs of specific people,knows how to convince and defend his own positions), an advertiser (knows how to sell the right object to a specific buyer, composes exclusive ads, understands the types of advertising in accordance with the audience).

Additional, but quite important skills include skills in handling modern computer programs, as well as with office equipment (scanner, fax, printer), also knowledge of a foreign language or two, and the status of a car enthusiast, coupled with the presence of a car.

Who is this profession for?

What about the personal qualities required of a real estate agent? As in any work, it is primarily about organization and responsibility, purposefulness and the ability to quickly resolve emerging issues. In addition, a good upbringing, communication skills and high stress resistance are extremely important for a re altor. Perseverance is also an essential quality, the main thing is not to go too far. In addition, this profession implies a certain degree of creativity - after all, sometimes only a creative approach helps to solve professional problems.

novice re altor

What about a career in this profession? Career growth here is a direct consequence of ambitions and aspirations. There are no promotions as such. Rather, we can talk about a "horizontal" career associated with personal, professional, financial growth and the development of a reputation in the relevant circles.

What is the Russian Guild of Re altors?

Established in 1992a national organization that brings together real estate market professionals. It was named the Russian Guild of Re altors. It included about 1200 companies. The RGR calls its main task the development of the real estate market in our country in a civilized form. All its members are required to follow a code of ethics and professional standards in their own activities.

The tasks of the RGR include the development of legislative acts, the content of which is the regulation of the real estate market. Its members - agents and brokers - are on the lists of the Federal Register of certified real estate specialists RGR. This registry brings together the entire set of certified companies, as well as certified brokers and private re altors in Russia with their contact details and offer base.

On the official website of the RGR, in addition to information about the proposed property with impressions on the map, you can find analytical materials and a lot of useful information.

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