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"Biocad": employee reviews, working conditions, manufactured products, quality, purpose, founders of the company and date of creation

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"Biocad": employee reviews, working conditions, manufactured products, quality, purpose, founders of the company and date of creation
"Biocad": employee reviews, working conditions, manufactured products, quality, purpose, founders of the company and date of creation

Good he alth is the key to a happy life. Ensuring satisfactory well-being today is quite difficult due to poor ecology, not always the right lifestyle, as well as serious illnesses (hepatitis, HIV, viral, infectious diseases, etc.). The solution to this problem is highly effective and safe preparations that allow prolonging the existence of a person and ensuring a decent standard of living. Biocad - is a domestic leader in the development and production of vital medicines, which is rapidly developing thanks to innovative technologies, highly qualified personnel and far-sighted plans for the future.

History of occurrence

This international enterprise combines a research and development center, state-of-the-art biotechnology and pharmaceutical production,studies of different levels (preclinical and clinical), which meet the existing standards of the present. The organization is engaged in the development of medicines, and this process includes all stages of the creation of medicines and analogues: from a molecule to a finished drug. This format of work is inherent only in a few enterprises in the world, and Biocad is one of them. Further, drugs are launched into mass production and become available to patients. At the same time, the plant does not sell them, but has a service that provides information on where the pharmacy can buy the necessary pills (if you have a doctor's prescription).

Currently, Biocad's offices are located in a number of countries: China, USA, Brazil, India, Finland and other countries. The total number of employees working in the branches is 1,700, of which about 700 are engaged in science and research. This organization was founded in 2001. It was then that the construction of the first pharmaceutical plant began. Later, the Center for Engineering Immunology was established (2003). This research site has transformed the company into a full-cycle enterprise: from the search for a molecule to the manufacture of a product. In 2005, the first original medicinal product of the enterprise for the treatment of urogenital infections was created - suppositories "Genferon". From that moment on, development did not stop at Biocad. Feedback from employees in St. Petersburg and Moscow indicates that the organization is constantly working on new projects.Dozens of new medicines have been brought to the market for consumers as a result.

During the existence of the company, Gazprombank and Millhouse became its owners. To date, Biocad Holding (Cyprus) remains the parent company of the organization, and the founders are Valery Egorov, the owner of 50% of the shares, the founder and CEO of the enterprise Dmitry Morozov and Pharmstandard PJSC (20%).

"Biocad" has 4 working sites: a production complex in the village. Petrovo-Far and research center in the village. Lyubuchany in the Moscow region, another similar laboratory and pharmaceutical complex in the village. Strelna, St. Petersburg.

In 2017, the plant became the leader in the supply of drugs against malignant tumors to Moscow. The key to the organization's success lies in the use of advanced technologies, state-of-the-art technical base and qualified personnel. Reviews about the company "Biocad" indicate that it produces high quality drugs. That is why back in 2014 the company received the national industrial award "Industry", which indicates the recognition of the efficiency of the enterprise at the state level.

biocad moscow employee reviews

Company products

Drugs developed by pharmacists are a direct response to serious common diseases of the 21st century: cancer, HIV, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis… In addition, the company is engaged in the production of generics (analoguesforeign medicines) and manufactures substances for various drugs. All Biocad products, according to employees in St. Petersburg and Moscow, can be tested for safety and quality in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, international standards and the policy of the company itself, because the main priority of the organization is to extend and improve the quality of life of patients.

The factory's drug portfolio includes about 40 products (and more than 40 projects aimed at finding drugs against hepatitis C and cancer are under development). Most of the medicines produced by the company on the Russian market today occupy a leading position.

Company products

Cancer drugs

This disease is quite common today. As you know, a malignant tumor can occur in any human organ. And patients turn to doctors for help at different stages of the disease. The outcome of treatment depends on when the patient informed the doctor about the ailment, what examination results he had at the time of treatment, and how correct the prescribed therapy was.

Biocad's drugs, according to patients, are quite well-known for consumers who have cancer, because it is this company that produces domestic analogues of the necessary medicines, which are based on monoclonal antibodies. The manufacturer's spectrum includes about 20 medicines that can be ordered to patients for the treatment of malignant tumors. Some ofmedicines are allocated to the "Course for recovery" group. This list includes: Leucostim, Trastuzumab, Bevacizumab, Taxacad. They help in the prevention and treatment of neutropenia, cancer of the colon, ovaries, kidney, peritoneum, lung. All these drugs are prescribed in the complex of therapy according to the doctor's indications.

The most demanded of this group is "Biocad" - "Trastuzumab". According to doctors, this drug is widely used today in the treatment of tumors of different locations and levels. Today, it is number one in the complex of therapy for breast cancer, stomach cancer with HER2 overexpression.

Besides this, the company produces other drugs and biosimilars. They are also used in the treatment of the aforementioned cancers, as well as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, Wegener's granulomatosis, microscopic polyangiitis, bone metastases, head and neck cancer, bladder cancer, and produced inhibitors (substances that suppress the course of physiological processes) prevent the development of the disease. "Avegra" - "Biocad", according to medical specialists, is often included in the course of therapy for malignant tumors, since, compared with drugs in this group, it has a wide range of indications (colorectal cancer, breast, ovarian, cervical cancer, kidney, lung, glioblastoma).

All these medicines are dispensed in pharmacies by prescription only. They can be ordereddirectly on the company's website online, indicating the pharmacy department where it is convenient to purchase the medication. The enterprise itself does not carry out any sales, it ensures the delivery of the drug from the place of production to the point of sale. It must be remembered that the sooner treatment begins, the higher its effectiveness will be.

biocad biotechnology company employee reviews

Immune booster pills

One of the directions of the company "Biocad" is the production of tablets aimed at the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Interferon beta-1b, the company's product that is used for multiple sclerosis. Its main substance is recombinant interferon, which has an immunomodulatory effect, which contributes to the active struggle of the human body with various viruses. After its use in patients, the development of the disease slows down and the number of relapses decreases. Also, Teberif is used to treat multiple sclerosis. It is similar to the above.

This group also includes biosimilars based on monoclonal bodies. In this group of medications "Biocad" - "Infliximab", according to the opinions of workers in the medical industry, has a wide range of directed actions. It is prescribed for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, Crohn's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, ulcerative colitis and others. And a number of projects in this direction are currently under development.

Fight against viruses and infections

Diseases of this origin causevarious microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, therefore, diseases of this type are divided into groups:

  • viral (influenza, rubella, hepatitis, HIV);
  • bacterial (salmonellosis, disinteria, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections);
  • fungal (aspergillosis, candidiasis);
  • parasitic (malaria, toxoplasmosis) and others.

The company "Biocad" is a manufacturer of drugs that are included in the complex of therapy against chronic viral hepatitis B and C ("Tenofovir", "Algeron"), HIV infection ("Emtricitabine", "Zilacomb"), urogenital infections and respiratory diseases ("Genferon", "Genferon light suppositories" (nasal spray, nasal drops), fungal infections ("Optiginal").

The company is actively developing and registering new drugs for the treatment of HIV infection. Considering that therapy in case of infection must be taken for life, the main requirements for these medicines are safety and effectiveness.

biocad pharmaceutical company

Scientific research

All work on the production of drugs is carried out in existing laboratories. The company has three of them:

  • innovation cluster "Lyubuchany" (Moscow region);
  • innovation cluster "Neudorf" (St. Petersburg);
  • Innovation cluster "Front" (St. Petersburg).

As evidenced by the reviewsemployees, "Biocad" is equipped with high-tech ultra-modern equipment, which makes it possible to make all stages of production productive. This process is based on computer simulation methods, which are used to search for a molecule, change its parameters and then reproduce it in the laboratory.

Currently, the company is working on two large-scale projects, the essence of which is the production of medicines based on monoclonal antibodies (produced by immune cells) and work on low-molecular compounds in order to obtain drugs of a chemical nature. All these studies cover the full development cycle: from the molecule to testing. This process is supported by more than 400 researchers - specialists in the field of chemistry, genetics, bioengineering and others. Many of them do not stop at the achieved level of professionalism, they are engaged in self-education, conduct research, publish scientific publications that reflect the problems of creating medicines aimed at combating common diseases.

High-tech equipment, scale of production, opportunities for the implementation of scientific discoveries - all this accumulates in this pharmaceutical enterprise, the feedback from employees about the company "Biocad" testifies.

Workforce is the we alth of an enterprise

The staff of the organization is quite large (more than 1500 people). Of this number, about 700 are high-level specialists. Many of them are published in publications, are members of specializedassociations. Some have an MBA degree and participate in seminars and international conferences. This is direct evidence of the high level of specialists working in the company.

Since its inception, "Biocad", according to the feedback of employees in St. Petersburg and Moscow, carefully selects labor personnel. The company's management clearly understands that the development of the organization directly depends on the qualifications, professional level and personal qualities of the staff. And given the fact that in production it is necessary to work on modern equipment and conduct scientific research, preference is given to people with experience in this field and personal scientific achievements. At the same time, the priority direction of the enterprise is the selection of young professionals with great potential. This is a kind of "investment" of knowledge, skills and abilities for the growth of the company in the future. Easily trained and purposeful workers, according to the feedback of employees, in "Biocad" get a lot of experience in the process of work and make an excellent career.

Each person in production is unique, so the organization uses human resources wisely and offers good working conditions for outcast work: work schedule 5/2 (from 09:30 to 18:00), extended social package, medical insurance with dentistry, compensation for meals and gym classes. For a number of positions, the company promises bonuses for good work. Higher-level specialists are provided for participation in corporate events and team building (team games). Employee reviews of Biocad (Petrovo-Dalnee)testify that the delivery of labor personnel from art. m. "Kuntsevskaya" and "Krasnopresenskaya". Tempting offers of the employer are corporate training, opportunities for professional development, friendly staff. From applicants, the organization requires knowledge, skills, work experience for a number of vacancies, knowledge of a foreign language (English) and others.

The biotechnology company "Biocad", according to employees, - is a great opportunity to realize your potential and provide a decent standard of living for yourself and your family.

biocad reviews

Enterprise through the eyes of employees

A pharmaceutical organization has a huge staff. According to employees, "Biocad" has the following characteristics:

  • all technological processes are carried out on top equipment, which makes it possible to constantly develop and improve, all employees are highly qualified specialists from whom you can learn knowledge and experience;
  • active and purposeful workers are always involved in interesting projects, and they can "create" on an equal basis with everyone else.

Personnel who work selflessly, putting all their strength into the implementation of ideas and production tasks, achieve good success in the professional field.

The positive aspects that significantly affect the choice of an employer, in this case "Biokada" (according to employees from St. Petersburg and Moscow), include "white" salary, issuancebonuses for the timely completion of tasks in a given volume, a full social package, the provision of a voluntary medical insurance policy, which includes dental services, free meals for workers, reimbursement of expenses for classes at a sports club and the provision of corporate scooters in the summer.

It should be noted that, according to the opinions of employees about Biocad in Moscow, it is not very difficult to take a vacant position, but it is difficult to work on it for a long time, since the company, offering a high salary and other benefits, requires complete dedication. Therefore, unskilled personnel and idlers will not last long there - this is a fact. At the same time, many personnel have their own ambitions, which sometimes causes difficulties when communicating with colleagues. When deciding to choose this organization as an employer, you need to weigh your capabilities and think: is a person ready to work hard and efficiently to achieve their goals or not.

Almost all employee reviews point to high requirements for applicants: "Biocad" (Moscow) - is not for the lazy. It takes a lot and hard work. Bonuses are provided for selfless performers, there is an opportunity for career growth. In addition, stress resistance and the ability to multitask are required. Salary - no delays and an excellent social package.

The disadvantages include greater rigor in maintaining the work regime (being late for work is a serious violation).

Thanks to good working conditions, the organization is annually recognized as attractiveemployer.

avegra biocad reviews

Offers for students

As mentioned above, the company is interested in providing the production process with qualified personnel with great potential. According to the opinions of employees about Biocad in St. Petersburg and Moscow, there are a lot of young people in the workforce of the organization. This is because the company's priority is to attract graduates to pharmaceutical activities. That is why the search for and support of talented students in the field of natural sciences in the country's universities is underway.

For this, the employees of the enterprise are teachers of the St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (Department of Recombinant Protein Technology). Student reviews about the Biocad company indicate that all teachers are high-level professional practitioners. They pass on their knowledge of molecular genetics, cell and protein engineering, and the features of creating innovative drugs to students of the last courses.

Future graduates of the profile direction (bachelor's, master's, postgraduate studies) are given a great opportunity to do an internship in the laboratories of this pharmaceutical company and gain knowledge in genetic engineering, cell and molecular biology, as well as gain invaluable experience in the development of new drugs. The enterprise is also a platform for students to perform scientific work.

All reviews of "Biocad" indicate that the organization is widelypromotes the natural sciences. The personnel policy of the enterprise states that graduates of educational institutions must clearly understand the essence and characteristics of the industry. Therefore, excursions to the sites of the plant and laboratories are systematically conducted for students and pupils of schools with in-depth study of natural subjects.

All of the above actions are aimed at attracting representatives of the younger generation into the ranks of active pharmacists.

biocad employee reviews petrovo dalnee

Future plans

The main priority of the company is innovation. The company does not just produce medicines, it is looking for new ways to solve existing problems with people's he alth. Evidence of this is the projects that Biocad is working on, positive feedback about the employer, the search for young professionals and work with them, the existing scholarship programs to support talented students and pupils in the company's profile area, the development of good conditions for remuneration of school and university teachers and residents for medical students, the scale of production and the focus on solving the problems of the state (in 2017, the company became the winner of the competition for suppliers of anticancer drugs to the Russian capital). Therefore, we can confidently say that the plans for the future include assistance to the state in implementing programs aimed at combating diseases and producing new effective drugs.

In the 21st century there are a number of serious diseases and it is very important to havea domestic manufacturer that will keep up with the times and offer the necessary medications that are safe and reliable for patients. Pharmaceutical company "Biocad" is a leading company in this direction, because, satisfying the requirements of the state, it provides high-quality products that meet Russian and international standards.

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