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Work as a re altor. Pros and cons, problems and prospects

Work as a re altor. Pros and cons, problems and prospects
Work as a re altor. Pros and cons, problems and prospects

To many, the work of a re altor and the field of activity associated with it seem extremely attractive and highly profitable. Such an opinion is not unfounded. But those who intend to choose this profession for themselves should study in detail what the work of a re altor is. Pros and cons, as well as occupational risks, must be taken into account when choosing. Mistakes here can be costly.

Working as a re altor: the pros and cons of the profession

It is quite obvious that there are much more pluses in this area. A re altor is a person of a free profession who independently determines the schedule of his work and is responsible for his decisions.

The success of a person in this profession, like in no other, primarily depends on himself. Welcome to the ranks of re altors, if you have a sharp mathematical mind, and you are able to think in multi-way combinations at the level of a good chess player. If you know how to get along with people, understand the basics of psychology and behavioral motivations, if you are able to work long hours without days off and are ready, if necessary, to be responsible for the consequences of your unsuccessful decisions, you will find a job as a re altor. The pros and cons in your balance will definitely converge in your favor.

Keep in mindthat there are a lot of people who want to become re altors, and there is very tough competition in this market. You will have to win your place in the sun. You should not expect high fees for your work at the initial stage of your career. The work of a re altor is based on his reputation. Reputation is gained over many years, and sometimes lost instantly as a result of some failed deal.

There is something about this profession that defies simple logic. This is an intuition that tells a person that one should accept some non-obvious deals and refuse others that at first glance seem very attractive. It is a certain inner voice that allows you to ultimately achieve success in mediation in the field of real estate turnover. And if you do not feel in yourself such a gift from God, then you should think carefully about whether the work of a re altor is suitable for you. Its pros and cons may differ from your ideas. And there are many other wonderful professions in the world.

In the capital of our Motherland

work as a re altor in Moscow

In the capital, everything is much more complicated. Working as a re altor in Moscow implies all of the above circumstances. But only they should be multiplied by a very significant magnifying factor. In Moscow, other money and other turnovers. They are sometimes several orders of magnitude higher than the national average. Needless to say, the competition in the real estate turnover market is even more intense here. Many real estate structures are fighting hard for a place in the sun here. Andsurvive, according to the laws of evolution, only the strongest. The positive aspects include the simple fact that the income of housing intermediaries here is significantly higher.

re altor job

If you have thought about everything and still decided to choose the profession of a re altor for yourself, then it remains only to wish you success. The results in it are achieved by those who are not afraid of work and know how to overcome problems.

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