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Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant: "Aibolit" for locomotives

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Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant: "Aibolit" for locomotives
Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant: "Aibolit" for locomotives

The team of the locomotive crew often has to urgently make important decisions related to the repair of the locomotive. To do this, you need to know the design of the main parts of the electric locomotive and the functions of those of its mechanisms that can be repaired by the brigade on their own. Elimination of serious breakdowns and overhaul of electric locomotives are carried out in the factory. One of these enterprises, one might say "Aibolit" for locomotives, is located in the capital of the South Urals. Address of the Chelyabinsk electric locomotive repair plant: st. Kosareva, 1.

History and activities of the enterprise

This unitary enterprise belongs to the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation and has the status of a federal state enterprise. The Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant was founded in April 1943. At first it was workshops:foundry and mechanical repair services worked in them, and in wartime tank shells were produced. Later, in 1957, the workshops were continued in the form of a plant for the repair of electric rolling stock.

OJSC Zheldorremmash / Lokotech / Chelyabinsk ErZ

At present, a number of Russian branch enterprises of the railway profile are united under the wing of Zheldorremmash (LocoTech). This is an established joint stock company, where the Chelyabinsk electric locomotive repair plant is also located. On the website of the enterprise you can find information about the activities of the plant, production, products, personnel and vacancies. Contact details are also indicated there.

Structural divisions of the plant

The structure of the electric locomotive repair enterprise of the South Ural capital includes three large divisions:

  • Electrical machine production is engaged in the acquisition of engines for electric forklifts.
  • Foundry specializes in the production of ductile iron parts for the contact network. Such production is the only one in the country. It made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of orders for some countries of the East: Mongolia and Iran, China and Turkey. Also played a significant role in the electrification of railways in the CIS and Russia.
  • Electric locomotive assembly production.
Workshop of the Chelyabinsk electric locomotive repair plant

Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant carries out repairs and modernization of domestic locomotives: electric locomotives of different series, direct current and, in some cases, alternating current. Locomotives are taken into work forfreight and passenger transportation, as well as mining equipment.

Electric locomotive assembly production

The “heart of the plant” is considered to be the production sites of the electric locomotive assembly division. Here, the electric locomotives received for repair go through the following maintenance stages:

Preview. The presence of component parts and assemblies is fixed, the level of wear and the number of damages is determined. The inspection data is entered into the internal passport, and a repair schedule is drawn up

Locomotive repair
  • Disassembly. Sections of electric locomotives are installed at the dismantling position; units, parts, assemblies are dismantled.
  • The dismantled equipment is transported to the specialized services of the plant for preventive maintenance and repair.
  • The body of the electric locomotive sequentially moves through three repair positions: dirt and old paint are removed, the body is repaired, and it is painted. In some cases, a complete replacement of the bodywork and old cabs with new ones is carried out.
  • Electrical work. High-voltage and low-voltage wiring in progress.
  • Assembling an electric locomotive. Repaired components, devices and pneumatic equipment are installed and mounted.
locomotive workshop

Test. Inspection is being carried out at a stationary station and a run-in on the railway tracks

All stages of the assembly production of the Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant are controlled by the Quality Management Department.

CHERZ Customers

Successful operation of the enterprise for many years, reliable partnerships are important factors in attracting new orders, investments, and further progressive development. Good reviews about the Chelyabinsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant can be the lack of staff turnover and the presence of regular customers.

Russian railway communication

Representatives of sixteen branches of Russian Railways use the services of the Chelyabinsk enterprise. These are: the Oktyabrskaya and South Ural railway lines, the Moscow branch, the Kuibyshev and West Siberian railways. Since the first decade of this century, the plant has organized the repair of locomotive equipment for mining enterprises: Orenburgasbest, Bogatyr, Vostochny and Severny. The maintenance of the rolling stock of the processing plants of the Sokolovsko-Sarbaevskoye, Kachkanarskoye deposits, the cities of Ekibastuz.

Currently, about 3 thousand people work at the plant. The team is proud of the work of the enterprise, satisfied with the working conditions, social and personnel policy. The main thing in life, the factory workers believe, is for the train to move forward. And for this you need reliable locomotives!

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