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Shelf life of water meters: period of service and operation, verification periods, operating rules and time of use of hot and cold water meters

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Shelf life of water meters: period of service and operation, verification periods, operating rules and time of use of hot and cold water meters
Shelf life of water meters: period of service and operation, verification periods, operating rules and time of use of hot and cold water meters

In order for people to treat natural resources more economically, special norms have been introduced by law. One of them is the obligation to install water meters. In the article we will talk about water meters: their operation, verification, and service life.


Any device that is used by a person has a certain expiration date. This also applies to water meters. Only during a certain period of time the manufacturer guarantees their trouble-free operation. After that, technical failures may occur, which will lead to a distortion of the recorded indicators.

Thus, the use of water meters after the expiration date can affect the amount of payment for the use of both cold and hot water. This period is indicated in the technical passport. Verification of instruments is regulatedthe following documents:

  • Law "On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements" No. 102-FZ of 06/26/2008, as amended.
  • Government Decree of 05/06/2011 No. 354 "On the provision of public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings."
  • Separate regional projects, for example, Government Decree No. 77-PP "On measures to improve the system of accounting for water consumption and improve payments for cold, hot water and heat energy in residential buildings and social facilities in the city of Moscow."

If we talk about the terms of calibration of devices that measure hot water, then they are 4 years. And cold water meters should be checked once every 6 years.

The shelf life of water meters (both cold and hot) is determined by the relevant provisions of GOST. For example, about P50601-93 devices, the manufacturer promises that they will last for 12 years. This indicator differs for different counters, and the manufacturer's warranty is, as a rule, one and a half years. In addition to the period set by the manufacturer, it is directly affected by the quality of the water. The meter will last longer if the water complies with GOST-2874-82.

Shelf life of a water meter for cold water


Like other measuring instruments, the water supply meter has its own time period of application. The period of service is indicated in the technical passport, which is attached to it. After the expiration dateit is recommended to replace the water meter.

Under the verification interval is understood the period of time after which the device must be checked for proper operation. If everything is in order, then the specialist prepares a conclusion that the water meter can be used further. If there are problems, it becomes necessary to change the device.

What determines the use, causes of malfunctions

The law establishes the obligation to carry out verification. In this case, malfunctions are detected in which the meter readings will not be valid.

As mentioned above, verification of a cold water meter is carried out less frequently than a hot water meter. This is explained by the fact that the components in the first case are not as much subject to wear as in the second option.

Only due to timely verification, it is possible to detect problems that may subsequently incorrectly calculate the consumed water. The main reasons that determine whether the water meter will expire and how long it will last include the following:

  • Water quality.
  • Water pipe wear rate.
  • Seasonal breaks.
  • Citizens' attempts to distort real data by using magnets.
Shelf life of hot and cold water meters

If the service life is over

After the expiration date of the water meter in the apartment has expired, it should be replaced with another one. For this purpose, the outdated mechanism is dismantled. You can do it yourselfor contact the Criminal Code.

In the first case, you need to notify the authorized bodies of your intentions. The readings on the old instrument must be recorded. The new device must be sealed. To do this, you need to call an employee of the management company. Along with the application, documents confirming the ownership of housing, as well as a technical passport for the device, are presented. Work on such an application is carried out without charge.

Early replacement

Early replacement of the meter may be required in the following cases:

  • At the request of the landlord for a more modern model.
  • When broken. It can be expressed in the fact that the impeller continues to spin even when the valve is closed.
  • When a factory defect is detected.
  • Due to the fact that the passport of the device, which is in working condition, is lost.
Cold water meter expiration date


The procedure can be carried out in two ways, namely:

  • In place that does not require dismantling.
  • Through delivery to an accredited laboratory.

Let's consider how the procedure is performed in one and the other case.

If errors are found in the readings or the expiration date of the water meter has passed from the date of manufacture, you should contact the authorized organization and call a specialist who will dismantle the device. In this case, the employee must issue an acceptance certificate, which contains the following information:

  • Dismantling date.
  • Counter brand.
  • Numberand series.

You will also need to provide your ID and technical passport for the meter. The owner needs to record the latest meter information. Verification can take from several hours to several days. Upon completion, the device is returned with the following documents:

  • Installation contract.
  • Act on completed work.
  • Confirmation of turning on the device.
  • Technical passport for the device.
  • After maintenance contract.

If during the verification a malfunction of the device is revealed, then the only thing that can be done is to replace it.

If the device is calibrated without dismantling, then the corresponding measurements are carried out at home, and the results of the inspection are reported by the employees to the water utility on their own.

Hot water meter expiration date

Who carries out verification

To complete this procedure, you need to contact one of the following organizations:

  • Vodokanal. In this case, the meters are dismantled, so you have to wait for some time. You also need to submit a number of documents to this company.
  • Organization certified for verification. The prices for these services are usually low. In Moscow, they charge about 500 rubles for this. It is convenient to use the services of these organizations because specialists go to the address where the meter is installed and carry out the required measurements at home.

If verification is not completed on time

Pen alties for using a meter that is notanother verification was carried out, not provided. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay more for water. In addition, the water utility may begin to charge fees in accordance with current regulations. And they, as a rule, turn out to be much higher than payment according to meter readings. Therefore, it is better not to delay with this and carry out the procedure even before the expiration date of the hot and cold water meters.

Shelf life of water meters from the date of manufacture


You need to know that it is not necessary to purchase the devices offered by the management company. The owner of an apartment or a private house has the right to choose a meter himself in a specialized store. However, in order to avoid problems later, you must initially pay attention to the following points:

  • Availability of a technical passport for a water meter. Without it, the counter will not be sealed.
  • Release date. Verification is calculated from the date of manufacture of the device, and not from the date of its purchase.
  • Included with the meter must be provided with all the necessary elements for fasteners. Information about this can be found in the technical data sheet.

Why does the meter fail earlier?

Basically, manufacturers claim that the meters are able to work for 8-10 years, and the operating time can be at least 100-110 thousand hours. But this period is valid if the instruments are checked in a timely manner. However, in many cases it turns out that the expiration date of the meter (especially hot water)lower than stated by the manufacturer. The reason for this lies in the high contamination of the liquid entering the pipes, as well as its high temperature.

The warranty provided by the manufacturer should be distinguished from the service life of the meter. These are two different concepts. The normal manufacturer's warranty is 1.5 years from the date of purchase, not from the date of manufacture or installation.

If the meter breaks down before the warranty period expires, the owner has the right to demand replacement or repair of the device free of charge (usually a replacement). In this case, it is necessary to present a technical passport for products with a store stamp.

What is the shelf life of a hot water meter

But the shelf life of a water meter for cold water (as well as for hot water) depends on various factors. These include the following:

  • As stated above, water quality. The more impurities in the solid state will be passed through it, the faster the wear of the device will occur. This is the reason why it is recommended to put a filter before the counter.
  • An important parameter is the condition of the water supply system as a whole. In old mains, water meters quickly become clogged with debris and rust that enters the water from the pipes.
  • Illegal attempts to save money can also affect the meter. This applies to those owners who wanted to stop the rotation of the device or rewind the corresponding data back. However, such actions are illegal. They are subject to administrativeliability in the form of a fine.

How to extend the service life

After analyzing the above information, it becomes clear that by installing a coarse filter in front of the filter, it will be possible to significantly increase the shelf life of the cold and hot water meter. But that's not all. It is advisable to blow through the filter once a month and remove particles that have accumulated in it during this period.

It is worth paying attention to the water when filling the bath, especially in the morning. If it has a yellowish tint, then this may indicate wear on the piping system as well as significant formations on the pipes.

Another point that increases the chances of a long life of the meter is to purchase water meters from well-known manufacturers, such as Meter or V altec. A good expiration date for the Betar water meter. These companies use really high-quality components for devices. And the parameter of interest to us is the same as for all devices of this type: 4 years for hot water and 6 years for cold water.

Water meter repair

The special design of meters is usually beyond repair. Therefore, there are practically no spare parts for them on sale. Due to the affordable price, it is advisable to buy a new water meter, rather than trying to repair the old one. That is why, when deciding to carry out verification, you can buy another meter and install it, and not check the operation of the one used, especially in a laboratory examination. Then these procedures will be cheaper.


The water meter is a metering device designed to control the volume of consumed resources. As with any unit, there is a certain shelf life of the cold water and hot water meter. To be sure that it works correctly, verifications are established by law: for a cold water appliance - 6 years, and for a hot water appliance - 4 years. What is the shelf life of a hot water meter? The factory sets the same period. However, in practice, hot water appliances fail faster than in the case of cold water. Therefore, they should be verified more often.

Expiration date of the water meter "Betar"

As well as installation, verification is carried out by special organizations. If it turns out that the device shows incorrect data, you will have to buy and install a new meter. It should be borne in mind that the next verification is carried out not from the moment of purchase or installation, but from the date of release of the device by the manufacturer.

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