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Bank card with cashback and interest on the balance: an overview of the best offers

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Bank card with cashback and interest on the balance: an overview of the best offers
Bank card with cashback and interest on the balance: an overview of the best offers

Today, bank cards are very popular. They can be credit or debit. Each of them offers its own possibilities. A bank card with a cashback has its own advantages. Various banks offer to issue them.

What is this?

Banks in a highly competitive environment offer customers maximum profit. To attract new faces, financial organizations offer a cashback service. It offers refunds for purchases made. But how does it happen? For each card in the organization, a percentage of return on non-cash transactions is set.

bank card with cashback

After paying for the goods or services, the client receives a percentage on his account. Some banks transfer funds immediately, while others transfer them on the reporting day. It turns out that the client buys the goods at a discount. In Russia, any bank card with cashback functions in the same way as in other countries.


Purchases with a bank card with cashback are very profitable if you make them regularly. Enough to keep trackshares. Buyer can receive refunds from purchases at:

  • shopping centers;
  • online stores;
  • online accounts.

Banks offer cashback in the form of:

  • bonuses that allow you to pay with partners;
  • rubles transferred to the account;
  • mile to pay for plane or train tickets.

A bank card with a cashback does not differ from a standard debit card. It is used very easily. The client only needs to follow the shares of the organization. Typically, financial institutions cooperate with shopping centers and provide discounts on goods. Clients can control the accrual of bonuses. An overview of bank cards with cashback will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

Tinkoff Bank

This is one of the largest banks. A feature is the receipt of banking products by customers remotely. The company has no offices, and all applications are processed via the Internet. The card can be ordered in a few minutes by courier.

bank card cashback sberbank

Tinkoff Bank offers 12 debit cards with cashback. Each of them has its own bonuses. The Tinkoff Black card has more advantages. There are 3 types of promotion for it:

  • 5% - purchases in online stores;
  • 1% - regular purchases;
  • 3-30% off online shopping.

Annual maintenance costs 99 rubles. And if the deposit amount is less than 30 thousand rubles, then this service is free. There is no fee for SMS alerts. Interest is charged on the balance:7% (ruble account) and 0.5% (currency account). This is a bank card with a good cashback. You just need to constantly monitor the availability of promotions and offers.


The organization is a universal bank offering various services. There are 43 debit cards. This diversity allows each client to choose something suitable. Application can be made through the website. All cards have a bonus for non-cash transactions.

Cash Bach deserves special attention. With it, the user gets:

  • 10% - from purchases at gas stations;
  • 5% - payment in a cafe;
  • up to 15% - discounts on promotions.

The minimum return per month does not exceed 5,000 rubles. Annual service costs 1200 rubles. SMS notification is provided free of charge. 7% is credited to the account balance. Card users get access to Alfa-Click, with which it is possible to pay for services, open an additional account and transfer funds. You can find answers to your questions in the support service. This is a profitable bank card with cashback and interest on the balance.


The organization is one of the first virtual banks, which was designed as a convenient mobile offer that allows you to use financial products. In 2016, RocketBank was bought by Otkritie bank.

megafon banking cashback card

Not too many banking products on offer. But there is the Otkritie-Rocket debit card, which has already become in demand among people because of its advantages. FROMEach purchase returns up to 10% to the account, and it does not matter in which store the purchase was made. There is no need to pay for annual service, and SMS notification costs 50 rubles per month. The balance is charged at 8% per annum. Not all people can get such a card yet, as they are delivered only to some large cities.


Savings Bank is one of the big ones. He is considered a leader in the banking industry. This company has many branches around the country, a large number of customers, convenient service and quality service. A variety of banking products and attractive conditions are available to customers.

Each bank card with a cashback from Sberbank differs in status and conditions. There are 10 offers in total. The Visa Platinum Card allows customers to enjoy many benefits. Bonuses are awarded in the form of "Thank you":

  • 10% - payment at gas stations;
  • 10% - Yandex.Taxi services;
  • 5% - cafes and restaurants;
  • 1, 5% - supermarkets;
  • 0.5% - other purchases.

Service for a year costs 4,990 rubles. You don't have to pay for SMS alerts. There are no services for accruing interest on the balance. Bonuses are transferred for each purchase. You can pay with bonuses at partners. According to the agreement, 1 bonus is equal to 1 ruble.


The bank has been operating since 1995. Only since 2016, customers have been able to use cashback cards. The banking product is called "Smart Card". Anyone can apply for it remotely. The followingbenefits:

  • 10% - for promotional products;
  • 1, 5% - for purchases over 30 thousand rubles;
  • 1% - for purchases up to 30 thousand rubles.
rating of bank cards with cashback

If a bank card with a cashback is used actively or more than 30 thousand are spent per month, then there is no need to pay for annual maintenance. Otherwise, the service fee will be 299 rubles per month. SMS notification costs 59 rubles per month, 7.5% is charged on the balance. This banking product is ideal for those who make a lot of purchases. You can withdraw cash no more than 150 thousand rubles a month.


The organization has been operating for 23 years. Clients can use the Binbonus loy alty program. A commercial bank provides a bank card with a cashback for purchases. You can order it via the Internet. The return is 5% for goods and services in a certain category and 1% for other purchases.

Annual maintenance costs 450 rubles a month, but if you immediately pay for the year, then 4,500 rubles. You won't have to pay anything with a daily balance of 100 thousand rubles. There is no fee for SMC notification. If there is more than 750 thousand rubles on the balance, then 2% is charged, and with a smaller amount - 6%.


This is a large bank with a developed branch network. Servicing of the retail business has been actively carried out since 2005. Clients are offered an All Inclusive card. It is credited with:

  • 5% - for fuel at gas stations;
  • 5% - for clothes and shoes;
  • 5% - tickets;
  • 5% - goods forat home;
  • 3% - goods in supermarkets.
bank card with good cashback

A maximum of 1 thousand rubles can be returned per month. Annual maintenance costs 1,500 rubles per year. In the future, there will be no payment if the balance for the past period amounted to 50 thousand rubles. For SMS-notification, the fee per month is 29 rubles. No interest is accrued on the balance.


The debit card is issued by RNKO LLC, and Euroset is the distributor. There are 2 logos on the plastic: "Golden Crown" and Master Card. The card allows you to make various payments, make transfers, buy currency.

When paying for goods and services, the client is charged 0.5-3% of the purchase price. Bonus points are accumulated, and then they can be spent on purchases at Euroset, as well as from partners. Annual maintenance and SMS notification are free. It is possible to receive interest on the balance - 10% (with a balance of more than 30 thousand rubles) and 7% (less than 30 thousand).

cashback bank cards review


The company offers customers a universal card with cashback service. Points are awarded for every purchase. After issuing a card, 200 bonuses are provided as a gift. Up to 20 points are transferred for purchases.

Annual maintenance of a standard card costs 600 rubles, and a nominal one - another 300 rubles. There is no fee for SMS notification in the 1st month, and then - 50 rubles. The card is charged 10% per annum if the permanent balance is at least 10 thousand rubles. Pay with pointscan be from partners, among which there are many different stores.

Raiffeisen Bank

Debit card is a convenient payment instrument that allows you to earn discounts. With it, you can receive cashback and participate in promotions. You can get a card "ALL AT ONCE", which will be very convenient to use.

Points are awarded for purchases: 1 bonus for 50 or 100 rubles. An additional 500 points are received on the birthday. The limit per year is 40 thousand bonuses. Annual service costs 1,490 rubles, and SMS notification - 60 rubles from the 3rd month. No balance interest services.


The Megafon bank card with cashback, although it appeared not so long ago, has already become in demand. It provides many benefits. The phone account is the same as the card balance. This money can be used to pay for goods and services. The balance is charged at 8% per annum. To receive income, you need to make at least one transaction per month.

bank card with cashback purchases

Cashback from Megafon partners reaches 50%. The card is provided on the day of application. You just need to contact the communication salon. Registration takes 10-15 minutes. Multiple cards can be attached to one account.

Before you issue a card, you must select the appropriate product. It is important to pay attention to the return of money. Usually banks transfer them in the form of bonuses, miles, points. Therefore, you must first find out exactly what will be credited and how it will be used.

Cashback is provided not for all purchases, but forpurchases in partner stores. Their list can be found on the bank's website. This is the only way to make a profit. Each bank offers to exchange points for something specific, for example, for a discount, real rubles, services. Many establishments charge a service fee. If the card will be rarely used, then the minimum fee should be selected.

The rating of bank cards with cashback will allow you to choose the most suitable option for yourself. Such cooperation is beneficial for everyone: the user receives bonuses, the bank receives payment for the use of services, and partners receive new customers. Therefore, if the conditions are favorable, you can issue a bank card.

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