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How to write business letters, or "We look forward to further cooperation"

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How to write business letters, or "We look forward to further cooperation"
How to write business letters, or "We look forward to further cooperation"

Ethics (rules of conduct) in business is what will help you achieve your goals. The success of his company directly depends on the behavior of an entrepreneur and a businessman, because judge for yourself, if a person behaves adequately, politely and with restraint, then we trust such a business representative more than someone who is pan-bratted and cannot connect a couple of words.

Thank you letters

For example, when your work with another company or private entrepreneur is over or you sign a contract for the provision of services or goods, you can say: "We look forward to further cooperation." This will not only show you on the positive side, but also indicate that you are ready to work with them again.

One aspect of business ethics is a thank you letter, it shows that you are always ready to cooperate with the organization you send it to.

We look forward to furthercooperation

Types of letters

  • Open. Anticipating the opportunity to work together again: “We look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.”
  • Closed, that is, with a one-time cooperation. Such letters can end with the words: “We look forward to further cooperation.”
  • Justifying or explanatory. In business, there are situations when you do not have time to fulfill the terms of the contract, then you definitely need to send a letter that would warn your partner about the delay, for example: “We hope for understanding and further cooperation.”
We look forward to further cooperation

Things to consider when writing letters

First, don't forget to write respectfully, using the pronouns "you, yours, yours". And do not be familiar, using - "you, yours." Remember, you are writing to a business partner, not relatives.

Secondly, the letter must contain exact details and names so that it is clear to whom and why you are writing.

Third, if possible, avoid stereotypes and clerical words (personal contribution, express, fruitful). When reading a letter, a person should understand that you spent at least a little time writing it, and not feel like you just changed the data in the finished template. Be original, creative, and then your letter will be remembered by the recipient, which means that the likelihood of repeated cooperation will increase.

We look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation

Sample Business Letters

Example of a business letter withthanks for your cooperation, we will give further.

Dear Anatoly Vasilievich (or another name and patronymic of a private entrepreneur or representative of a company that cooperated with you), Our team of the Bright Future architectural agency and I personally sincerely and wholeheartedly thank you and the municipality for your cooperation. Together, we managed to rebuild the Regional Children's Hospital in such a way that it would be not only safe, but also as comfortable as possible for the medical staff. And also, I hope that these efforts will make visiting this hospital convenient for both children and their parents. It was a pleasure to work with you, so we look forward to further cooperation.

Respectfully, Alexander Gennadyevich, representative of the Bright Future architectural agency.

Sample business letter about mutually beneficial cooperation - below.

Dear Leonid Alexandrovich (name and patronymic of your employee), G. Agricola Wood Processing Plant CJSC wishes to thank you for the mutually beneficial cooperation. Our company was glad to work with you on some projects. In the future, we promise to make every effort to support our fruitful joint work.

We hope for further cooperation and wish you stability, professional growth and partners who will understand you perfectly.

Sincerely, Director of the G. Agricola Wood Processing Plant Pyotr Nikolaevich.

An example of an explanatory letter will be given below.

Dear GennadyAleksandrovich!

I, Anastasia Markovna, a representative of the Bright Future architectural agency, would like to apologize and regret the delivery of the facility over time due to the untimely delivery of building materials. We hope for your understanding and further cooperation.

With great respect, Anastasia Markovna, vice-president of the Bright Future architectural agency.

We look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation

Ethics is one of the most important aspects of business, and by following all the rules and norms of behavior, you will increase the profitability and success of your business.

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