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ATR 72-500 aircraft for short routes

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ATR 72-500 aircraft for short routes
ATR 72-500 aircraft for short routes

This car has been produced by a Franco-Italian company since 1989 and has proven itself well on local lines. The aircraft is quite reliable, economical and easy to maintain. Its largest operator in Russia is the UTair airline, which has a fleet of 15 aircraft.

engine in flight

Short pedigree and offspring

The ATR 72-500 passenger aircraft is a development of the ATR-42 predecessor family. The fuselage is lengthened, new engines and a modified wing are used. The tangible part of the structure is made of composite materials. For the first time on this aircraft, the wing box was completely made of carbon fiber. The name of the car consists of the name of the company Aerei Transport Regionale (ATR) and the number of passenger seats (72) in the base model. The aircraft exists in 3 modifications, with indices 200, 210 and 500, which differ mainly in on-board equipment and power plants. In Russia, 500s are operated. In the near future, a new model with an index of 600 will enter the market. ATR 72-500 in the photo below.

Description and main characteristics


This class of machines is characterized by relatively low speed and economy. At short distances, speed is not of fundamental importance, unlike fuel consumption. The ATR 72-500 aircraft consumes about 500 kg per hour. fuel. For comparison, for the Airbus A-320, this figure is 5 times higher, with a difference in passenger capacity of only 1.6 times. The machine is equipped with two Canadian-made PW-127F turboprop engines, each with an HP 2750 power. and six-blade composite propellers with a diameter of almost 4 meters. A curious detail is the lack of an auxiliary power unit on the aircraft used to power systems at the airfield. Its functions are performed by the right engine. Therefore, for uniform wear, the engines on the ATR 72-500 aircraft are periodically interchanged. The aircraft's avionics are supplied from the USA by Benedix King. The instrument panel, although it has liquid crystal displays, still belongs to the previous generation, but the concept of the "glass cockpit" will be fully implemented in the new model with the 600 index. Or in simple terms - numerous pointer devices and indicators will be replaced by multifunctional displays with advanced functions.

It is difficult to call the salon spacious, especially in height. It is very difficult for tall people to move inside the aircraft. The small volume of luggage racks in the cabin provides for increased control over baggage check-in. But this is a problem for almost all regional cars. Passengers boarding is carried out through the back door and the business class cabin (where it is available at all) is also located intail section. In addition to describing the ATR 72-500, below are its main features:

Name and unit of measurement Indicator
Length of aircraft, meters 27, 166
Wingspan, meters 27, 05
Weight of an empty equipped aircraft, kg 12500
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 22000
Maximum speed, km/h 640
Cruising speed, km/h 525
Practical flight range, km 2700
Crew, people 2
Passenger capacity, persons 64-72
passenger inside photo

Convenient Seats

Since the flight on an ATR 72-500 aircraft lasts no more than 3 hours, and in the vast majority of cases - 1.5-2 hours, passenger comfort is provided somewhat worse. There is no full-fledged buffet in the cabin, only drinks are offered, the size of the seats and the step between them can cause slight problems for large people. But all this is offset by the price of a ticket and the ability to fly from city to city without transfers. In principle, with the exception of the first row, where there is a little extra legroom, all passenger seats in economy class are standard. You should pay attention only to the very last 17th row, the seats of which do not recline back. In addition, there is a toilet nearby, which can be fraught with queues infairly narrow passage. The noise in the cabin is at an acceptable level, the shaking is no more than on other cars.

aircraft cockpit


The existing prejudice against screw machines has no serious grounds. Previously, exactly the same prejudice existed for new jet aircraft. Turboprop engines are quite reliable, the aircraft is certified, that is, it has passed the whole range of tests, including extreme situations. It is capable of taking off with one engine inoperative. However, there were still accidents with the ATR 72-500 aircraft. Out of about 1000 ATR72 machines of all modifications produced over two decades, 29 have crashed to date. This is far from the highest figure in civil aviation. The vast majority of disasters occurred due to the so-called "human factor". For example, in Tyumen and Alaska, the aircraft was not treated with anti-icing liquid, in Asian countries the aircraft often rolled out of the airfield due to the inexperience of the pilots, gross errors were made during landing. But in general, the ATR 72-500 aircraft is not inferior in reliability to other models and perfectly performs its functions in delivering passengers over short distances.

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