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"Rainbow Smile": employee feedback on work
"Rainbow Smile": employee feedback on work

Shop "Rainbow Smile" is most often praised by buyers. The prices here are affordable and the staff is very friendly. Everyone will tell, show and explain cute, smiling girls.

And what are the reviews of the employees of "Smiles of the Rainbow"? Let's talk about this in more detail. What is behind the friendliness and smiles of charming sales girls?

A bit of history

Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of working in this chain of stores, we will take a brief digression into its history.

It all started in 2001. Then in St. Petersburg, on Adoevsky Street, the first small store was opened. After 17 years, the network of these stores has entangled most of the major cities of Russia. To date, almost 550 stores are under the Rainbow Smile brand.

Network co-founder

What makes a company good? Of course, the ever-expanding assortment and numerous loy alty programs. Since recentlytime, the network of these stores began to cooperate with Korean cosmetics suppliers. In addition, 10 years have already passed since the development of our own cosmetic brands began.

Your brand

Buyers are attracted by a wide choice and price category of products. According to the management, their stores are designed for buyers with average or low incomes, mainly for a female audience.


How good the work is in "Rainbow Smile", the reviews will tell us. But first, let's talk about permanent vacancies in numerous stores and wages.

If you take a walk through the official website of the company, the section "vacancies" is constantly in motion. Everyone is recruited: from sales assistants, cashiers, and ending with store directors. But the salary is amazing. So sellers are promised from 22,000 to 25,000 thousand rubles. And directors - from 30,000 to 45,000 thousand rubles, depending on the city in which the store is located. There is hardly a person who will take on the role of a leader for such and such money.

Employee reviews (St. Petersburg)

Reviews of employees in St. Petersburg about the "Rainbow Smile", to be honest, are not pleasing to the eye. People who want to go there to work should think carefully, re-read what the sellers say. How are employees treated, how much are they paid, what duties does the seller perform? Just don't be surprised when you read the reviews.

Positive aspects of work (in St. Petersburg)

Reviews about work in "Smilerainbows" in St. Petersburg are for the most part very bad. But, oddly enough, almost all employees note a good team. Here is what people who know the company's cuisine from the inside write:

  • Great team. Girls communicate well with each other, support each other.

  • Store employee receives V.I.P. and buys a product 30% cheaper than its cost.

  • Employees can sit down for their shift and go to lunch.

Perhaps, this is where the good reviews about "Rainbow Smile" in St. Petersburg are over. Now it's the turn of the unflattering, shall we say.

Cons of work (St. Petersburg)

Let's start with wages. When a person gets a job as a seller-cashier, he is promised mountains of gold. And a salary of 25,000 "clean", and its subsequent growth, and possible career prospects. In general, store managers spill like a nightingale. Why managers? Because the HR department is located at the head office. And, as a rule, employees are not sent there. Personnel officers are sent documents of a person who wants to get a job in a company, and that's it.

We digress. So, for the duration of the internship, which lasts two weeks, the sales candidate will receive 95 rubles per hour. And then it turns out that the contract says 95 rubles, but in reality - 93 rubles. That is, withthis minuscule take income tax. For a minute, the person is not yet officially employed. Fine, right?

Let's move on. After two weeks, it may turn out that the applicant for the vacancy has not passed the internship. And what do you think? He is fired in one day, without payment for the work done. Interns are not en titled to severance pay.

If a person is lucky and has completed an internship, there is nothing to congratulate him on. You can forget about the good attitude that was during the internship from the head. Humiliation, moral pressure and other "joys" begin. If you try to defend yourself, they threaten you with dismissal.

All shortages identified during the recalculation of goods are deducted from the wages of sellers. But this is probably the case in all stores.

Separately worth talking about interviews. Many former employees fired from Rainbow Smile for no reason complain about the way interviews are conducted. First, they focus on the groomed appearance of the leadership. And for some reason, in many stores in the city, such ladies are leaders. Secondly, they talk about the questions in the questionnaires. For example, how does the question about the candidate's favorite food and drink relate to work? Thirdly, they promise to call back in any case. But no one calls back. And when a person starts calling himself, or they don’t pick up the phone, or they answer rudely.

Here are the reviews of Smiles of the Rainbow employees about their former place of work.

product selection

Reviews of Muscovites

Did not bypass the network of these stores and the capital of Russia. If in St. Petersburgeven more or less adequate reviews, then there is nothing to say about Moscow.

Reviews about the employer "Rainbow Smile", from the lips of Muscovites working in these stores, are simply frightening. In fact, after analyzing numerous reviews, we can conclude that there are practically no positive ones. Although, stop. From the advantages of working in this company:

  • Close to home.

  • Stable salary - 25,000 rubles.

For Moscow, of course, this is "smart" money. What can I say.

Negative reviews (Moscow)

Work in the "Rainbow Smile", according to Muscovite employees, is simply devalued. Not satisfied with everything, from the team, and ending with the attitude of the management. Let's talk about everything in order:

  • Most of the Moscow bands are a snake ball. Communicating with colleagues, not to mention friendship, is simply not realistic. Will be reported to superiors immediately. It doesn't matter that half of this report is real slander.

  • Time for lunch. Officially, it is, and is a whole hour. In fact, everything is different. Sometimes, employees have to eat on the go or stay hungry. Given the fact that they are 14 hours at work. Imagine going all day without food? Little pleasant. You will spend more on treatment of the stomach than you will earn.

  • Twice a day you can go out for a smoke. For five minutes. Not surprisingly, most of the employees smoke. To escape at least for a minute with "beloved"work".

  • Girls-salesmen perform a number of duties that are not included in their employment contract. For example, cleaners - after the shift wash the floors. And a guard, because you have to track and catch thieves.

  • Theft is a whole epic here. The management of the company believes that thieves are everything. Both employees and customers. Salespeople can't leave their place of work unless they turn their purse inside out in front of the manager. Although the inspection of personal items requires a signed authorization from the employee.

  • When a person gets a job in one of the shops in Moscow, he is promised a 2/2 schedule. In fact, you have to work 4/1 or 5/2 for 14 hours.

  • Where does the number "fourteen" come from if the store is open only 12 hours? The fact is that employees come to work an hour before opening. And they leave after they count the cash register, clean up the windows and wipe the floors. That is, if the store is open from 10 am to 10 pm, the change of the seller lasts from 9 am to 11 pm.

  • Speaking of extra hours. Neither these two hours nor overtime are paid. Does the employment contract say that overtime is paid double? And the company's management has its own opinion on this matter.

  • For those who go to a leadership position in these stores: you will do the work of cashiers, managers, and you should not forget about your own duties. There will be no surcharge for this.

Store assortment

Reviews from Yaroslavl employees

Reviews about "Smilerainbow", located in Yaroslavl, are brief. But very capacious. There are 10 stores in the city. But employees are in no hurry to write grateful or negative reviews. From what we managed to find, we can draw conclusions:

  • Constantly visited by mystery shoppers. If you do not pass them, you lose the bonus.

  • Cunningly extracting money from employees. Wages increased, fines increased.

  • Work constantly on your feet. You can only sit down during the lunch break. It is forbidden to sit in the hall.

Greetings from Pskov

What are the reviews about "Rainbow Smile" from Pskov store employees?

Very similar to the others. They note that the work is hellish, the attitude towards sellers is worse than towards cattle. Constant humiliation and suggestion to employees how disgusting they are, how poorly they work. Regular threats of being fired. Constant staff turnover.

product selection

Murmansk speaking

Reviews about the "Rainbow Smile" from Murmansk tell us that:

  • Good team.

  • Wages - bitter tears. Vacation pay is such that it looks like a mockery of the employee.

  • Note the constant fines and shortfall payment, the terrible attitude of the area manager towards the sellers.

  • Seller girls must unload goods, mop floors and do general store cleaning.

  • Regular wage arrears. You have to beg for your money, almost bowing to the boss on the floor.


There are no reviews from people who work here as sellers. But there are those who applied for higher positions (deputy director), were not afraid to illuminate the picture from the inside. Here's what they say about working at Rainbow Smile:

  • Firstly, the internship lasts only one day.

  • The second point is responsibilities. The deputy director also acts as a cashier.

  • The leader does not forget about his duties. Collections, filling cash books, regular reports. And you also need to monitor the correctness of price tags, the layout of goods and try to increase turnover.

  • Salary "clean" - 12,000 rubles. This is official, and the rest is given in an envelope. It may not be paid.

Moscow Region

Apparently, the closer to Moscow, the more boorish attitude towards the sellers in the store "Rainbow Smile", judging by the reviews.

  • Leaders, in particular store directors, allow themselves to yell at subordinates, using swear words.

  • Goods that arrive twice a week must be displayed according to the planogram. But for some reason the management doesn't like it. And the sellers are forced to listen to how bad they are, and how handless, they cannot display the goods correctly.

  • Sick leave is a whole problem. They can fire a person for taking sick leave. The labor code in this organization is not taken into account at all.

  • Salary on hand - 19,000rubles. Instead of the promised 25,000 rubles.


What you need to know when applying for a company

Before you go to work at Rainbow Smile, you need to understand for yourself that:

  • Have to follow company standards in customer service. The standards are designed in such a way that the opinions and needs of the buyers themselves are not particularly taken into account.

  • Give out a ridiculous form that you have to pay for. Upon dismissal, the form is surrendered, the money for it is not returned.

  • We work with a smile on our faces. It is always necessary to smile at the buyer.

  • If they are sent to "training courses", then no one is going to pay for the fare. Regardless of whether the employee travels to another store, or to a completely different city.

  • You can forget about the social package here.

  • Processing, as noted above, is not paid.

  • Feet hurt all the time and you can't sit down.

  • Even cleaning the lower shelves with goods is done while standing. As a last resort, you can squat down.

  • Recall that you will have to perform duties not regulated by the employment contract. Is the employee trying to get angry? Welcome to dismissal.

  • Wages are delayed and interns may not be paid at all.

Discount card


We found out which reviews about"Rainbow smile" and vacancies of different levels. After reading them, it becomes clear: it is not worth going there to work. Of course, for those who do not care about their legs, the nervous system and the availability of money in their wallet, this network company is suitable as a workplace.

This is an exaggeration, of course. It's a pity for people who come with sincere intentions to work, hope to receive decent pay, count on a good attitude from the management. After working at Rainbow Smile for a couple of months, it becomes clear to you that the company is deceiving its employees. People leave there, and others get fired because of little things.

Based on all of the above, we conclude: "Rainbow Smile" is not the place to go to work.

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