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Transport company CDEK: reviews, services and features of work
Transport company CDEK: reviews, services and features of work

As can be concluded from the reviews, the transport company CDEK is not the highest quality courier service possible. On the other hand, comparison with alternative private delivery services to and from locations shows that many businesses have similar ratings or even worse customer ratings. Is everything so bad? Should I trust CDEK with my package?

General information

The transport company CDEK started operating at the beginning of the current millennium. Since 2000, the company has been engaged in the transportation of correspondence and cargo with subsequent delivery to the addressee through special offices, points, as well as personally at the address specified by the client. The enterprise works practically with all settlements of our country. Through SDEK, you can send a parcel to eight countries, get your own from there. According to the official statistics of the company, in one day the company receives more than one hundred thousand orders. To be able to work with such a large volumedepartures, formed a large network of services that provide stable communication. Means and methods have been developed to provide those who wish information about payment, the location of the departure. There are special solutions for collecting opinions about the work of hired people. There is a system for notifying clients about changes in working conditions.

As noted in the reviews of the transport company CDEK, one of the main positive aspects is the ease of communication with specialists. A client or a potential customer can get in touch with the company's specialists at any time. It will not be difficult to check where and in what status the package is. It is very easy to pay for orders and leave your feedback about the work. The main client service office is located near the Aviamotornaya metro station in Moscow. There is also a large department for working with partners. The office is located on the street of the same name with the station, in the eighth building of the building at number 67. The company is located in the first building.

transport company sdek contacts

Appearances and passwords

The main sorting of the SDEK transport company is located in the city of Dzerzhinsk. This is a settlement near the capital. The exact address is the second building of the 22nd building on Energetikov Street. This center operates in 360 directions, covering both domestic and foreign lines. According to the company's specialists, about two million orders are processed on average per month. Most of all the cargo handled by the company passes through this center. Here workers distribute shipments,based on the points to which they need to be sent. Only after that the order can move to its addressee. Movement is provided by road and air transport. The workflow is organized so that parcels are redistributed as quickly as possible. The company offers particularly fast shipping options (Express Light) and sorting centers are working to ensure that these orders are dispatched as quickly as possible. However, as can be inferred from the reviews, many believe that the firm has a huge number of problems with the implementation of a well-planned process.

There is a personal website of the company in the Virtual Web. Here you can pay for the service, find out about current changes and all the news of the enterprise, check where and what points are in a particular city.


The SDEK transport company has a lot of addresses. Branches of the company are present in eight countries, which allows for more than an impressive coverage of potential clients. Branches of the enterprise are located in a huge number of settlements. These are reception points equipped in accordance with the company's internal standards, where there are opportunities to ensure the safety of parcels waiting for the client. Employees pack incoming parcels and otherwise serve the customer. There is a specialized schedule indicating at what point the employees of the point receive a new "portion" from the warehouse. Only after that they start distributing parcels to the waiting visitors. Citizens who want to pick up the shipment themselves come to the pickup points.

Howcan be learned from the standards that describe the work of points at all addresses of the SDEK transport company, if the sender has chosen the Express Light tariff, if the order is issued as an urgent one or is delivered in accordance with the Trunk Express service, just a couple of days after the object has been sent, the recipient can already pick him up. When a customer who wants to send something arrives at the point, the person working here first checks the weight of the shipment, then thoroughly packs the item so that it does not get damaged along the way. After the item arrives at the pickup location, workers will check the weight again. All branches of the enterprise have their own cash machines and terminals. You can pay for the service of the company both in cash and using a bank card. Most offices support smartphone payments.

delivery by transport company sdek

Where and who?

Delivery by the transport company CDEK is a complex event provided by all employees hired by the enterprise. The company's staff takes specialized courses. During the training program, employees get an idea of ​​how to work with the clientele, how to properly receive and issue shipments. A visitor who is interested in the peculiarities of cooperation with the company can ask the employee about any unclear point, and the branch staff is obliged to give an exhaustive answer. All employees must be perfectly aware of the delivery times for shipments at different rates, taking into account the source and destination, as well as service rates.

Toto clarify something in a personal conversation, you need to come to the CDEK service center. The company has a huge number of offices in our country and beyond. Only within Russia there are more than 630 points. If you have any doubts about whether a particular point is working, you can call the hotline. Consultants will give comprehensive information about the address of the branch, its work schedule. They will also explain how best to get to a particular office, what public transport stops are nearby, which city bus routes serve the area.

Operating rules

As you can see from the reviews, the CDEK transport company disappoints many due to the failure to meet delivery deadlines, as well as certain difficulties in receiving shipments. Of course, there is a clearly established work schedule, but in practice, as many customers admit, the company loses parcels, cannot deliver them on time, and branch employees often cannot immediately issue the shipment, explaining this either by lack of documentation, or by other reasons. Normally, parcels are issued at the branches of the company. At which point this will be done, the sender chooses. Staff serve customers only during office hours. To receive your shipment, you need to show an employee of the company an identity document.

sdek transport company tracking

The first seven days after receipt, the shipment is stored free of charge. If during this time the recipient did not appear for his cargo, the presence of the item on the territory of the office is regarded as an additional service. For every day the object is locatedwill have to pay. How much storage will cost in a particular place, you need to check with a consultant working in a particular point. As you can see from the responses, the company has certain problems with timely notification of customers about the arrival of the item at the point. Some complain: it was precisely because of the impossibility of obtaining information on time that they did not have time to pick up the parcel on time, which is why the point of export demanded payment for storage, refusing to return the shipment without appropriate payment. Of course, this situation provoked extreme dissatisfaction of the recipient.

As you can see from the reviews, the SDEK transport company works according to a fairly convenient mode - this fact belongs to those few that most people have a good impression of. The predominant percentage of the firm's branches work six days a week. You can come here to receive your parcel, you can come for a personal meeting with the branch manager. Usually the day off is Sunday, although for each specific item you need to clarify the information on an individual basis. Most locations open at 9am and close at 6pm. In major cities, many branches are open until 8 or 9 pm. Schedule may change during holidays. Call the hotline or local branch number to make sure how the business will operate.

About money

Among those points that many users respond positively to is the ability to pay for the service in a way that is convenient for the client. The company supports different forms of payment, and thisreally beneficial for most. You can pay in cash at the branch, or you can pay by card. Through the site, you can pay for the service by debiting money from a bank account. The company cooperates with different payment systems: you can pay through Euroset or use Qiwi. You can transfer funds from your phone account or use any electronic wallet that is convenient for the customer. In any settlement there are Qiwi terminals. They also have the function of paying for CDEK services. To use it, you need to go to the "Payment for services" section.

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Post boxes

Delivery by the transport company SDEK to parcel lockers has become available relatively recently. Such a service is presented as new and is considered very promising. Postomats are convenient systems for automatic delivery of a parcel to a customer. Some points of the company have specialized equipment for issuing items in this mode. Automatic machines are installed in large shopping centers, places with high conductivity. Post offices work around the clock, and the speed of service here is the highest possible. To receive your shipment, you just need to come to the post office and pick up the cargo from the cell indicated by the sender. A client who wants to receive his parcel must know the exact address of the post office where the delivery was made. In fact, the point of issue is a large stand with closed metal cells designed to store items. If the sender has fully paid for the company's service, the recipient simply picks up his order. If apayment is assigned to the recipient, you must first use the terminal through which the cash on delivery is transferred, only after that it becomes possible to pick up the goods from the cell. The list of parcel lockers is updated regularly as the firm expands coverage and installs new distribution systems. There are more of them in large cities, but points with a small number of inhabitants are gradually covered.

Knowing where the SDEK transport company is located, having an idea of ​​how the sender sent the parcel, you can find your way in time, when it arrives, and immediately receive the coveted object. The company automatically sends messages to mobile phones. Reviews, however, indicate the presence of possible errors, delays. In the best case, the client receives a message with a unique code. It is needed to open the cell. The recipient arrives at the desired parcel terminal, presses the start key on the terminal, enters his phone number and the received code, pays for the service, if necessary. The box is automatically opened, the client can pick up its contents.

Where can I share my experience?

To share your opinion about the work of the enterprise, you need to use the contacts provided for this by the transport company SDEK. The alternative is independent resources. To send your feedback directly to the company, you can use the service that allows you to contact the quality department. The company has specially trained employees dealing with customer claims. The person concerned asks for help, the operator contactspersons responsible for searching for the shipment, technical support. Sometimes you have to cooperate with managers responsible for recruiting. On average, the problem resolution time is a full week. You can fill out an application to contact the support center through the official website of the enterprise. You can call the hotline and ask to switch to the thematic department.

Another way to contact company representatives is to leave your message on the company's website through the feedback form. Here you can ask about how the service works, how services are provided. Through this form, some talk about their experience with the company, while others express ideas, suggestions that would help improve the performance of the company. On the main page of the site there is a callback request function. Using it and indicating your phone number, soon a person will be able to communicate with the operator of the enterprise - he will call himself. In order for employees to contact the person in need, you need to leave a phone number and the number of the agreement concluded, indicate your city and give a general description of the issue that caused the need to talk with an employee of the company. On average, operators call within the next hour after filling out an application.

sdek transport company reviews

And what are the problems?

As can be seen from the customer reviews on this issue, the transport company CDEK has a huge number of problems. From independent sources, you can learn many stories that end with a single conclusion: “Never againI will send through this courier service! There are many reasons for dissatisfaction. Most note that the company misses deadlines. Many admit that the company's employees are poorly trained, the qualification level is low. In points, the staff slowly accepts parcels, paperwork takes several hours. The company constantly changes the rules of work, which creates certain inconveniences for its regular customers. As the employees explain, previously there was a separate system for servicing large receipts and single parcels, recently it was decided to combine them into one stream. This does not happen in all locations, but in some it is possible.

People who, for whatever reason, are forced to seek technical assistance and support are also often dissatisfied with the result. If a person wants to know about a certain branch of the CDEK transport company, if he wants to clarify tariffs or get an idea of ​​​​the exact address of the office, post office, it would seem that he can simply make a call to the operator on the hotline. As those who tried to take advantage of this opportunity say, the answer is disappointing. The staff answering the call often does not have information and cannot quickly find it. Call center employees cannot answer clearly and distinctly. In most cases, they cannot give you an idea of ​​the exact price of the shipment, offering to personally come to the nearest point, whose employees will tell you how much you need to pay. Operators do not respond to objections about the loss of time and only hang up.

Timing and convenience

Working throughout the country (and, of course, in Moscow), the transport company CDEK attracts attention with a promise to deliver the package as soon as possible. If you believe the promises of the company, in just a few days, using a number of tariffs, you can receive a shipment. Most often, people who need urgent delivery of documents to another city want to take advantage of this opportunity. No less often, people who want to send a gift so that it arrives exactly at the right time turn to the services of couriers. Both of them talk about their deep disappointment. There are, of course, people who are lucky and the company delivers everything on time. But, as can be concluded from reviews in independent sources, there are a lot of those who did not have the opportunity to learn from their own experience about the accuracy and discipline of the work of the staff, because the parcels were delayed, lost, randomly sent at the wrong time. Especially many problems are observed on the eve of major holidays covering the whole country. For example, if you want to send something before the New Year, you should not count on meeting deadlines - reviews confirm that they always fail.

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On the one hand, this can be explained: only in Moscow, the transport company CDEK receives a huge number of orders that employees simply cannot cope with in standard terms. However, as offended customers rightly point out, the situation is the same every year, which means that the company can simply think through this problem in advance and, on the eve of large-scale festivities, takeadditional workers to sort and deliver all shipments on time. Despite this, as it seems to many, an easy way out, no real changes in the situation are observed. Those who have repeatedly tried to send gifts to loved ones with this courier service agree: the only option is to send everything in advance. Of course, this does not suit everyone.

Reliable and safe - or not?

As the official representatives of the company assure, in all covered cities the transport company SDEK guarantees accurate and timely delivery of goods in perfect condition. In practice, as can be concluded from the reviews, not everything always works out so well. And it's not just about meeting deadlines. Many note that the items transported by the company arrived to the recipient in poor condition. Something gets damaged, something breaks. More than once there were cases of getting scratches, and when transporting fragile things, they broke, fought completely. As those who have faced such a situation admit, it is extremely difficult to obtain compensation from the enterprise.

Many people know how to send a parcel by the transport company SDEK - just come to the office, branch, where the employee will pack everything and ask for payment. You can call a courier to your house - he will come, pack the item and take it with him. If the product arrived in poor condition, only the sender has the right to file a claim - the recipient simply does not have such an opportunity. As can be seen from the responses related to such conflict situations, the operators of the CDEK company are thoroughly playing for time, redirectingneedy from one employee to another, while no one is going to make a refund on a broken, damaged object.

Does everyone work honestly?

As can be seen from the reviews, the items accepted at the points of the transport company SDEK do not always find their recipient. There are cases when couriers simply stole a parcel, disappeared with it and could not be found. This is relatively rare, but history proves that situations do happen. In such a situation, the sender has the right to demand compensation from the enterprise for compensation for the loss. As practice shows, if you use the classical scheme of communication with operators, then there will be no effect, as in the case of damage described earlier. You can try to go to court. According to some, they contacted experienced lawyers who handled the case on their behalf - they almost always managed to win the case and obtain compensation for the loss. However, compensation is compensation, and necessary, often important and valuable things are still lost, and besides them - time. And, of course, any such situation is a strong stress load for the sender and recipient.

sdek transport company addresses

Franchise: working conditions

Although the company does not have the best reputation, it has great resources and opportunities, so quite a lot of potential entrepreneurs in different parts of our country are interested in how to become a franchise member. Feedback from employees about the transport company SDEK gives an idea of ​​how profitable it is. ATIn general, the responses are slightly more positive than the opinions of the clientele. It is believed that this is a pretty good opportunity to start a business with a minimum of skills and funds. However, you will first have to thoroughly understand how tracking works in the SDEK transport company, where there are post offices and branches, how to hire workers and where to get your client. True, this is all solvable.

Today, working with an enterprise is beneficial due to the intensification of virtual trade. Most often they find out how to send the transport company SDEK, online stores. Having signed a contract with several such points, the courier office can count on a stable, decent monthly profit. Courier service these days is turning into a mass service, which is used by almost everyone. CDEK is a company with a number of advantages, so a novice entrepreneur can safely choose this particular office. Customers will come, attracted by the low price and the range of useful services.

Franchise Features

Of course, only those who are well versed in the work of the CDEK transport company (tracking, dispatch and delivery rules, transportation features) can get a good profit from participating in the project. But do not be afraid in vain. The company has been working on a franchising system for quite a long time and has debugged the learning process. Today, the number of those who entered into an agreement under such a system is already more than 300 businessmen. The reason is that many are convinced that sending by a transport company CDEK is a reliable way to ensure fast delivery of goods. This allowed the company to open so many branches.True, in recent years, the reputation, as can be seen from the above, has deteriorated significantly.

When planning to start work in this area, a businessman must understand: he will first have to personally figure out how to track the cargo in the transport company CDEK, how to calculate the cost of services. You will have to learn how to work with clients and serve visitors politely, providing maximum useful information. The company offers all novice businessmen and their staff to undergo special training. The training centers teach where and how to track the parcel by number. The transport company CDEK offers its employees training in corporate culture and rules for accepting positions. As part of special trainings, they explain how to behave in a conflict situation and how to explain to the customer what the price of the shipment is formed from.

Should I turn on?

As can be seen from the calculations, the transport company SDEK attracts the attention of beginner businessmen with its pleasant conditions. The starting price of the franchise is 150 thousand. To open a business, you need to spend about 200 thousand. Roy alties after the seventh month of work - 10%. These are quite favorable conditions that allow even novice businessmen with minimal savings to become participants in the project. True, when planning such work, you need to make sure that there are no competitors on the market - courier companies with a better reputation than CDEK.

As the entrepreneurs who started their business in this area say, the business soon pays for itself. True, it was not without difficulties, especially in small towns. The most typicalassociated with the selection of qualified and reliable personnel. Of course, the head office offers training programs, but the task of a businessman is to find people who can be trusted. Sometimes it's very difficult.

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