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Job description of the head of the marketing department: drafting features, requirements and sample
Job description of the head of the marketing department: drafting features, requirements and sample

Marketing is an essential part of any business, big or small. The difference is the fact that in a small business, most often the owners are engaged in marketing on their own. In large firms, specialists build a system that includes different departments, including the marketing department. Each such department should be led by a professional. But before starting work, he must familiarize himself with his rights and obligations.

So, what is the job description of the head of marketing department?

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The job description of the head of the marketing department is a document that acquaints a new employee with his rights, duties and responsibilities that lie with him. Obviously, this job requires a lot of responsibility and courage in making decisions, so a new employee should think very carefully whether he can handle everythingtasks specified in the job description. At first glance, it only seems that marketers do nothing but advertising, but marketing is a complex process that can sometimes be difficult to keep track of. Therefore, the head of the marketing department must also have extensive knowledge in finance, promotion, market, law.

What are the features of writing a job description?

Compiling a job description for the head of marketing doesn't take a lot of effort. The most important thing is to write down all the details. Try to write everything down so that there are no questions left. Ask friends who have a marketing department, or employees, what the first thing you need to pay attention to the new leader. Remember that he must clearly answer whether he can cope with the tasks.

Describe or even paint the chain of command. To whom will the new employee report? Who are his subordinates? This is a very important detail when writing instructions.


Next, the rules of registration. On the first page at the top, you need to indicate the name of the company, the place and date of creation of the document. At the very end, the employee must sign this instruction: with initials, signature and date of signing.

The job description of the head of marketing is not required by law, but makes life a lot easier for a new employee. After all, you must admit that starting work, where everything is painted and put on the shelves, is much easier than intuitively thinking what needs to be done, or remembering training materials every time. It is also a plus forthe owner of the company, because there will be no “this is not my responsibility” situation if a certain task was prescribed in the instructions.


So, what positions must be in the job description?

  1. General provisions, including employee requirements.
  2. Rights.
  3. Responsibilities.
  4. Responsibility.
  5. Working conditions.


A sample job description for a marketing manager looks like this.

General provisions

The general provisions are the facts about the work: the structure of the organization, to whom the employee reports, information about the deputy, requirements for the employee.

First page

Requirements for the candidate

Requirements in the job description of the head of the marketing department are spelled out in general terms. From candidates for the vacancy of the head of the marketing department, they most often require a higher economic education, experience in marketing activities (from several years). This paragraph contains all the knowledge required from a person in this position. As it was written above, marketing is an extensive knowledge, therefore, the manager needs knowledge of law, finance, product engineering, promotion, management, product distribution, objection handling, advertising. Therefore, not everyone can take on such a responsible position. It is also worth noting that good marketing directly affects the high level of sales, and every oversight or small mistake will immediately have a negative impact on the company's income.

After listing the necessary knowledge and skills, you need to specify the deputy head. The deputy performs all the tasks that the boss orders him to do, and is also responsible for the operational activities of the department.


The job description of the head of the marketing department of a trading company also includes a description of the employee's duties. Due to the fact that this profession requires extensive knowledge, there are also many obligations here. Of the main: work with documents. This is both accepting projects from subordinates and working with superiors. On what kind of issues the head of the marketing department should consult with the authorities, it depends on the structure of the company and is spelled out individually in the company's instructions. But most often it is the adoption of expensive projects or difficult situations.

The duties of the boss also include:

  • manual;
  • working with the market;
  • sales analysis;
  • participation in the development of new projects;
  • customer service;
  • control over service and goods movement.

In other words, the tasks of the head of the marketing department include all the tasks of a marketer, additionally leadership and control over subordinates, constant contact with superiors.

Supervisor's Responsibilities


The most interesting thing for candidates is the rights of the leader. Of course, this is the delegation of tasks to employees. Control over the level of performance of the assigned tasks, including requesting the necessary documents regarding marketingactivities. If necessary, the head can contact other departments of the company. Also participation in various conferences, meetings on marketing issues, representing the interests of the company.

Manager's rights


What is the responsibility of the head of marketing and advertising? It is obvious that any leader is responsible for his results and the actions of his team. To motivate the head of the department to achieve goals, come up with motivation. Prizes, bonuses, bonuses, trips, gifts - what a person will be pleased to receive for his work. Then the employee's loy alty to the company will increase, and the level of his interest in the final results will be higher.

Also, the head of the marketing department is fully responsible for the failure to follow any orders, poorly performed work (including employees), non-compliance with safety rules at work, false information provided to superiors.

That is, the manager must keep track of everything so as not to spoil relations with superiors, especially at the beginning of the working path.

Responsibilities of the Head of Marketing

Working conditions

Working conditions include: work schedule, possible bonuses (insurance, gym membership, company car) and more. At the very end of the instruction, the signature of both parties is put together with the date.

The Marketing Director Job Description is a multi-page, multi-faceted document.

Deputy head of departmentmarketing

If everything is clear with the boss, what does the job description of the deputy head of the marketing department look like?

The structure of the document is exactly the same as that of the boss. But the content is a little different.

Chief Responsibility

Specialist requirements

Let's start with the general provisions. The chief reports to senior management, while the deputy reports directly to the chief. The requirements for the deputy are the same as for the head: higher education, experience. The tasks in this position most often include: coordination of the department, organization of work, discipline of employees, confidentiality of information. Required knowledge: legislation, finance, the ability to analyze and forecast the market, the ability to promote the product and organize advertising campaigns, psychology and perfect knowledge of the company's internal regulations. During the vacation or illness of the boss, the deputy is obliged to replace him.

Deputy Duties

The duties of the Deputy Chief are as follows:

  • participation in the creation of a marketing strategy;
  • coordination of the whole department;
  • studying the market and its reaction to the product;
  • advertising organization;
  • document confidentiality;
  • work on employee training (organization of conferences, supply of training materials, promotion of professional growth of subordinates);
  • manual for creating reports and reports;
  • providing the authorities with the necessary documents.

What rights do"Zama"?

Compared to duties, the deputy director has much less rights. So, what rights can the deputy chief exercise?

  1. The right to make decisions regarding the work of the department, especially during the absence of the head.
  2. Consultation of superiors, suggestion of improvements in the work of the department.
  3. Participation in decision-making.

All other rights in each company are prescribed individually.

Responsibility of a specialist

Deputy chief is primarily responsible for his work. He must perform tasks properly, not "hack", and follow the orders of the head. Of course, you can not use the work for personal purposes. Also, the Deputy Director is responsible for the timely provision of documents to the authorities and their reliability. If an employee violates any of the above, he is liable: administrative, material and even criminal.

The work of the Deputy is constantly evaluated. First of all, the management analyzes the results of the work of the deputy and additionally at least once every 2 years conducts a certification of the employee.

Deputy working conditions

Working conditions are prescribed in the same way as the head of the marketing department: work schedule, information about possible business trips, additional bonuses.

Chief's assignments


The job description of the head of the marketing and advertising department is a complex document containing all the necessary information about the vacancy. Hercreated in order to familiarize the new employee with all the details of the work. The creators of the instruction are guided by the most important information necessary for the employee.

Definitely this document makes life easier for new bosses and reduces the worries of top management.

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