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Business school "Synergy": feedback from company employees, working conditions
Business school "Synergy": feedback from company employees, working conditions

Since 1988, the Synergy Business School in Moscow and a number of other Russian cities has provided an opportunity for everyone to get an education and improve their skills. Online courses, master classes, seminars and trainings, corporate programs, forums and conferences. Education today itself adapts to you and your requirements. This is a student's perspective. And what does the underside of this institution look like when you are going to start a career there? Will you find yourself in a friendly team drinking tea at lunchtime and discussing your personal life, or will you meet tough competitors who will trip you up at any moment?

Whom to go to work

It follows from the company's statements that they do not limit the professionalism of job seekers, so resumes can be sent for a number of vacancies.

Synergy vacancies

Apparently, for the same reason, there is no specifics, such as the level of wages (which almost everyone looks at first, and only then the conditions and responsibilities), a detailed description of the workplace and process, schedule, and the like. Open vacancies of the business school "Synergy" cover a wide range of applicants: whether a student at the beginning of his career path or an experienced leader.

Fuzzy working conditions: some thought

On the one hand, this option of hiring future employees will attract the attention of applicants who doubt or are unsure of their abilities and capabilities. On the other hand, you can miss out on professionals looking for specifics.

One more assumption can be made on this approach: the company has a strong turnover (which is confirmed by the studied reviews of the Synergy business school).

In any case, you should not judge the correctness of the publication of vacancies, so there will be room for personal conclusions.

Two in one

There are two possible options to consider the company: "Synergy" is a university and a business school. The differences are tritely simple: study for the sake of higher education or get acquainted with the desired speaker in one lesson.

Synergy University similar page

There is an opportunity to improve your skills in a specific direction, and if you wish, get a state diploma of higher education, including a degree.

statistics on the business school website

Worth itnote that this approach to learning options is quite good. And since employees are provided with knowledge up to free, this is a huge plus in addition to work and wages.

Is it worth sharing your opinion on your resource?

Do you trust the reviews that companies post on their own websites? Although no, it's better to start with another question. Have you ever seen a negative review on the page of any company or organization? It is doubtful that anyone sincerely wants to flaunt negative opinions about themselves or their services. Usually only praising odes are published (precisely wild delights to everyone and everything).

The university and business school "Synergy" did not bypass such a marketing move. Reviews of employees, guests of events, students are collected in the form of video files. General directors and company representatives summarize the valuable experience gained. A large number of reviews about business trainings in "Synergy", about the faculties at the university.

employee reviews on the site

What really shines is the ability to view opinions in video format, not just read them in text form. Such a move attracts attention.

How can you feel about other people's reviews on the Internet

The Internet is a place where you can find almost anything. It is possible to advertise the worst product or destroy the reputation of even the most honest company.

So it's best to be skeptical of online reviews today.

doubts about the honesty of others

Firstly, it is already a little secret for anyone that reviews are paid, they are written to order. You will hardly find words of truth in them.

Secondly, there are former offended employees who want to vent all their negativity on the pages of sites. This attitude can be quite biased.

So, reading the reviews about the business school "Synergy", you will never guess where the lie is and where the truth is.

Where you can see independent recommendations

If you do not take the company's own websites, then there is a wide variety of third-party resources for publishing reviews. This applies to almost everything: services, shops, goods, personalities.

Such sources are considered to be independent and most truthful. Anyone who wants to register, write a personal opinion and rate.

Sweet words of gratitude

Anyone will be pleased to hear a good opinion about themselves. When it comes to a firm or organization, it is doubly pleasant.

Among the reviews about the business school "Synergy" quite often there are full-fledged, detailed reviews about the positive aspects of working for this company.

detailed positive feedback

In sufficient detail, employees express their opinion about the advantages of the business school "Synergy". Reviews left on third-party sites relate to:

  • friendly staff;
  • timely wages;
  • getting an education in addition to work;
  • comfortable cozyjobs;
  • career growth, etc.

So that such an opinion does not seem like a solid fairy tale, they note small minuses. For example, you need to work hard and work hard to earn good money. But it accompanies any job at any company, so it's no surprise.

A fly in the ointment that draws attention

People will always find the good, but they usually try to keep silent about the bad.

After all, when you come to get a new job in an unfamiliar team and with new management, you usually listen to what they say about the conditions. But not always the words in the interviews correspond to reality. Rarely will they explain to you about the pitfalls of a future job or competing employees. Yes, we haven’t met interviews yet where they say:

- Don't tell Aunt Lucy about your personal life. She did not ask, so she spreads rumors about others. Everyone understands, but then try to convince them that everything is fine with you.

Or like this:

- I, as your future leader, will overwhelm you with work that will have to be delayed over the weekend. If you want to prove yourself, forget about your family, live at work.

Of course, no one makes such sincere speeches. So, just read the negative feedback from employees about the business school "Synergy".

negative feedback

There are enough of them too. But again, it’s worth repeating, this can be a real reflection of reality, the intrigues of competitors to defeat the reputation or the elementary annoyance of the offended dismissedemployees.

Criticism touches on many aspects of working conditions: problems with wages, work schedules, colleagues or management. So to speak, for every taste and color.

Argued and possibly true

The most noteworthy negative reviews are reviews that are written without emotion, based on arguments and facts. Logically, these are the opinions of employees that attract the most attention and are most trustworthy.

So, for example, in the photo below, you can highlight several key points of the author:

  • staff turnover;
  • inflated prices for training services;
  • Rosstat data.
negative feedback with specific facts

If a quick change of workforce cannot be tracked without working in a company, then the second two points can be checked within a short time. Prices for training services can be compared by selecting a specific item.

It's hard to say something about the financial well-being of the company. Long and hard crawling through the wilds of the website of the Federal State Statistics Service, and again, and again … Maybe someone personally will be able to find such information. It was not possible to confirm or deny, and this happens.

And finally, not in the forehead, but in the eye

Independent verification of writing reviews about the business school "Synergy", both negative and positive. Yes, there is such a site where you can find out a little truth. It would be more correct to say, a summary of the authors of reviews: people write, write, considering,that no one will know. And here again - and they find out that all the reviews were written from one place. Or, for example, a bunch of negative reviews about a Moscow bakery were published from Norway. You can immediately understand that these are the machinations of harmful people (in any case, everyone already understood who they were talking about).

So, with regard to reviews of the business school "Synergy", the photo shows the following marks:

  • suspiciously many reviews with ip-addresses of other states,
  • suspiciously many reviews with the same ip-addresses,
  • Suspiciously many reviews from one browser.
independent critique of reviews

Coincidence or advertising department trick? Only the words from the song come to mind: think for yourself, decide for yourself. In the case of the "Synergy" school, decide what to believe, what to choose.

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