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What can you buy at the Central Market in Tula?

What can you buy at the Central Market in Tula?
What can you buy at the Central Market in Tula?

Absolutely in any city, big or small, there is always a market or market square where you can literally buy whatever your heart desires. There is such a market in the city of Tula, it is called the "Central Market".

It is located on Khlebnaya Square, 8, and has not stopped its work for more than a hundred years. This convenient place in the center of Tula is one of the most popular in the city.

The range of products and goods provided to the buyer is simply huge and diverse.

Types of trade

The central market in Tula consists of several heated, spacious and modern pavilions:

  1. Pavilion 1 - meat. Here the buyer is always offered fresh pork, beef, veal, lamb, chickens. Meat is always in demand by buyers, as it is a product of daily demand. In the pavilion, you can satisfy any desire for the choice of meat and poultry in a short time. The goods can be chopped, at the request of the buyer, into smaller pieces.
  2. Pavilion 2 - vegetables and fruits, sausages. On the bigThe area of ​​the pavilion is provided with a wide selection of all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, as well as s alted and pickled species, dried fruits, spices, nuts grown in our country and brought from abroad, a wide range of boiled and smoked sausages. There is always the opportunity to try the selected product and compare before making a purchase.
  3. Pavilions 3 and 5 - manufactured goods. Very comfortable rooms with a large assortment of fur, outerwear, jackets, coats, shoes, jeans, bags, leather goods. You can easily pick up clothes for women and men, and also for children of any age. Thus, here in a short time it is possible, if desired, to quickly dress the whole family.
  4. Pavilion 4 - farmer's. A very popular pavilion at any time. Products offered by farmers are always in great demand. Cottage cheese, milk, cheese, honey and honey products, sausages, fish and other products are always fresh and of high quality.
  5. The territory of the market on the street is also retail outlets where the buyer is offered food, various clothes and shoes, electrical goods, building materials and much more. You can always buy fresh bread in specialized stalls, as well as visit cafes.

Opening hours

Central market in Tula

The Tula Central Market has a very convenient opening hours (summer and winter) - from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday is a sanitary day):

  • from 8:00 to 18:00 from May to October;
  • from 8:00 to 17:00 from November to April.
  • Meat onCentral market in Tula

Market Advantage

The activity of the Central Market meets all the necessary standards and norms for sanitary requirements:

  • disinfection measures and sanitary days are being carried out;
  • all meat sold on the territory of the market undergoes a mandatory veterinary and sanitary examination at the meat control station, the rules for cutting carcasses are observed;
  • sanitary examination of all products is carried out before being sold on the market;
  • storage of goods is strictly controlled;
  • waste bin meets all requirements;
  • all sellers' documentation for the goods sold is checked without fail.

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