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What assortment of goods does the Central Market in Kursk offer

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What assortment of goods does the Central Market in Kursk offer
What assortment of goods does the Central Market in Kursk offer

Currently, markets are invariably popular with the townspeople. The central market in Kursk is no exception. Convenient location and concentration of everything you need in one place make it the most visited by buyers.

A large influx of buyers makes the Central Market in Kursk also popular with tenants. In this place you can find food, souvenirs and more.

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Official information

The market is a city enterprise. The Central Market is located in Kursk at the address: st. Verkhnyaya Lugovaya, 13. The food fair is open from 7 am to 6 pm. The Central Market is not only a building on Verkhnyaya Lugovaya Street, it also includes a food and non-food fair - the Fiber market. It is located at: st. Youth, 47.

The main place of trade is a complex of two interconnected buildings. After shopping, market visitors can relax innumerous cafes that operate on the territory. There is even a children's cafe called Cinderella.

What can I buy

The central market in Kursk offers its visitors a wide range of products and services. There is a pawnshop, workshops - jewelry, watchmaking, sewing, leather goods and shoe repair.

In the building of the Central Market in Kursk, a wide variety of services and goods are concentrated. You can use the services of hairdressers in the beauty salon and the service center. If you need children's goods, visit the Cinderella children's store; a sports and entertainment center is open for entertainment. In addition, chain grocery stores operate in the building.

Clothing market in Kursk

Three floors of the complex are divided by types of goods and services. The first floor of the old building is mainly non-food products and services. On the second floor there is a large selection of farm products - meat, honey, sweets, bakery products, vegetables and fruits, fish and sausages. This is not the entire list of products. Visiting the market, buyers are sure to find what they need.

Third floor for home and outerwear.

In addition to the main building, trade is also carried out on the adjacent territory. The open area sells household goods, appliances, garden utensils, animals and more.

Parking is organized for visitors by private transport.

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