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Barantsev Alexey Georgievich: biography
Barantsev Alexey Georgievich: biography

Aleksey Georgievich Barantsev is a well-known Russian businessman, businessman and official. He devoted his life to working in the field of metallurgy. Moreover, Alexei Georgievich was awarded the St. Peter the Great Prize. The entrepreneur has invested a lot in the development of domestic production. In addition, the President of the Russian Federation personally thanked him and presented the Order of Honor for his significant achievements in the metallurgical and machine-building industries. In the article you will learn a lot of information about the life and career of this outstanding person.

Aleksey Georgievich Barantsev: biography

The future businessman was born in November 1956. Aleksey Georgievich spent all his childhood in the village of Ust-Barguziya, which is located in the Buryat region. Even in early childhood, cars constantly attracted his attention. He grew up quite smart, curious and independent. Parents don'tthey looked forward to the soul in their child, and the teachers spoke of Alexei Barantsev as an intelligent and exemplary student. When the future entrepreneur reached the age of majority, he decided to enter the Political University in the city of Irkutsk. His choice fell on the Faculty of Metallurgy. The parents were proud of their son. They believed that in the future Alexei Georgievich Barantsev would reach incredible heights. In fact, it all happened.

Barantsev Alexey

Career start

The entrepreneur started his career at an aluminum plant in Tajikistan. He worked there for approximately seven years, from 1985 to 1992. It is known that colleagues spoke of Alexei Georgievich as a decent and conscientious employee. Initially, Alexei Georgievich was an ordinary master. However, after some time, he was able to grow to the deputy head of the electrolyte division. After Barantsev, they were transferred to an aluminum plant in a city called Bratsk. There he took the position of head of the technical shop. Alexei Georgievich held this post for almost five years. He was in charge of managing and supervising the activities of the shop. Subordinates respected their leader, as he was always friendly to them.

Alexey Georgievich

New stage

In early 1998, the career of Alexei Georgievich Barantsev began to acquire new momentum and noticeable changes. He was promoted to the post of general director of an aluminum factory in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. There he conscientiously fulfilled his duties for two years.Soon Barantsev moved to his former place of work, only in a new role. Until 2002, he headed the Bratsk plant for the production of heavy industry. Colleagues argued that Barantsev was responsible for his activities. Some believe that metallurgy is his life's work, which he enjoyed.

Barantsev and his colleague

Peak in career, main achievements

In 2002, Alexey Georgievich went to the UK in order to improve his level of top management qualifications according to the program assigned to them. He then went to France for an internship for a few months. After training, Barantsev moved to the post of chief executive of the company, which was called Russian Aluminum Management OJSC. This organization was engaged in the construction of new facilities.

Activities in the company "Gaz" and his merits

In the same year, Barantsev took the place of the first deputy head of the JSC "Gas". He stayed for several months in this position, then the board of directors decided to appoint Alexei Georgievich as the general manager of the company. During his work in this association, he was able to make a huge contribution to the development of the metallurgical sector. He introduced new changes at the Gorky Automobile Building Plant, which were able to significantly reduce costs, and also led to a clear improvement in product quality. In general, the work of the automobile plant began to progress. Moreover, Barantsev tried to develop and introduce new technologies into production. UT organization"Gas" has become a highly developed manufacturing enterprise in the field of mechanical engineering. Alexey Georgievich created and implemented a new system of work organization, which helped to bring the company to the leaders of the world industry among companies involved in auto production. The corporation was able to enter the international level thanks to Alexei Georgievich Barantsev, reviews of which foreign partners leave quite positive.

Gas Company


For his responsible and high-quality work, as well as a significant contribution to the production of cars, Alexey Barantsev was awarded the St. Peter the Great Prize. Moreover, he became a laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Alexey Georgievich also periodically gives lectures at the Technical Institute of the Irkutsk Region. He is considered an honorary teacher of the exact sciences. Aleksey Barantsev was included in the list of the best leaders and managers according to the USAID. In addition, he is a member of the All-Russian Association of Industrialists. Colleagues consider Aleksey Georgievich Barantsev a wonderful employee and leader, whose photo you will find below. Also in 2007, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Barantsev was awarded the Order of Honor for his huge contribution to the development of the automotive industry, as well as for responsible and conscientious work.

Barantsev and stars

Barantsev Alexey Georgievich: family

Almost nothing is known about the entrepreneur's family and personal life. Barantsev Alexey Georgievich is married and has several children. The businessman claims that his parents arevery worthy and noble people who gave life, taught everything you need to know in this life. Barantsev loves, appreciates and respects his father and mother very much.

Aleksey Georgievich considers industriousness, purposefulness and responsibility to be the main and important features in a person's character. All these qualities helped him to achieve many heights and successes in his career. He was able to bring the engineering industry to a new level, improve the quality of car production, and also develop the metallurgical industry. Alexei Barantsev is one of Russia's great entrepreneurs.

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