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Aviator is prestigious and difficult

Aviator is prestigious and difficult
Aviator is prestigious and difficult

Professions are different. Which of the boys did not dream of becoming a pilot or an astronaut in childhood? What kind of profession is an aviator? What are the responsibilities of a pilot? And what qualities should a future candidate have? Learn from this article.

What profession?

Aviator is a specialist who manages, drives and maintains aircraft of various types and classes. This includes pilots, pilots, astronauts. According to the field of activity, the profession of an aviator can be civil, military or amateur.

This profession is considered one of the highest paid. An aviator is always prestigious and responsible. Of course, now the work has been simplified due to the development of progress, system automation. But it used to be a job that required tremendous concentration.

Study takes about 5 years. However, after that you need to practice flying in various airlines.

By the way, the profession of an aviator is considered male, as women tend to be less stable. In addition, passengers trust the man more to control the aircraft. However, there are also women among the pilots.

female pilot


Aviator is not an easy profession, he needs to perform many operations at the same time:

  • crew control;
  • following the instructions of the air traffic controller;
  • monitoring instrument readings;
  • clearly following the path and time;
  • takeoff and disembarkation decisions and responsibility in case of emergency.

Despite the requirement of strict adherence to the instructions, the aviator must be with the vehicle as a whole, feel it, because this is very important. After all, you never know what situation can happen in the sky.


Aviator can fly a helicopter or an airplane, so he needs, depending on his specialization, to have an idea about the transport, its structure and control the state.

Candidate Qualities

To become a pilot, you need to have a fairly extensive list of qualities.

First of all, it is neuro-emotional stability. And also, the future aviator must be responsible, be able to make decisions quickly and find a way out of difficult situations. In addition, a high level of intelligence and the absence of fear of heights are important.

The pilot must be in good he alth, stable vestibular apparatus and good eyesight, because noise, vibration, low pressure and lack of oxygen in the cockpit have a negative impact on the body.

Aviator is a very important profession for which not everyone is suitable. But becoming one, a person gets an unforgettable experienceand emotions.

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