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Dumplings as a business: step by step instructions. Where to begin?

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Dumplings as a business: step by step instructions. Where to begin?
Dumplings as a business: step by step instructions. Where to begin?

The question of what to start a dumpling business is asked by more and more people every year. After all, the popularity of such institutions is growing. To implement the project in the center of the settlement, it is recommended to choose a room near office buildings. The business idea is to provide he althy fast food. The capacity of the establishment will not exceed 30 people. For this, a room of about 110 square meters is enough.

Target Audience

According to the business plan, dumpling production will target people aged 18-50. Prices will be average. Among the main advantages of such an institution are high demand with low competition. Natural products are becoming more and more popular. An important point in the business plan for dumplings with calculations is that there is the possibility of diversification by connecting a cafe with the production of semi-finished products. The enterprise will pay off quite simply.

Dishes with dumplings

But among the main difficulties they list: setting up a business, the scale of investments. The thing is that the regulatory authorities willkeeping a close eye on the business. Investments will need at least 1,700,000 rubles. For the most part, this money will be spent on repairs, furniture, the purchase of raw materials and working capital. When starting a business from scratch, you need to rely on the fact that at first the business will be unprofitable. It is necessary to foresee that it will be necessary to allocate funds for this initial period. For the most part, investments will be spent on the purchase of equipment - about 49% of them will fall on this particular expense item. According to this business plan for the dumpling shop and cafe, the money will go directly to the owner of the establishment.


The financial plan is signed for three years. After this period of time, the business is expected to expand. The net profit in this case will be about 1,600,000 rubles. The company will reach its full sales volume by the end of the first year from the date of opening. The investment will pay off by 6 months of operation.


At the moment, people living in large settlements have less and less free time. Thanks to this, the demand for ready-made products is only growing. During the crisis, more and more customers appear at fast food establishments, as food here is more budgetary.

Given these trends, the implementation of a business plan for a dumpling shop would be a very good idea. In Russian culture, dumplings are an important part of the culture, they always remain in demand. In addition, the demand for such products is not seasonal.

The main modern trend in catering ispromotion of he althy food. Among the total number of establishments providing natural products, the share of the studied establishments is only 1%. According to the owners of dumplings as a business, the niche is quite free.


As planned, this place will be a catering establishment that will compete with traditional fast food. Before you open a dumplings business plan, you need to select the range of products that will be sold here. Dumplings with many different fillings, originally served, combined with a cozy interior and home-cooking flavor, will successfully compete with products from large chains.

Pelmeni interior

In modern dumplings, both ready-made meals are provided, and frozen ones are put up for sale. It is believed that such a strategy will be the most successful, as customers prefer "home" cuisine, handicrafts. They prefer natural products from cafes to semi-finished products from supermarkets.

Statistical data are available showing the increase in demand for frozen food. It's all about finding a budget replacement for meat. According to experts, the demand for it will only grow. Approximately 73% of the urban population buy dumplings at least once every 3 months. On average, over 10 years, about 4 kg of this product is eaten by one person.

At the moment, there are more than 300 largest producers of dumplings in the country. The statistics did not include small firms that operate in the regions. Approximately 10,000 customers account for 5 brands,producing this food.

Dumplings lead the markets of semi-finished products. For this reason, dumpling as a business is very promising.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of such enterprises include increased demand for products, low cost. Also, production does not depend on imported goods. The volume of demand does not depend on the state of the economy. It is likely that the state will help such an institution due to the national coloring of the idea. You will not need to spend a lot of money on comfort in the interior.

Production will be fairly easy to implement. However, difficulties will arise at the stage of paperwork and interaction with regulatory authorities. In order for dumplings as a business to be very successful, it is necessary to form a unique range of products. It must be of high quality.

Goods and services

This is a public catering establishment that will organize leisure activities for the population, producing food products with speci alties. It is also recommended that dumplings as a business provide for the sale of salads, soups, pastries. You will need to add hot and cold drinks to the menu.

In terms of services, their establishment will provide three varieties. Firstly, it is the production of hot dumplings and other dishes. Secondly, it is the sale of frozen products. Thirdly, it is the delivery of finished products.

Only natural ingredients will be used in production. Since dumplings as a business will be positioned as an institution of "homecuisine”, there will be no harmful additives in the composition of the dishes.

How to open a dumpling

The menu will include directly dumplings with many different fillings. For example, with chicken, fish, cheese. It is worth releasing them with chicken liver, salmon, shrimp. The second menu item will be all kinds of sauces - sour cream, cheese, garlic, mustard and so on. The third item is dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms, cottage cheese, cherries, cabbage. It is also important to supplement the menu with salads, soups of the day. It is recommended to provide an assortment of chicken broth, mushroom soup, borscht, hodgepodge, tomato soup, kharcho. Drinks will be represented by tea, coffee, cocoa, fruit drinks. You will need to include juices, mineral water, desserts in the menu. Among the latter, it is better to opt for cheesecakes, pies and succulents.

However, according to reviews of dumplings as a business, the best solution would be to constantly test the demand for products. It is worth giving visitors the opportunity to demonstrate their taste preferences by regularly changing menu items in the establishment. It will be necessary to constantly expand the range of fillings in dumplings. Experiments are also allowed in terms of the method of preparing the product. For example, you can start frying dumplings, they can be cooked according to the principle of khinkali, gyoza, ravioli, and so on. It is better to provide portions of 8, 12, 16 pieces on the menu. It will be necessary to provide for assorted, which will combine several varieties of dumplings at once.

Many customers will be attracted by the opportunity to order a business lunch. On average, the price for it will be 200 rubles. In thatthe budget order will include the soup of the day, half the standard portion of dumplings with a drink.

The average check in such establishments, as a rule, does not exceed 650 rubles. In total, the cafe will have about 15 tables designed for 30 visitors. The maximum load of the hall is 85%. If the institution will work 12 hours, the monthly revenue will be about 300,000 rubles. In this calculation, dumplings receive about 9,000 visitors.

Pelmennaya as a business

It is also worth taking into account the sale of frozen products. The price of 1 kg of dumplings here will be approximately 650 rubles. While store-bought products cost approximately 300 rubles, frozen products in a cafe will be sold at a price of 390 rubles. Approximately 20% of the total number of visitors will purchase frozen products. In this case, the revenue will be already 715,000 rubles.


The dumpling business will focus on serving customers in the 18-50 age category. It is recommended to open an institution in the largest settlements. It is here that the demand for products of this kind will be the highest due to the fact that people do not have much time, and wages allow them to purchase more expensive and high-quality food.

The most important moment when opening this business is the development of a marketing strategy. It is important to choose the name of the cafe, design a logo, organize an advertising campaign.

Thanks to the bright name, the establishment will stand out from the competition. The best way to develop a corporate identity is to inviteprofessional, having spent about 40,000 rubles on this item with window dressing, signage.

To promote dumplings, you will need to resort to a variety of advertising tools. Among them: shooting videos, conducting promotions, distributing flyers with menus, advertising in the media, social networks. A good example of the promotion of dumplings will be the "happy dumplings" campaign. It consists in the fact that a cafe visitor who finds a dumpling “with a surprise” in a portion will receive a discount on the next order or a drink for free.

The tool the owner will use depends on the target audience the establishment is targeting. The cost of flyers will be from 5,000 rubles, taking into account the printing of leaflets and the salary of the promoter.

Cafe in Russian style

You will need to spend at least 10,000 rubles on social media promotion. Repost contests will take the costs associated with prizes to winners - for example, these can be coupons for a 50% discount in an institution. Thus, the minimum marketing costs when opening a dumpling shop will be 15,000 rubles.

Still, word of mouth is the best way to promote a cafe. Thanks to quality products, pleasant service, consumers will come to dumplings again and again. It is important to choose the location of the institution correctly so that the coverage of the population is maximum.

Production plan

First of all, opening a dumpling business from scratch, you will need to choose a place. Priority should be given to locationinvolving large flows of people. For example, near business centers, markets, parks, near shopping centers, educational institutions. It is important to consider the presence of nearby competitors. It will take an analysis of their price level, product range.

When planning to undergo inspections from regulatory authorities, you need to take into account the fact that the most stringent requirements will be for the arrangement of the kitchen, decoration, storage of food. There should also be all connected communications, thanks to which the cafe will be able to work without interruption. Electricity must be powerful, as during cooking you will need to use a lot of equipment.

Zone division

The business idea of ​​the dumpling shop is that the space of the establishment will be divided into a kitchen, a hall for clients, and a restroom. It is important to divide the workshop into cold and hot. Approximately 40 square meters will go to the workshop, 50 - to the hall for clients with 15 tables, 5 - to the restroom. Another 15 square meters will need to be allocated for a warehouse and a utility room for employees. The price for renting a suitable room will be approximately 10,000 rubles per month.

It is important to consider that you will have to spend money on the interior. After all, it is the atmosphere of the institution that will determine the desire of visitors to return here again and again. A well-designed space can turn a setting into an additional channel to attract customers.

Making dumplings

The best option would be to decorate the room in the Russian style with Khokhloma painting. There will be wooden furniture with nesting dolls and so on. Russiannational style in cafes is becoming more and more popular. At the design stage, design services will be needed. The budget of this business plan provides for 250,000 rubles allocated for interior costs.


The service format can be presented as a cafe with a menu and waiters, as well as self-service with payment at the checkout. The best option would be to organize partial self-service. This will reduce costs. That is, the client will choose a dish from the menu at the checkout, immediately pay for the dish, and then receive a number. When he sits down at the table, the waiter will find him by number and bring the dish. It is best to serve dishes in disposable plates with company logos. This will provide an opportunity to save on washing dishes.

Dumpling from scratch

In this case, you will need to involve 4 cashiers, 2 waiters, 4 cooks, 1 administrator, 1 cleaner. The work schedule will be twelve-hour, staff will work in shifts. First you need a contract with a courier service. When the planned sales volume is reached, it will be possible to hire a personal courier with a car. An important point is to ensure that each employee has a legal medical book.

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