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Name for a flower shop: basic rules and tips for choosing

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Name for a flower shop: basic rules and tips for choosing
Name for a flower shop: basic rules and tips for choosing

Flowers are very popular all year round. Birthday, New Year, Mother's Day, International Women's Day, and on any other date, just like that, I want to give the beautiful half of humanity a bouquet of beautiful roses. Therefore, many people open their salons. One of the biggest problems is choosing a name for a flower shop. This article is written to help any owner come up with a unique slogan or choose the appropriate one from those offered.

flower shop

How to choose the right name for a flower shop?

Any business has its own specifics, this format is no exception. It is this feature that should sound in the title, while you should not use the word flower and flower. Otherwise, the slogan will look ridiculous, and no owner needs it.

An example of a bad title:flower shop "Flowers 96".

In order to come up with a truly unique, beautiful and sonorous slogan, you need to figure out which groups and criteria can be distinguished. Before answering the question of how to name a flower shop, you need to understand each option.

Words that denote the item being sold

unique bouquets

This category is probably the largest. At every step in any city you can find names with the words "bouquet", "color", "packaging" and so on. There are even slogans with the wrong example described above, but this is not worth repeating.

Examples of successful names: “Colorfulness”, “Rainbow”, “Parade or w altz of flowers”, “Bouquet with love”, “Pack your love”, “Colorful mood”, “Bouquet period”, “Flower shop”, "Colored dreams" and so on.

How to come up with a unique slogan? For this method, any site with a selection of keywords is perfect. After entering the request, a large list of requested phrases will appear before the person. And then you can play brainstorming. From each word, at least one name is thought up and written down in a notebook. Practice shows that already during the execution of this item a person finds his slogan.

Name of plants

In second place in popularity are slogans with the names of all kinds of plants, flowers and even herbs. You can just take one noun and end there, or you can come up with an original slogan with the addition of other words. This option is one of the best, as there is no "oiloil”, but at the same time, by the name, each buyer will understand what is sold in the salon.

Variants of the name of the flower shop: "Amaranthus", "Visiting Ammi", "Carnation Green Trick", "Lush Dahlia", "Lavender Fragrance", "Lily of the Valley", "Million Scarlet Roses", "Narcissus", Orchid Gallery and so on.

How to come up with? You can, as with the first option, find an encyclopedia of colors and use brainstorming. Or you can read a couple of journalistic articles about certain types of flowers and find colorful phrases there, which will be used as a name.

Names as a slogan

Flower shop owner

This category is no longer thematic, but at the same time it is as popular as the above options. Very often, the owners call flower shops by their own name or in honor of their wife, children and other relatives. Of course, this is the easiest option to come up with a slogan, but if you look around, then even in your city you can find a lot of stores that will be called "Sofia", "Daria", "Natasha", "Maxim" and so on. I think everyone will agree that with such a slogan it will be difficult to stand out. With a little thought, you can combine the name with the word, and you get a very original and unique name for a flower shop.

Examples: "Pansies", "House of Flowers from Sofia", "Daisies from Natasha", "Roman Tsvetodarov" and so on.

In the modern world of Internet technologies, there are a lot of programs that help you come up with rhymes. Using any of them, you can generate and select names for a flower salon.It is necessary to write the desired name in the line and press search, and after that it remains only to choose.

Associations with flower business

colored roses

As with the plant name option, this group is great for any salon. There is no mention of the word "flower", but any buyer will perfectly understand what is sold in this salon. Very often, this includes words related to the decor of bouquets, all kinds of modified variants of flora and floristry. The most important thing when coming up with a name is not to stray too far from the original task. For example, "Wonder Tree" is a good slogan, but still not for a flower shop.

Examples of how to name a flower shop: "Lucky Bouquet", "FloriDa", "Garden of Eden", "Golden Flowerbed", "Mom's Front Garden", "Winter Garden", "Riviera" and so on.

An excellent option would be to remember some fairy tale or book with suitable content. For example, "The door to the summer." If there is no time and desire to re-read, you can use the simplified version. Going to any book site, you need to enter a word in the search box, for example, “front garden”, “flora” or “garden”. And from the found works, choose the appropriate name for the flower shop.

Other slogans

box with flowers

The essence of this category is that it is not tied to the theme of flowers, there can be just interesting and original ideas here. This option is not the best, since the buyer, passing by the window, may simply not understand what is being sold there. But if you add to the designfloral elements, such problems will not arise. If the owner decides to stay in this category, he must choose or come up with the most sonorous and bright name. With all this, it is not necessary to stray too far from the original topic.

Name ideas for a flower shop: "Baba Kapa", "Nectar of the Gods", "Rainbow of Desires", "Matrenin Dvor", "Taste and Color", "Full Moon", "Elf's Shoes", "Parisian", Thumbelina, Provence, Elf in Love and so on.

How to come up with such a name? First of all, you can remember the heroes of films and cartoons that were associated with flowers and give the salon their names. And you can take any part of the plant, for example, a stem, and choose the original names of flower shops using one of the methods described above.

Whatever option is chosen, the most important thing is that there can be no unambiguous rules in such creative work. You can mix the two parameters or highlight your own, special. In any case, first of all, the name should be to the liking of the owner himself.

Some rules

flower shop name

Sometimes just the name is not enough to open a flower shop. First you need to free your brain from ordinary ideas like "Rose", "Chamomile" or "Flowers 45", where the number is the number of the region. And even more so, you should not monitor the signs of shops in your city. Having made an unremarkable copy, it will be very difficult to develop a flower salon. The name should be such that the store will be remembered.

First you need to decide on the format of the store.If it will be a small place in the market or in a pedestrian crossing, then the usual sign “Flowers” ​​will be enough. Since the majority of buyers are ordinary passers-by, and those who walk by daily and are confident in the quality of flowers become permanent. There is no need to lure them with a creative slogan. If you plan to open a flower salon or even a chain of stores with author's bouquets, then you cannot do without a unique and memorable name. The promotion should attract as many customers as possible, who then become permanent.

Store design

Don't underestimate the name, it should be a key figure in the whole business. Creation of the same type of design, stylistic business cards, perhaps even wrapping paper with an emblem. All this is the face of the company, and it should always be in sight. For example, if the flower salon is called "Leprechaun's Pot", then, in addition to the fact that the design should include a hero, you can complement the interior of the studio with him. An excellent marketing move would be to make bouquets in beautiful pots.

European examples

how to name a flower shop

A foreign language sometimes sounds a lot prettier and more elegant than Russian, but that doesn't mean it's a good fit for a flower shop name. Of course, if the owner wants to open a salon in Paris, then the name Fleyr is perfect. But still, if you focus on a Russian buyer, then the slogan should be in the native language. Potential customers do not remember complex names well and pay much less attention to foreign sounds.This is hardly what a flower shop owner is looking for.

Despite the fact that foreign names sound strange for a Russian person, it is possible and even necessary to look for inspiration in Europe. If it is not possible to walk through the streets of Italy, then an English search engine is quite suitable. Translating European names of flower shops, you can find something unusual and truly beautiful.

For example, the most popular Italian market is called "Flower Square". On the one hand - a capacious phrase, it is immediately clear what it is about, and on the other - a beautiful and gentle interweaving of sounds. Of course, in any country you can find a unique name and apply it to your business. But you need to know some nuances. Take, for example, Paris - a city of magic, but flower growers are not famous for originality. Most often, the name of the first owner is used in the name, which has not changed for centuries.

Despite this, and on some streets of Paris you can find interesting slogans. Here, for example, is a poetic name - "Air of the fields." The peculiarity of the shop is that it sells wildflowers. In addition, the owner, depending on the season, gives a bottle of fragrant dried herbs to each purchased bouquet.

And here is another example of a creative flower shop name in France - "Bunch of Flowers". When you read this slogan, you immediately imagine a sunny day and a huge bouquet in your hands. These are the associations that every salon owner should strive for.

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