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Building store name: a list of the most successful names, options and ideas

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Building store name: a list of the most successful names, options and ideas
Building store name: a list of the most successful names, options and ideas

If the startup idea itself is good, there is bound to be a great name for it. Do not forget that over time it can turn into a brand, and that, in turn, can begin to grow in price. How do you come up with a hardware store name? Naming for the construction industry is carried out in the same way as for any other type of activity. Uniform laws and requirements work here, having studied which it will not be particularly difficult to choose the name of a hardware store.

Who can I consult?

Friends can do a disservice because they know too much about the owner and may already have heard something about the project. Their opinion may be subjective. But on the other hand, who, if not they, are most interested in the success of the enterprise. It is this category that will strain the brain more than anyone else. There are many examples in the history of businesswhen a friend gave the best name. According to a study by Interbrand in 2015, for the top 100 brands in the world, in 98 cases the names were invented by business owners themselves, their acquaintances and friends. In one case out of a hundred it was a philologist, and in another case it was an advertising agency. According to research by the same agency in 2014, a third of the top 100 names are the names of their owners.

building materials store name

How do specialists work?

If the owner of the future business trusts professionals from branding agencies more, then you will need to take into account several points of working with the target audience. In the selection of options for the names of the building materials store, you need to limit yourself to a couple of hundred. Then leave a dozen of them and test for memorability in the selected target audience. You should not ask people to determine which name of the hardware store they think is best. All you have to do is show them the site with the photo of the sign as if it already exists, and ask them to describe their thoughts, emotions, and associations. When processing data, those options are selected that are most suitable for the main strategy. After a couple of weeks, you can ask the participants what name they remember.

Seeking help from future employees is also a good idea. The opinion of employees is always priceless, because it is they who will communicate with customers. In addition, taking into account their interests, the owners can get a plus to their rating.

name of building stores in moscow

Generation processideas

Starting to come up with a name for a hardware store, you need to study the competitors. What do they represent. Isolate similar variants of names. Most often, for construction stores, words with the root "build" are chosen. If you want to be on the same wavelength with everyone and try on the already formed opinion of buyers on your business, you are welcome. If you want to stand out from the rest, this concept should be avoided. In second place are the names informing about the specialization of the store - "Windows RP", "Door lock", "LuxaryTile". Arranges? This means that the name of the store will contain information about the main product. The words "Home" and "Comfort" are also common. For those who want to be original, they are also unlikely to fit. Conclusion: if you need a special name, you need to form it in the smallest category.

come up with a hardware store name

When the concept was decided

Any brilliant idea should be tested first, maybe someone has thought of it before. This can easily be done on the Internet.

Don't choose names from the names of famous people or common words. They are prohibited from registration with Rospatent.

When using the surname or first name of the organizer, there will be a need to maintain reputation. If the future owner wants to become a public person, this is a good option to stand out from the crowd. There is also a negative side to using your name in the title - in the future suchbusiness will be harder to sell.

A short name works better than an ornate one. It sticks in memory better. This name is easier to perceive from the window of a moving vehicle. The optimal length is up to four syllables. If the brand name is longer, people automatically shorten it.

If the name begins with the first letters of the alphabet, it will be provided with the first places in the lists of requests and in advertisements. Finding one like this is a real stroke of luck.

The use of animals and plants in the name can cause customers to have a positive attitude towards the brand. You should not use them alone, for example: "Beaver", "Three Little Pigs". Perhaps such names already exist. It is more original to choose a complex name: "Beaver and Ax", "Flowering House", "Tree House".

what is the name of the store

If the company's website is supposed to have an English version, you need to think about how the name sounds in the languages ​​of the countries where the brand decides to go. Does it sound like profanity or slang.


Most often, for the name of hardware stores, words containing the root "build" are used. It is played with various additions - endings, prepositions or whole words. This does not mean that it is impossible to achieve originality here. How interesting the name may sound if you substitute the last name or first name of the owner to the root "build". Examples of names for a hardware store: "DmitrovStroy", IvanovStroy",MaxStroy". You can take the name "Building" and add a special sign to it:, @, $, &, as long as your imagination is enough.

Another option is to play with letters. For example, "Pa-pa-parquet" and "La-la-minat". Such names are remembered for a lifetime.

Product focus can also set the tone. For example: "House outside and inside", "Two kilos of putty".

Special titles

You can animate the name of a hardware store: "Two bars and a rail", "Perforator Ivanov", "Malyarsha Anka". Such vivid images are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

hardware store name looking at options

Some organizations build their brand in a provocative way. In the construction industry, this may sound like "Not Leroy Merlin", "Construction. No".

Complete originality can also guarantee success. The sound of such a name must be supplemented with a logo. Examples: "Pyramid", "Rome. 21st century", "Stone jungle", "KnowHouse", "WowHouse".

The variety of names of construction stores in Moscow is not too different from what is found in Russia as a whole. Therefore, blindly relying on the tastes of the capital is not worth it. When considering options for the names of hardware stores that are on the list of the most successful, you can generate your own idea. Here is their list: "Novosel", "Terem", "Stroy-Center", "StroyMarket", "Your House","Practitioner", "Lefty", "Craftsman", "Do it yourself", "1000 little things", "Pa-pa-parquet", "La la laminate", "Pylon".

Choosing a color scheme

It turns out that the choice of color for writing the name is no less important than the definition of the name itself. Colors affect perception in different ways and can induce a purchase or vice versa. Most often, red, yellow, blue and green shades are found in logos and company names. A little less often come across their derivatives - orange and purple.

Red color is ambiguous. It can be perceived as a sign of aggression and as a call to action. Used by strong companies with no tolerance for competition.

Yellow color can also help to make a decision, but only in a holiday atmosphere. You can't achieve a fighting spirit with him. It will cause a slight degree of infantility in customers, and they will have to be "brought" to the purchase.

hardware store name examples

Blue is sobering. The client is fully aware of what he chooses and why. He will no longer be able to be convinced of the need to purchase what he did not plan to buy. But having made a deliberate choice once, the client will want to repeat it again next time.

Orange - the color of home comfort, conducive to communication, can cause increased appetite. And I would like it to flare up not only for food.

Green color - nature and ecology. Encourages active action, but at the same time causes peace. Under this color, the client remainsloyal and confident in their decisions.

Purple is the color of kings. The client experiences peaceful grandeur and does not seek action. He will have to be constantly pushed to make a purchase.

Color solutions

Finishing touches

The final decision on which store name to choose is made by the store owner. But in order to avoid controversial issues, you need to register not only your idea, but also those related to it, if they are obvious. This is done so that no one can parasitize on a great idea. For example, for the name, "Pa-pa-parquet", you can pick up the name "Fa-fa-faience".

If the store works for some time under a name that does not justify itself, you should not be upset, you just need to boldly change it and go towards new achievements and victories.

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