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"Boat of well-being" in Tolyatti: owner reviews, description

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"Boat of well-being" in Tolyatti: owner reviews, description
"Boat of well-being" in Tolyatti: owner reviews, description

In the Samara region, on the banks of the Volga River, lies the city of Tolyatti. Its population is steadily growing and has already exceeded 700 thousand inhabitants. This is due to a large extent to the fact that the city is home to a city-forming enterprise - AvtoVAZ PJSC, which provides employment to many citizens. In addition to it, there are many industrial, manufacturing enterprises. And the climate is very favorable in order to choose Togliatti as a place of permanent residence.

bird's eye view

Description of the cottage settlement

“Boat of well-being” reviews of the owners knowingly deserved almost one positive. The developer chose a very good place for the implementation of his project. The village is located just 20 kilometers from the center of the city of Togliatti, which allows its residents to easily get to work. But at the same time, it guarantees a quiet life away from noisy businesses and the enjoyment of cleanair. If you leave the city on the Southern Highway, then the journey will take several minutes along a straight line.

"Boat of well-being" in Tolyatti, according to the reviews of the living, is an ideal place to stay. The village has more than 500 townhouses, one-story and two-story. Each family owns a land plot of 3.5 acres, which is quite enough to place a barbecue on it and enjoy your vacation.


Apartments in a cottage settlement

According to the reviews of the owners, in the "Boat of Well-Being" in Togliatti, each townhouse is fully landscaped and adapted to accommodate families of various sizes. Both a single person can live here in a one-room apartment with an area of ​​​​33 square meters or a large family in a spacious three-room apartment, reaching 100 square meters. All apartments have different layouts, allowing you to choose accommodation according to your tastes and budget.

Already built houses


Constructed houses are equipped with all necessary utilities. Water supply installed. The question of the possibility of connecting gas is being resolved. According to the residents of the Boat of Prosperity in Togliatti, two streets are already fully prepared for the laying of the gas pipeline. Also, residents are satisfied with utility bills, which are relatively small compared to rents in the city itself. This is because the village belongs to a rural settlement, the tariffs for electricity and gas are lower here than in the city.

A small children'sa garden so that little residents do not experience inconvenience and can attend a preschool near the house. In addition, according to the owners, it is planned to build a sports and fitness center with a swimming pool, a restaurant, a shopping center and shops in the Boat of Well-Being in Togliatti. This is not counting children's playgrounds and sports grounds, the protection of the cottage village and the stadium.

Townhouse in the village

Feedback from village residents

Currently, the cottage village, designed to accommodate 7,000 families, is almost completely populated. Many have chosen it as a place of permanent year-round residence. Therefore, customer reviews of the Boat of Well-Being in Togliatti can already be found. Or hear them by talking to the population.

Life in clean air away from industrial giants and the noise of the city, small utility bills, water from artesian wells - these are the main positive aspects that affect the choice of a future place of residence. But there are also negative ones. Even with such indicators, many residents consider housing payments too high and have been trying to sort out this issue with the management company for a long time. And, by the way, there are three organizations in the village.

Many reviews of the owners of the "Boat of prosperity" in Togliatti are associated with low-quality, in their opinion, building material from which the houses are made. Some believe that when pouring the foundation, all the standards laid down in this case were not met. In the social network "VKontakte" there is a group "New buildings of Togliatti", in which you can see discussions of this as wellcottage village. Some rightly fear that they will acquire low-quality housing. Many are worried, as already mentioned, about the situation with utility bills and the struggle with the management company.

But here everyone has the right to decide for himself where and in what kind of dwelling he lives. In a noisy city with poor environmental conditions, or to raise children in the fresh air, in a new house with a plot of land. Therefore, the reviews of the owners about the "Boat of prosperity" in Togliatti are different.

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