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Yarudeyskoye field: brief description, status

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Yarudeyskoye field: brief description, status
Yarudeyskoye field: brief description, status

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation, deposits of hydrocarbons and gas have been discovered for quite some time. In this case, we are talking about the Yarudeyskoye field. A more precise location is the upper reaches of the Poluy River, the right tributary of the Ob River. This deposit was discovered quite a long time ago - in 2008, but it began to be developed much later.

Short description

All rights for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Yarudeyskoye field were received by Yargeo LLC. The share of NOVATEK is 51%, and another 49% of the company belongs to the Energy Fund. It is worth noting that this particular field is NOVATEK's biggest asset.

Yarudeyskoye field began to be developed only in 2015, that is, 7 years after the discovery. As for the design production capacity, it is 9.7 thousand tons per day. That is, up to 3.5 million tons of oil should be obtained from here in a year. It was possible to reach such indicators only by January 2016, that is, a month after the start of production. The main reserves recoverable fromYarudeyskoye field, oil deposits have become.

hydrocarbon production base


By December 31, 2012, of the proven reserves in this field, there were 4.5 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons, as well as 7.4 billion m3 of gas. In the same year, a geological exploration operation was completed. The essence of the work was to drill a well in order to establish an accurate geological model of the Yarudeyskoye oil field and further increase its reserves.

hydrocarbon storage in Siberia

It is worth noting here that this deposit has rather unique properties in terms of geology.

It was its geology, as well as advanced technologies in the field of oil production and well drilling that led to the fact that it was possible to obtain up to 350 tons of oil per day from just one well. In Western Siberia, this figure is the highest.


If we talk about infrastructure, then the following should be noted. There are 39 production wells, there is a common oil collection point, which is central, there are gas and oil collection stations, as well as a pumping station, an oil and gas pipeline.

Relatively recently, in 2017, work was carried out to modernize the gas collection unit. At minimal cost, it was possible to increase the capacity of the facility, improve the quality of drying and increase the yield of the liquid fraction.

Initially, 720 million US dollars were allocated for the complete development of this field. As for the transportation of oil, itenters the main oil pipeline Zapolyarye-Purpe.

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