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Cucumbers Lyutoyar: reviews, photos with descriptions, productivity

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Cucumbers Lyutoyar: reviews, photos with descriptions, productivity
Cucumbers Lyutoyar: reviews, photos with descriptions, productivity

It's hard to find a person who doesn't like cucumbers. Millions of our compatriots are looking forward to the beginning of the new summer season in order to plant new varieties of these green, pimply and crispy vegetables in the beds. And all winter they carefully study all the varieties available for sale, trying to choose the best ones. And Lutoyar cucumbers receive reviews from most of them just fine. So, it will be useful to talk in detail about this variety - it is possible that it will be a good choice for many summer residents.


First, let's give a description of the cucumber Lyutoyar F1. He receives good reviews, not least due to the fact that he quickly bears fruit. Yes, referring to an early ripe variety, Lutoyar is able to bring the first harvest already 40-55 days after planting in open ground. Such a significant scatter is due to external conditions, primarily the intensity of sunlight and soil temperature. Of course, the better the soil warms up, the faster the plant will develop.

Fresh cucumbers

The yield is about 6-7 kilograms per bush. Optim althe number of plants per square meter - three bushes. Thus, the yield from this area reaches 18-21 kilograms.

Leaving feedback on the Lyutoyar variety of cucumbers, many summer residents note the fact that it belongs to parthenocarpic, that is, it does not need pollination. Of course, this increases the number of cucumbers. This is especially important for growing in greenhouses, where bees and bumblebees, which usually pollinate cucumber flowers, do not have access.

Perfectly suited not only for horizontal cultivation, but also for vertical. However, the latter option is still preferable. It has a number of advantages. First, saving useful space in the garden. Secondly, the fruits do not lie on the ground and are not subject to rotting or attack by slugs. Thirdly, raised leaves receive more sunlight, which affects growth rates.

Key features

As mentioned above, with good care, the Lyutoyar variety of cucumbers (see reviews and photos in the article) allows you to get about 18-21 kilograms of fruit per square meter. This indicator is very good, because on average most varieties provide a yield of 9 to 25 kilograms from such an area. Moreover, early ripe ones usually have lower productivity.

For some regions of our country, hot days can be a real disaster. Greenhouses get very hot (especially if there is no way to ventilate it) and the temperature inside rises to +40 degrees Celsius and higher. This often results in dropping flowers and ovaries. However, when growing Lutoyar, you will not encounter such a problem -this variety can withstand up to +50 degrees without dropping the ovary!

Pack of seeds

High resistance to diseases, often depriving even experienced summer residents of the harvest, is another important advantage due to which it is highly valued.

The fruits are quite small - on average 10-12 centimeters in length and weighing about 100 grams. At the same time, they are dense, very strong and at the same time juicy. This makes them an excellent choice for long-term transportation - for many summer residents this indicator is especially important. No one wants to grow cucumbers that cannot be brought home to the city from their dacha. And for sale, such fruits will be a good choice - many people prefer to buy several small cucumbers instead of one large one.

Significant shelf life (up to two weeks in the refrigerator at a temperature of +2…+5 degrees Celsius) completes the overall picture.

Suitable landing conditions

Now you know the description of Lutoyar cucumbers. The reviews and photos of the variety presented in the article will allow you to get a more complete picture of it. If you decide to grow this variety, it would be helpful to share some information.

Suitable for greenhouse

To begin with, planting seeds in open ground should only be done when the threat of frost has finally passed. Otherwise, you can be left without a crop. In the most severe regions, it makes sense to grow seedlings at home, planting them at the end of May to avoid frost, or use greenhouses.

Optimal temperature indaytime hours - about 20-22 degrees above zero. At night, a drop below +15 degrees is undesirable - this will not harm the plant, but will significantly slow down growth.

A sunny day should be at least 12-14 hours. Fortunately, in most regions of our country there are no problems with this.

If you grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, then take care of the presence of fresh air - growth rates fall in a stuffy room.

Finally, do not forget about regular watering. Like any variety of cucumber, Lutoyar needs a lot of water. If it does not rain at least two or three times a week, you need to solve the problem of lack of moisture on your own.


Now let's move on to practical information, thanks to which you can get a rich harvest. Reviews of Lutoyar F1 cucumbers and photos of fruits in the beds indicate that this is really possible.

First, the seeds are processed. The procedure is very simple and does not take much time. In a glass of warm water, several crystals of sodium permanganate are dissolved - until they acquire a faint pink tint. Seeds are poured with a solution and left for half an hour. This allows you to achieve several goals at once. The surface of the seeds is disinfected - the risk of infectious diseases is sharply reduced. The shell is moistened, which is a signal for early germination. Finally, empty shells float to the surface - you can immediately throw them away, since you won't be able to get sprouts from them.

After that, the seeds are planted in the garden. The optimal distance between the beds is about 50-60centimeters (with vertical cultivation), and between holes - 30-40 centimeters.

First shoots

After planting, the beds can be watered with a solution of phosphate fertilizers. This will give the sprouts roots that develop quickly, resulting in rapid growth and good yields.


In general, caring for Lutoyar cucumbers is not very different from caring for other varieties.

Weeds need to be removed regularly so that they do not draw nutrients and moisture from the ground that are intended for cultivated plants. Care also depends on the type of soil. On sandy, light, you can do without loosening the earth. But if the earth contains clay, then this procedure becomes mandatory - otherwise the earth and air will not be able to penetrate to the roots, which will significantly worsen the yield.

If you choose to grow vertically, then in some cases tying the bushes is a necessary step - some heavy bunches may not hold on to the stretched cords or wire without additional help.


It has already been said above that cucumbers are a moisture-loving crop. This is already demonstrated by the fact that fruits are 90 percent water.

In general, in most regions of our country, there are no problems with precipitation. However, dry years are everywhere. If there has been no rain for a week, the solution to the problem will have to be taken over. It is especially important to provide the bushes with the right amount of moisture during intensive growth and flowering. In the first weeks of growth, while the plantdid not acquire a powerful root system, you need to water the beds at least twice a week, spending about 4 liters of water per square meter. When flowering and fruit formation, this figure increases significantly - up to 12 liters.

Ideal for s alting

If there are problems with lack of water for irrigation, mulch should be used. It allows you to significantly reduce the amount of evaporated water. You can mulch the beds with straw, peat, manure, needles or compost.

Excess moisture should also be avoided. This sometimes leads to the development of infectious diseases that can harm plants. And in this case, mulch can help out. Any materials for mulching absorb a large amount of moisture and give it away gradually, which is a serious plus in this situation.


Of course, the use of quality fertilizers is a prerequisite for a rich harvest. The only exception is when cucumbers are grown on fresh soil, rich black soil rich in important trace elements.

Immediately after planting, as already mentioned, the beds should be watered with phosphorus mineral fertilizers. And shortly before flowering, it will not be superfluous to enrich the soil with potassium - thanks to this, the number of buds and their size increases, which means that the harvest will be rich.

A bountiful harvest

However, it is not necessary to use mineral fertilizers. Good results are shown by the use of mullein and chicken manure, dissolved in water in a ratio of 1:15. You can alsouse wood ash - 200 grams per 10 liters of water.

Using fruits

Great flavors make this variety a good choice for almost any use. You can eat them fresh - whole and in salads. Perfect for making any marinades. And their small size provides them with a wonderful appearance when s alted as a whole. The almost complete absence of seeds will please any gourmet - this makes the fruits more tender and palatable.

Diseases and pests

One of the advantages of the variety is its high resistance to many diseases - bacteriosis, white and gray rot, cucumber mosaic and others, which can leave even an experienced gardener without a crop.

Good in salad

But there is still no reliable protection against pests. So, bushes can be attacked by ants, spider mites and aphids. You can fight them with both folk remedies and special insecticides. Experienced gardeners solve the problem by treating the bushes with infusion of garlic and onion peel. Dusting with wood ash and tobacco dust gives a good result.


Now it is worth supplementing the description of Lyutoyar cucumbers and reviews so that you can make the most objective impression of the variety.

Most summer residents note good yields and resistance to temperature changes. It is highly valued for its immunity to many serious infectious diseases. Do not forget about excellent taste and visual appeal.

They consider it a minusexactingness to growing conditions - it’s definitely impossible to get a rich harvest on poor soil.


This concludes our article. Now you know more about the cultivation and yield of Lyutoyar cucumbers. The reviews and photos presented in the review will greatly facilitate the choice and allow you to decide whether it is the best choice for you or whether it makes sense to give preference to proven varieties.

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