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LCD "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya: description, infrastructure, advantages

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LCD "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya: description, infrastructure, advantages
LCD "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya: description, infrastructure, advantages

Increasingly, people are buying housing in the most favorable environmental conditions. This is especially important for residents of the main metropolis of the country - Moscow. Many seek to sell an apartment in the capital and move to the nearest suburbs. There are certain advantages to the decision to change the city apartment to suburban housing. But not everyone is ready to build their own home or purchase it. For such people, the best option is the Shalyapin Estate residential complex in Skhodnya.

Apartment house

Location of the complex

Immediately beyond the Moscow Ring Road begins one of the largest urban districts - Khimki. After driving about 12 more kilometers, you can get to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis district - Skhodnya. Many native residents of Moscow and those who came to the capital for permanent residence choose this place to purchase apartments. Due to the proximity to the capital and an acceptable pricing policy, there is a steady demand for apartments in Skhod. It is in the northern part of the Skhodnya that the Chaliapin Estate is located.

Townhouse in the complex


It is not difficult to overcome several kilometers to the Moscow Ring Road. There is a wide choice of public transport, electric trains, buses, fixed-route taxis. You can get there by your own car both along the Leningradskoye and Novoskhodnenskoye highways. Travel time will not take more than 20 minutes. Every 15 minutes there is a bus to Skhodnenskaya metro station.

Description of the complex

The residential complex "Shalyapinskaya usadba" is a townhouse with basement floors and two levels. The area of ​​townhouses starts from 250 square meters. Those who wish can also purchase 4-, 5- and 6-room apartments with an area of ​​127 square meters in multi-apartment buildings. But there are also 1- and 2-room apartments. All business class buildings, respectively, they offer luxury housing.

Type of houses

All houses are made in the same architectural style, pleasing to the eye colors. All required construction technologies are used in the construction of residential buildings. Communications necessary for a comfortable life are available: television, Internet, water supply, electricity.


Khimki, being the largest satellite city of Moscow, has a superbly developed infrastructure. It has everything you need for a comfortable life - kindergartens, schools, clinics, banks, shops and supermarkets. This applies to all districts of the city district.

Since the Chaliapinskaya Usadba residential complex is located just over a kilometer from the center of Skhodnya, its residents do not experience any inconvenience. For productsor household chemicals do not have to travel far. Various objects of the city's social infrastructure are available for use by the residents of the complex.

Within walking distance from the "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya there are schools, supermarkets, cafes and a medical center. And for more demanding residents, you can always and at any time quickly get to the metropolis and purchase what you want or get a service.

Houses in the complex


Life in the "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya has only positive reviews. And how can they be negative if the company that implemented this development chose the best place for it. If in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis it was possible to find a place with excellent ecology for building a house, then this was precisely this area. Transport accessibility allows residents of the "Chaliapin estate" from Skhodnya to quickly get to anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region. Moreover, you can do this both by your own car and by public transport.

And after a busy day of work spent in turmoil, it's so nice to come to a quiet place and enjoy the fresh air, birdsong and panoramic views from the window. The forest area and the Skhodnya River located next to the estate create all the conditions for a comfortable life in silence and in the bosom of nature. There are plenty of places to walk, barbecue and even swim on a hot day.

The company offers its residents both partial and complete finishing of premises. The latter option will allow buyers not to spendown strength, time and money for repairs, and immediately after the purchase, move into a new home and enjoy the acquisition. Although it cannot be said that housing prices in the Chaliapin Estate in Skhodnya are the lowest, apartments and townhouses are still affordable even for the middle class. And of course, the cost of one square meter is much cheaper than similar apartments in the capital.

In closing

Life outside the city can not be compared with the conditions of the urban environment. Living in a noisy metropolis, many, especially the older generation, dream of nature and silence. But not everyone is ready to give up the benefits of civilization and build a house. The residential complex "Chaliapin's estate" in Skhodnya allows you to combine dreams and reality - life in the fresh air and at the same time in a fully comfortable home with a developed infrastructure. This is an opportunity to be close to the capital, without changing your lifestyle, and breathe fresh air all the time.

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