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LCD "Dominant" in Volgograd: description, infrastructure

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LCD "Dominant" in Volgograd: description, infrastructure
LCD "Dominant" in Volgograd: description, infrastructure

In the south-east of the European part of Russia, there is a fairly large city - Volgograd. It is often chosen for permanent residence when resettling from the regions of the Far North and the Far East due to the temperate continental climate. Developers offer more and more new projects for implementation, including the Dominant residential complex in Volgograd.

Construction progress

A little about the city

Volgograd is a city with a population of over a million people. Mild winters, rather hot and long summers attract residents from regions that are more unfavorable in terms of climate. A well-developed construction, chemical, metallurgical industry, the presence of numerous manufacturing enterprises - all this only contributes to the fact that the influx of population does not stop. Many people prefer not to buy real estate outside the city, but to enjoy all the benefits of urban infrastructure. For those who wish, the Dominant residential complex was built in Volgograd.

Location of the complex

On the border of the Sovetsky district, on Turkmenskaya street, erectedand put into operation three 24-storey residential buildings - this is the residential complex "Dominant" in Volgograd. Apartments here are different: from one-room to three-room. Thanks to such a good choice of location, you can quickly get from the complex to the city center along major highways, both by your own car and by public transport. Travel time will not take more than 10 minutes. Also within walking distance is the Elshanka metro station.

Yard area

Description of the complex

Construction company in Volgograd "Peresvet-South" LCD "Dominant" designed in such a way that residential buildings are significantly different from those already built in the city. The number of storeys of houses allows you to enjoy not only the view of the Volga River flowing nearby, but also the whole city. A large area of ​​apartments in the residential complex "Dominant" in Volgograd is perfect for implementing even the most non-standard ideas for planning residential premises. High-speed elevators will quickly deliver to the desired floor. For owners of their own vehicles, open and closed parking lots are provided.

Towers connect


Due to its location in Volgograd, the residential complex "Dominant" can offer its residents the most comfortable life and the opportunity not to experience inconvenience from the lack of social infrastructure. The first floors of residential buildings are given over to the placement of objects of trade, the provision of services to the population. This will allow residents to purchase everything they need without leaving the complex.

On the nearby Turkmenskaya street alsothere are many shops, cafes, pharmacies. Little residents can walk to the nearest school and kindergarten in just a few minutes. The embankment of the Volga River, located within walking distance, is perfect for walking and relaxing.

Renting apartments by the developer without finishing allows future residents to significantly save on the "dismantling" of the repairs and implement their even the most daring ideas of creating an interior. The large area of ​​apartments only contributes to this fact.

Houses in the Dominant residential complex can be attributed more to business-class residential real estate. This is indicated by the location of the complex (it is located almost in the center of the city of Volgograd), its individual and unique architectural solution, well-developed infrastructure around and a panoramic view of one of the largest rivers in our vast country.

The construction company "Peresvet-South", which proposed such an original project to decorate Volgograd, rightfully deserved the title of the most conscientious and largest developer in the region. Moreover, such work has been done in just 7 years since its inception.

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