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"Velton Park" on Marshal Zhukov: location, description, infrastructure

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"Velton Park" on Marshal Zhukov: location, description, infrastructure
"Velton Park" on Marshal Zhukov: location, description, infrastructure

The North-Western administrative district of Moscow is a huge territory, where there was a place for residential complexes offering apartments of various classes to residents and guests of the capital. One of these is Velton Park on Marshal Zhukov. Here you can find business-class housing, which is distinguished by increased comfort, the opportunity to purchase an apartment with a ready-made finish and a solution to the parking issue for owners of personal vehicles.

Image"Welton Park" by Marshal Zhukov

Location and transport accessibility

A plot of land was allocated for the construction of Velton Park residential complex between the huge transport highway - Marshal Zhukov Avenue and Karamyshevskaya Embankment, which runs along the Moskva River.

This is the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki district in the north-west of the capital. This location provides excellent transport accessibility for residents.complex, which can easily get home and work both by private cars and by public transport. A little more than two kilometers separate Velton Park on Marshal Zhukov from the Khoroshevo station of the Moscow Central Ring and the Polezhaevskaya and Khoroshevskaya metro stations. But even without these methods of transportation, the complex can be reached by other public transport routes: buses, fixed-route taxis, private cars.

View from above

Description of the residential complex

"Velton Park" on Marshal Zhukov is ten residential buildings of different heights, the number of levels is from 10 to 28. The developer of the quarter is the KROST concern. His new project is presented as a business-class object. The territory of the complex is closed and guarded.

A distinctive feature of Velton Park on Marshal Zhukov is penthouses located on the upper floors of houses and spacious apartments on the first. All houses are equipped with low-noise high-speed elevators, central air conditioning and video surveillance systems. Panoramic glazing has been completed, many houses have underground parking.


Speaking of infrastructure, it's hard not to agree that the most successful building site could not be imagined. Everything you need for life and education is within walking distance: schools and kindergartens, shops and supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals, banks and beauty salons.

Inland territory

Another group project

Concern "KROST" is notstopped in his activities at one residential complex and implemented another similar project - Wellton Park Novaya Skhodnya residential complex. This complex is located just 15 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road in the village of Podolino, Solnechnogorsk district. The developer has provided in his project a unique architecture, landscape design, public areas. This is a real park city, combining four residential areas with places for walking, recreation and sports, the territory of which is similar to the silhouette of a dragon.

Residential complex in Novaya Skhodnya

Each residential building is painted in bright yet soothing colors, creating a unique architectural look. The ventilated façades are finished with bricks forming an asymmetric pattern. Public areas in the interior of the buildings are finished with natural materials with 3D effects. For the local area, the Italian designer has developed a unique landscape.

Apartments in the complex

As for apartments, there is also a huge choice of them in this residential complex - from modest one-room apartments to spacious business apartments. On request, you can purchase housing with a ready-made finish in various styles: classic, modern, minimalism. The first floors of the buildings were given to accommodate social infrastructure facilities designed to make life in the complex very comfortable. The cost of one square meter here is slightly lower than at Marshal Zhukov.

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