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How to open a barbershop from scratch: step by step instructions
How to open a barbershop from scratch: step by step instructions

Today, there are a huge number of directions for business. The field of hairdressing services is in demand today more than ever. After all, women at all times want to look chic, and men want to maintain a neat appearance. It is for this reason that the arrangement of your own hairdressing salon may well bring significant income. But to open such a business, you need to work hard. If you are ready to work day and night, then this option is right for you. So how do you open a barbershop? Let's look into this matter.

What is the difference between a hairdresser and a salon?

beauty Studio

When developing a business plan, you need to decide what type of establishment you want to open. It can be an economy class institution or an elite salon. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Economy class establishment offers a standard set of services. The list may include a haircut, coloring, styling, manicure,perm. These services are required by the vast majority of clients. Such an institution may well be located in a small shopping center or residential area. What does it take to open a barbershop of this class? First of all, you will need the necessary furniture and tools. In addition, the room must have warm water. The building also needs to be renovated. As for the level of staff training, it should be standard. It is unlikely that a high-class master will agree to work in such a salon. Such establishments are characterized by a stable flow of customers. They provide a permanent income for the owner of the hairdresser.

The next level is a mid-level barbershop. Masters with a high level of training already usually work here. In addition to standard procedures, hair restoration and lamination are performed here. In such an institution, it is already possible to organize a beauty parlor. Prices here will be slightly higher than in economy class hairdressing salons, but the quality of the work performed will also improve significantly. How to open a barbershop? Where to begin? To organize the work of an institution of this class, you need to buy high-quality modern equipment, as well as high-quality materials that you may need to perform various procedures. Indoors before opening, be sure to make a good repair. Particular attention should be paid to advertising signs.

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Who is the main clientele of this class salon?

  1. People who want to look good but don't havethe opportunity to visit an upscale beauty salon.
  2. Youth seeking to look stylish. They don't have access to a high-end beauty salon yet.
  3. Middle-aged ladies who just want to take care of themselves and don't require any extraordinary service.

How to open an elite barbershop? The main category of clients of such institutions are we althy people who can afford to pay a tidy sum for caring for their appearance. The requirements for such a salon, respectively, are higher. It should be modern renovated using original design solutions. Masters must use the best high-end equipment. The same rule applies to cosmetics for clients. Masters in such a salon should have extensive experience and always study the latest fashion trends. To be in shape, they must constantly take refresher courses and courses. The hairdresser in such a salon should be able to fulfill any desire of the client. The main goal of an elite salon is to please the visitor as much as possible. Services such as designer haircuts, cosmetic procedures and others should be available here.


How to open a barbershop from scratch step by step? Before embarking on this type of business, it is advisable to consider all the risks that you can expect in the job. Let's deal with the most problematic moments.

  1. The biggest risk is rising prices for cosmetics. This unpleasant situation can lead to a partial loss of profit. However, such difficulties must beready all the time. The price will rise periodically. To avoid sudden surprises, you can conclude delivery contracts in advance for a certain time. During this period, the price of materials cannot increase.
  2. Loss of loyal customers. This situation is quite natural some time after the discovery. To avoid the outflow of customers and attract new ones, it is necessary to constantly monitor the quality of the services provided. Periodic promotions are also encouraged. This will help not only update the client base, but also improve the quality of work.
  3. Departure staff. It is clear that a good master can open his own business or go to another salon. After him, a certain number of customers may leave. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to show a loyal attitude towards the staff. In some cases, you may have to make concessions. Also, for a job well done, employees can be encouraged with bonuses.


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Some of the services of beauty salons are seasonal. This has a significant impact on the amount of money earned. When the activity of visiting the salon falls, employees can be sent on vacation. During the season, if the need arises, additional staff can be hired to meet the level of demand. In this case, you can avoid additional costs.

Opening a barbershop: what needs to be done?

Let's consider step by step how to open a hairdresser.

You can start a business from scratch based onfollowing paragraphs:

  1. First you need to formalize your activities. You can register as an individual entrepreneur. Then a simplified taxation system will apply to you. For doing business today, this option is considered the most acceptable. It keeps payouts to a minimum.
  2. Better if you have a diploma in hairdressing.
  3. To start a business, you need to rent a room and make repairs in it.
  4. Before starting work, you must obtain permission from the fire inspectorate and SES.

Step by step instructions

elite beauty salon

How to open a barbershop from scratch? There is a simple algorithm to follow in order to start your own highly profitable beauty business.

  1. The first thing you need to do is decide on a location. Do not try to immediately get a room in the center. At first, you can take a small office building in a residential area.
  2. Determine the format. Make a list of services that you will provide to your clients. The main thing here is to objectively assess your own capabilities and strengths.
  3. Documentation. All bureaucratic issues must be approached with the utmost care, otherwise you risk serious fines.
  4. Create a business plan and budget. This is an extremely important point. It is necessary at the initial stage to understand how much money is required to run a business. Also, at this stage, you candecide on the class of the establishment.
  5. Purchase of equipment. Even to open an economy-class hairdresser, you need to purchase high-quality appliances and furniture. The environment has a strong influence on the overall impression of the hairdresser.
  6. Recruitment. It is necessary to create comfortable working conditions for craftsmen.
  7. Advertising campaign and promotion. You are opening a new establishment that you need to tell potential customers about. Therefore, at first, open hairdressing salons must invest in advertising. It will help build a customer base.

How to choose a room?

modern salon

One of the most important aspects when starting a beauty business is the choice of premises. The key to success is the right place. Where is it profitable to open a hairdresser? If you choose a room in the city center, then you will have to lay an impressive amount for rent or purchase. This, accordingly, will force you to increase the cost of services. This state of affairs can turn off many potential customers. Therefore, if you are just starting your business, then it is better to choose a room in a residential residential area. By setting a reasonable price for services, you can quickly build up a client base. There are also a number of requirements for the office itself. The area depends on the number of jobs. According to the standards, seven square meters are allocated for each chair.

Equipment for work

How to open a barbershop? To get started, you will need to purchase a starter kit of equipment.

What's in itincluded:

  • necessary set of scissors for each master;
  • curling iron and hair dryer for each employee;
  • shaving supplies;
  • clippers;
  • mirrors and combs in stock;
  • chairs;
  • hangers and cabinets;
  • a place to store tools.

Here is the easiest and budget set. If you want to open an elite salon, then the equipment must be purchased in accordance with the list of services provided in it.

What documents do I need to open?

man at the barbershop

The next important step is to collect the necessary documentation. Without it, it is impossible to open your own business.

What you need:

  1. Registration as an individual entrepreneur, choice of tax system.
  2. Purchase of cash equipment. The device must be registered with the tax office.
  3. Submit a notification to Rospotrebnadzor about opening a hairdresser. This must be done before the moment when the first digit is entered on the cash register.
  4. Get permission to work in the fire department and SES. Each master must have a certificate and a sanitary book.

Where to find employees?

The next important step is recruitment. All the craftsmen you hire must have the appropriate qualifications. Recommendations and work experience are also important. The level of your entire institution will depend on these indicators. In an elite salon, masters must work, capable of performing any, even the mostcreative task. For an economy class establishment, it will be enough to hire hairdressers who can perform simple haircuts for a moderate fee.

Advertising campaign

At the initial stage, advertising is indispensable. It is better not to save on this expense item. When opening, you can place several banners in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe salon. You should also make a beautiful sign and place an ad in a local print publication. This will help you attract potential customers and quickly achieve success.

Business planning

Is it possible to open a barbershop on a limited budget? It will be necessary to spend 5,000 rubles to create an IP. The cost of renting or acquiring ownership of the premises will depend on the area. At least 100,000 rubles should be allocated for this item of expenditure. For the purchase of equipment, you should spend 10,000 rubles on the master. It is also necessary to lay about 20 thousand in the budget for the purchase of consumables. As for advertising, at first you can use free tools. About 50 thousand rubles should be laid for bookkeeping. The master should receive approximately 40% of the daily profit. Here are the main factors to consider when writing a business plan.


women's haircut

In this review, we looked at how to open a hairdresser from scratch. Here, the main stages of running this type of business were highlighted, as well as the main items of expenditure. Given all the information above, you can easily start youra business. Most importantly, do not be afraid of various risks that may arise in the course of activities.

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