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On time and within budget. Project management. Bibliography

Table of contents:

On time and within budget. Project management. Bibliography
On time and within budget. Project management. Bibliography

Project management is a component of investment activity that plays an important role both for individual organizations and enterprises, and for industries and public administration systems.

To understand the role of professional project management as a tool to combat economic instability, the article discusses the basic concepts, principles and key concepts of project management.

Concludes with a project management bibliography that expands on the topic.

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A bit of history

The foundations of modern project management began in the thirties of the last century, when global construction companies developed scheduling methods for the implementation of significant projects.

With the growth of project activities in the 1950s and 1960s, specialists realized the need to separate project management as an independent discipline. From that moment on, the principles of management began to change. The success of the project has beenmeasured:

  • profit margin;
  • the amount of savings;
  • correspondence of costs to the approved budget.

Basic concepts and principles

bibliography project management

Project management is an activity that aims to achieve the objectives of the project with the required quality, within the approved budget, on time, in the face of limited resources and uncertainty. Not the last role is played by the professionalism of the project manager and team.

To achieve the goal, it is important to develop a clear plan of sequential actions that will track the status of the project throughout the implementation period, record the work performed and allow adjustments for deviations. Professional management aims at:

  • reducing the cost of work;
  • improving competitiveness;
  • get extra profit.

Project management adheres to the following principles:



The essence of the principle



Project focus on achieving outcomes



Structuring the project and constantly presenting new requirements to it



General ideas, circumstances andunforeseen cases that arise during the implementation of the project



The main requirements of the project, its losses and damages



Performance of priority tasks based on the overall project implementation plan

Project management concepts

To understand the principles of project management, three concepts need to be considered:

  1. The concept of the content of the project based on the objectives of the project.
  2. Triple constraint concept.
  3. The concept of integration of technological and managerial competencies.

For more information on managing project time, cost, and quality, and approaches to project optimization, see the Project Management Literature.

Basic concepts and principles are well described in the books of Mazur I.I. and Polkovnikov A.V. Modern methods of managing and optimizing the timing and budget of the project are given in the book of Kozlov A.S.

Project Management Literature: Books and Journals

project management books
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Project activities are dynamically developing and expanding the scope of methods and processes. Management standards, methodology and tools are being actively improved. The project management bibliography used covers aspects of this topic in detail.

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