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LC "Marine Façade": location, project, financing and construction time

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LC "Marine Façade": location, project, financing and construction time
LC "Marine Façade": location, project, financing and construction time

Think about what your dream apartment complex looks like. So, all the best ideas about modern housing are embodied in one project - LCD "Marine Façade". A business-class project attracts attention primarily due to the prestige of the area in which it is being built, as well as the impeccable reputation of the developer, who strictly complies with all standards, as well as construction deadlines. Our task is to evaluate the project from all sides, revealing not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages that the developer of the Sea Façade residential complex is silent about. Feedback from residents is an excellent information base. It is they who will provide the necessary objectivity.

About the project

LCD "Marine Facade" (St. Petersburg) - a project in which the developer tried to provide everything that is necessary for a comfortable life in a modern metropolis. In fact, the task is not an easy one, but thanks to professionalism and many years of experience in this field, the impossible has been achieved.

lcd marine facade st. petersburg

According to the project, the complex is represented by six buildings. Buildings of various configurations and variable heights (from 7 to 15 floors) are united by a single concept. All of them are built using monolithic-brick technology, which provides unsurpassed strength, durability, excellent heat and sound insulation properties, as well as excellent aesthetic characteristics. High-speed modern and almost silent elevators are installed in all buildings of the Sea Façade residential complex, underground parking is provided, which isolates courtyards from traffic.


The developer of the residential complex "Marine Façade" is a fairly well-known company in St. Petersburg "Etalon". The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Federal Government and the Administration of St. Petersburg and is of strategic importance for the city. In accordance with the established procedure, the layouts of the territory and apartments that meet all the requirements have been approved.

If you visit the forums dedicated to the project, you can find enough positive feedback. Many are attracted by state control, which ensures the quality of construction and compliance with all agreed deadlines. The prosecutor's office about the LCD "Marine facade" - just such a request can be found on the forums. It is related to the state financing of the project and its construction in the coastal zone. You don't have to worry: all legal details are observed, the history of the project is clean and impeccable.

Residential complex Marine facade


For the construction of residential complex "MorskoyFacade" (St. Petersburg) was chosen the prestigious Vasileostrovskiy district of St. Petersburg - a historical place of the northern capital. The unique location on the one hand offers residents a stunning view of the pride of the city - the Gulf of Finland, and on the other - the Peter and Paul Fortress and St. Isaac's Cathedral.

At the same time, the developer managed the impossible - to isolate the complex from the noise coming from the busy streets of the northern capital. If you are looking for an apartment in the historic center of the city, expecting to purchase housing that meets modern requirements, the Sea Façade residential complex should definitely be on the list of suitable options.

Transport accessibility

The residential complex "Marine Facade" provides excellent transport accessibility to all its residents. Nearby is the WHSD, connecting various parts of the city and allowing you to get to any point without traffic jams. Even if your family does not have a private car, you can use public transport: bus stops and the Primorskaya metro station are within walking distance.

Residential complex Marine facade


The local area is landscaped and landscaped. There are walking areas, benches, gazebos, equipped playgrounds and sports grounds. There is quite ample parking for guests.


When buying an apartment in the center of a metropolis, it is difficult to count on fresh mountain air. Nevertheless, the residential complex "Marine Facade" offers good conditions, an environmentally friendly environment, firstturn, provided by the proximity to the Gulf of Finland and the improvement of the territory adjacent to the complex.


The developer has made a lot of efforts to ensure the comfort of every resident. Within walking distance from the new buildings are all the necessary social infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, schools, clinics. This diversity is again provided by a favorable location. The first floors of residential buildings are reserved for organizations in the service sector: today there are bank branches, laundries, cafes, beauty salons, consumer goods stores and much more.

lcd marine facade reviews

Apartments, layouts

The useful area of ​​all six buildings is 300,000 square meters. They managed to place 2,000 apartments of various layouts, among which everyone will find an option to their liking. Even a one-room apartment in the residential complex is represented by 54 square meters, guaranteeing space and comfort. Buyers can choose from one-, two-, three-, four- and even five- and six-room options.

marine facade residential complex

Ceiling height - 2, 75 m, which allows you to translate any design idea into reality, the balcony and loggia are glazed. As for the layouts, they impress primarily with their diversity. The project was based on the European layouts so popular today, which are characterized by spacious kitchens combined with a living area, as well as separate bedrooms and an additional bathroom.


Default allapartments in the complex are rented with a rough finish, that is, they are completely ready for subsequent cosmetic repairs. Buyers note that the work was carried out to such a high quality that it made it possible to save on materials and the cost of the work of mobile teams. The premises are equipped with high-quality European-made double-glazed windows, modern flat heating radiators equipped with thermostats, high-quality metal entrance doors, interior doors made of solid wood, and electrical wiring.

prosecutor's office about residential complex marine facade

Construction progress

At the moment, all six buildings have been put into operation and are already fully occupied. This is what allows us to draw the first conclusions about how successful the project turned out to be. It must be admitted that the level of construction is impressive: even after shrinkage, no defects were found, which is currently rare.

Opinion of tenants

Modern residents of the metropolis pay great attention to the ecology of the area in which they live. The project of residential complex "Marine facade" was no exception. So, the first residents emphasize that the proximity to the Gulf of Finland provides everyone with clean fresh air: the air does not stagnate here, there is no smog, it is easy to breathe. Of course, the developer should take care of large-scale landscaping to improve this figure.

According to residents, the project can hardly be called unique, even recognizable: the architecture is quite simple, even primitive. Nevertheless, this affected the cost per square meter, as did the location -apartments here are much more expensive than in other areas of the northern capital. The project was put into operation, but there are still piles of construction debris on the territory, spoiling the appearance of new buildings.

lcd marine facade

The developer positioned the complex as a "city within a city", which is objectively quite far away. To date, it has been possible to isolate the territory of new buildings, equip it with a security access system and round-the-clock video surveillance. But residents still have to use the district's infrastructure, which is not always convenient and justified. In the short term, the development of our own infrastructure, which will increase the level of comfort.

Summing up

Residential complex "Marine facade" (Peter) is a project that attracts a lot of attention. It definitely deserves it, as it stands out from all the new buildings in the city, primarily for its unique location. It was not easy to implement the concept of "a city within a city" in such a limited and already populated area of ​​the historical center. A stunning view from the windows, bright and spacious apartments, the impeccable quality of their workmanship is what all the residents got. At the moment, all square meters have been put into operation, but you still have the opportunity to acquire your dream home by paying attention to secondary options with fine finishes and furniture.

In any case, be sure to visit the territory of the complex in order to get to know it better, personally evaluate all the advantages, possibly existing disadvantages foryou. Remember that at the moment the cost of square meters here remains affordable, which cannot be said for sure in a few years, when the complex will acquire its own infrastructure facilities.

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