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How much a notary earns: salary levels by region

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How much a notary earns: salary levels by region
How much a notary earns: salary levels by region

Notaries are considered the fifth branch of government. This is a high rung on the career ladder in the legal field. Working as a notary is also attractive because they have practically no competition in the market. Therefore, they have a good income from their activities. Let's find out how much a notary earns, and why many law graduates dream of becoming one.

Who is a notary public?

how much do notaries in russia earn

The notary is a public institution that ensures the protection of the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities. The corresponding functions in the Russian Federation are carried out by notaries. They may be government employees or provide necessary services in private.

The position is appointed in accordance with the rules approved by the federal executive body. Together with the Federal Notarial Chamber, it exercises control and supervisory functions in the notarial sphere.It also determines the number of positions that are possible in a particular district.

A notary is empowered on the recommendations of the Federal Notary Chamber. Newly assumed duties take an oath in which they undertake to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law, to ensure the safety of professional secrets, and in their work to be guided by the principles of a humane, respectful attitude towards people.

The exact income of notaries is difficult to name. For some legal services, they can set their own price, which is several times higher than government tariffs. Therefore, before answering the question: “How much does a notary earn?”, you need to understand what structure he works and which of his works are in the greatest demand.


how much does a notary public earn on average

Sometimes it seems that a notary office employee sets high prices for elementary actions that do not require much effort. But this is an erroneous opinion. The range of actions of a notary is very wide. Such a person should be well versed in legislative acts in order to professionally advise clients and correctly draw up each document. The main functions of a notary are as follows:

  • Registration of procedural actions of various nature.
  • Certification of documents (including copies), extracts, signatures.
  • Providing evidence.
  • Deal drafting.
  • Clarification of questions on the actions of a notarial nature.

On quantityservices rendered depends on how much a notary earns per month.


  1. Provide notarial services to individuals and legal entities.
  2. Explain the rights and obligations of citizens who have applied for help.
  3. Promote customer interests.
  4. Tell about the possible consequences of committed notarial acts.
  5. Refuse to perform a service if it does not comply with Russian law.
  6. Comply with the professional code of notaries of the Russian Federation.

According to the law, he is responsible for all actions taken, including mistakes, even if they were made through carelessness. This practice is a fairly responsible area of ​​employment. The complexity of the work affects how much a notary earns. His income may be high.

What does it take to become a notary public?

how much does a private notary earn

They can be a person who has a higher legal education and has passed a certain exam. The following requirements are set for a candidate for the position of a notary:

  • Russian citizenship.
  • Higher specialized education.
  • Passing a one-year internship with an experienced notary.
  • Succeed in the qualifying exam.
  • Obtaining a license to carry out professional activities.

Many want to become a notary. Even if the candidate meets all of the above requirements, he may not be hired if he wins the competition for a vacant position.stronger opponent. Many agree to remain in the position of assistant notary until a free position becomes available. Often the waiting period is delayed for several years. How much does a notary who has just begun to perform his duties earn? The salary of a novice worker will be 2-3 times less than that of a practitioner.

What does the salary consist of?

how much does a notary earn per month in moscow

In Russia, a notary has about 60% of the income received. His salary depends entirely on the amount of work performed. The more services he provides, the higher his monetary reward will be. Having opened the price list of any office, you can approximately calculate how much a notary earns on average. Thus, certification of a standard form contract costs clients 8,000–15,000 rubles, while a power of attorney costs about 1,000–2,000 rubles.

Notaries do not experience a shortage of clients. Every day, hundreds of people are forced to apply for their services to certify various documents. In large cities, queues line up for them and preliminary appointments are made. If we take 60% of the income received per day and multiply this amount by a forty-hour working week, then we can imagine how much a notary earns in seven days.

Where does the other 40% of earnings go? For taxes, insurance payments, membership fees, office rent, employee salaries (if any in the state). Also, notaries' expenses include an illegal fee for their admission to the profession, the amount of which depends on the region of residence. ATin a large metropolitan area, this amount is several thousand US dollars.

Salary in the capital

how much do notaries in moscow earn

How much do notaries in Moscow earn? Their official income in a large metropolis can reach 70,000 rubles a month. At the same time, the monetary remuneration of an employee of the public and private spheres can differ significantly. The latter has the right to independently set the price for some of its services.

How much does a private notary earn? A beginner can have around $1,000 per month. For an experienced specialist, this amount increases several times. At the same time, private notaries bear the same responsibility to their clients as their colleagues working in the state structure. They provide qualified, full-scale legal assistance to each applicant. The main professional guarantee of a private notary lies in his full property liability for harm caused to an individual during the performance of actions.

Salary by region

notary salary

Many are interested in how much notaries earn in Russia, in different regions of the country. There is an opinion that their income is significantly lower than that of their metropolitan counterparts.

  • In St. Petersburg and the Kostroma region, notaries earn about 50,000 rubles a month.
  • In Smolensk and Obninsk their income varies between 45,000–50,000 rubles.
  • In Buryatia, Magnitogorsk, Kislovodsk and Chechnya, the monetary remuneration of office employees isaround 47,000 rubles.
  • In Taganrog and Ufa, a notary can earn about 40,000 rubles.
  • In the Krasnodar Territory, this figure is reduced to 30,000 rubles.

The average salary of notaries in Russia is 50,000 rubles. The minimum value is at the border of 34,000 rubles, and the maximum exceeds 105,000 rubles. This is 2018 data.

Foreign colleagues

how much does a notary make per month

Having found out how much a notary earns per month in Moscow, let's find out what income foreign representatives of this legal structure receive.

In Kazakhstan, their average salary is 220,000 tenge ($595). In Ukraine, they receive about 10,300 hryvnias (365 USD) every month. Belarusian colleagues have an average salary of 970 Belarusian rubles ($456).

A novice notary in Germany can receive about 2500 USD per month. For more experienced colleagues, the income level increases to $6,000 per month.

In the United States of America, a person who has American citizenship can apply for the position of a notary. Higher education is not a requirement. The most important thing is the availability of a special license for notarial activities issued by the Federal Notary Chamber. An experienced employee in the US can earn about US$10,000 per month.

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