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How much an investigator earns: salary levels by region, prospects
How much an investigator earns: salary levels by region, prospects

One of the most popular genres in demand by modern readers is, of course, a detective story. There, an experienced, wise and charismatic investigator brilliantly copes with the most complicated cases, bringing murderers, thieves, bandits and other villains to clean water. All cases in the books end with spectacular handcuffing on criminal hands. But this is often a work of art. We need to figure out what an investigator does in the real world and how much he gets for his difficult and sometimes dangerous work.

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What kind of investigators are there

In Russia, there are three largest law enforcement agencies with their own investigative apparatus. These are the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service. Formally, they differ in their functions, but recently the directions of their activities are often mixed up and sometimes even lead to interdepartmental conflicts. There are many examples of this in the media. If you try to figure out what they should do, you get the followingpicture.

Investigators working in the Investigative Committee deal with grave and especially grave crimes, murders, rapes, grand theft and similar offenses. Internal affairs investigators focus on cases of lesser social significance, although also subject to the Criminal Code (eg, beatings and robberies), as well as on administrative cases. Well, FSB investigators - as the name implies - investigate cases related to state security - the capture and exposure of spies that exist not only in James Bond films, but also in reality. In addition, major internal affairs that are important for state security, such as hostage-taking or economic crimes in the relevant industries, also fall into the sphere of interest of FSB investigators. It is curious that the majority of investigators in the Investigative Committee are men, while in the internal affairs bodies they are women. And the vast majority are young people under the age of 30.

In addition to the large departments mentioned, the State Customs Committee, the State Fire Supervision Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service and a number of other departments of the country have their own investigators and interrogators in a small number. The bulk of crimes are registered and investigated in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, out of 740 thousand cases of preliminary investigation, more than 600 thousand fall on the police and only about 100 thousand fall on the Investigative Committee.

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Special titles

Beyond positioneach investigator, for example, of the Investigative Committee, also has a special rank - from junior lieutenant to general of justice, and the terms for conferring ranks up to the rank of lieutenant colonel of justice are regulated by the relevant regulation for this committee. If the employee works conscientiously, has no pen alties, then the terms for granting the next rank can range from 1 year (from junior lieutenant to lieutenant) to 5 years (from lieutenant colonel to colonel). Investigator's assistants have the rank of warrant officer or senior warrant officer.

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Factors determining the level of remuneration of an investigator

Three main factors determine how much an investigator earns. It depends on the position held by the investigator, on his special rank and the region of service. Of course, the level of remuneration, more precisely, the service, is also affected by the conscientiousness of the performance of one's official duties. The figures for how much an investigator in Moscow earns are very different from the income level of investigators in the regions.

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Is the work of an investigator promising

In terms of crime, Russia is closer to the middle of global statistics, but nevertheless, the number of various kinds of offenses and their severity do not allow us to say that the problem has been basically solved or is on the way to being solved. Therefore, the profession of an investigator has been and remains in demand in modern society. It is hard to believe in the predictions of naive futurologists that someday bright times and crime will come.will disappear completely. So far, this has not been observed.

The composition of the salary of an investigator

Since the investigator as an official is, first of all, a civil servant and has a special rank, it is not entirely appropriate to talk about wages here in terms of terminology. Just like military personnel, investigators have a salary determined by their position and rank, the size of which also depends on the region where they serve. In addition, there are additional payments for performance and scope of work. Moreover, these awards can be paid both in cash and in valuable gifts. There are additional payments for length of service, for conscientious performance of official duties, for work with information constituting state secrets, special conditions of service, and a number of others. In addition, investigators enjoy great privileges in terms of social and legal guarantees, that is, what is called a social package in civilian life. This refers to preferential or free vouchers, medical care, travel benefits, compensation for personal expenses and other pleasant things, which, by the way, also apply to family members of the investigator. There are also assistant investigators. How much investigator assistants earn depends on their status. If an assistant investigator works on a voluntary basis, he does not receive a salary at all. Full-time assistants can earn 15,000-20,000 rubles a month.

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Investigation Committee

When asked how much an investigator earnsInvestigative Committee, you can answer by examining social networks and rather scattered data on the Internet. On average, salaries in Moscow, in the central office, can reach up to 80,000-90,000 rubles a month. That's how much the head of the Investigative Department of this committee earns in Moscow. The rank and file receives less, on average 45,000-60,000 rubles. In the regions, the payment is even lower and ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles.

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Internal Affairs

Investigators of internal affairs bodies, in comparison with the mentioned employees of the Investigative Committee, receive a slightly lower income. How much do police investigators in Moscow earn? This is 40,000-50,000 rubles per month. From here we turn to the answer to the question of how much investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs receive in provincial cities, where their salary can start even from 15,000 rubles, which absolutely does not correspond to the significance and complexity of their work. A police investigator serving in the central office in Moscow is the highest category in terms of how much a police investigator can receive in general. And this ceiling, although lower than that of his colleagues from the Investigative Committee, is still quite high. This is 60,000-80,000 rubles.

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Jobs for investigators

There are too few vacancies for this position on public recruiting resources, for example, only 12 vacancies for a huge city were found in Moscow, there are no vacancies at all in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and a number of other large Russian cities. The same must be said about the site.Investigative Committee, where there is also a laconic phrase: "There are currently no vacancies." And this is not surprising, since the specifics of the work suggests that a significant number of employees come to the service through the recommendations of friends or by actively searching for potential employees, for example, from among those who have retired from the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies.

In fact, the investigating authorities are a fairly closed community, preferring to replenish their ranks with trusted people. Therefore, the answer to the question of how much an investigator receives, taking into account all social benefits and non-monetary payments, is rather complicated. On a number of sites across the country, only a few dozen job advertisements for an investigator were found. For beginners in this business, amounts are offered from 44,000-50,000 in Moscow and St. Petersburg to 30,000-40,000 in small cities such as Verkhny Volochek, Volzhsk, Korolev. This information cannot give a complete picture of how much an investigator in Russia actually receives.

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